Airbnb is turning over lodging tax to the city of Redmond, which anticipates receiving $500 a month in revenue from vacation-rental hosts.

Airbnb said in a press release that it began collecting and remitting Redmond’s 9 percent transient lodging tax, or TRT, on all eligible bookings Nov. 1. The company has agreements with 21 jurisdictions in Oregon.

The Redmond general fund receives 70 percent of lodging tax revenue, and the Redmond Chamber of Commerce receives the remaining 30 percent, City Manager Keith Witcosky said.

Redmond has about 12 short-term rental properties, Witcosky said. The city requires a business license and lodging tax collections only if a property is rented out for more than 15 days a year. Airbnb will collect the tax on the first night of rental, but hosts can apply to the city for a refund if their property is rented for fewer than 15 days in a year, Witcosky said.

­— Bulletin staff report