Bulletin Staff Report

Mt. Bachelor is offering 2019-20 winter passes at last year’s rate at the same time it’s launching a new subscription to year-round activities.

The ski area announced in an email Wednesday that alpine skiers will have until July 1 to buy winter season passes at the 2018-19 rate, $959 for adults. The offer represents the start of a new three-tier price structure, marketing director Drew Jackson said.

The second tier will start July and run through September. The third tier will begin on Oct. 1, following the traditional fall purchase deadline, he said.

“Prices will increase slightly on July 1, then more substantially (similar in magnitude to previous years) on Oct. 1,” Jackson said in an email.

Also Wednesday, Mt. Bachelor unveiled a new option to access year-round activities, including downhill biking this summer.

The Outplay 365 covers unlimited alpine skiing and snowboarding for the 2019-20 season, unlimited Nordic skiing, downhill bike park access and one Big Eddy Thriller rafting trip with Sun Country Tours this summer. The downhill bike season is tentatively planned for mid-June through early October. The pass is available through June 30 and costs $1,188, or $99 per month.

“Overall, this new strategy — in combination with the new Outplay 365 pass — is designed to give more people more flexibility and a longer time window to purchase a Mt. Bachelor pass at discounted, preseason prices,” Jackson said in an email.