The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality fined a Bend company $59,890 for improperly disposing hazardous waste, the state agency announced Thursday.

Between July 2015 and July 2017, Patheon Development Services, which has since been acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific, generated chlorinated solvent waste and failed to accurately identify and report the waste as hazardous, according to the state. Patheon sent 14 shipments totaling 7,270 pounds without the required documentation through a third-­party transport company to Idaho.

Thermo Fisher’s facility on NE 18th Street in Bend is a contract manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry, helping drug companies find formulations that will be more readily absorbed by the human body.

The chlorinated solvents generated by Patheon included dichloromethane and methanol, which posed a risk to the environment and personnel who handled them, the DEQ said in a notice to the company. The waste was transported to Idaho by Univar USA Inc., doing business as ChemCare, which was fined $60,948, the state said. Univar took the waste to a US Ecology facility in Grand View, Idaho, where the lack of documentation led to the chemical being disposed in a landfill without proper treatment, the state said. The waste should have been incinerated in a specialized hazardous waste incinerator before being deposited in a landfill.

Thermo Fisher took steps to correct the situation in fall 2017, according to a notice from the state. “They’ve hired a new transportation company,” said Laura Gleim, spokeswoman for the Department of Environmental Quality. “They’re now, as far as we know, in compliance with identification and documentation.”

Thermo Fisher did not respond to messages.

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