The Oregon Department of Justice has received no complaints about a Bend man fined recently for inspecting homes without a license, but it will accept complaints on the Attorney General’s consumer hotline.

Gregory Mason Miller used a fraudulent home inspector’s license number, the general license number of a legitimate Coos Bay contractor with the same name and the business name of another, legitimate Bend contractor to perform scores of home inspections over the past year. The Oregon Construction Contractors Board fined Miller $80,000 for doing scores of fraudulent inspections, with more alleged violations working their way through the CCB, the agency enforcement manager said Wednesday.

Any homeowner with a complaint about Miller having performed a home inspection without a license prior to the owner having purchased that home may contact the consumer hotline at 503-378-4320 or fill out a complaint form at the consumer protection website,

Miller is not under investigation for any alleged criminal act, a Justice Department spokeswoman wrote Thursday in an email.

— Bulletin staff report