By Marina Starleaf Riker

The Bulletin

A Bend developer is asking the Bend City Council to approve a plan to eventually build up to 250 homes in southeast Bend.

The J L Ward Co., a Bend development firm behind a number of large subdivisions, plans to build a new neighborhood near 15th Street, according to city documents. The company has put together a master plan, which is a detailed, long-term plan that shows exactly what will be built and how it will affect surrounding neighborhoods, sewers and roads.

During Wednesday’s city council meeting, Bend residents will have a chance to weigh in on the proposed development. The city council will also have the option to make initial approval on the plan, which kick-starts the development process, according to city documents.

“We do recognize there’s a need for housing especially in this part of town,” said Dean Wise, project manager for the J L Ward Co. “And we’re doing our best to meet that need.”

The plan calls for up to 250 residential lots, one commercial lot as well as neighborhood parks and trail networks on 48 acres off of Country Club Road. Wise said the development will most likely be built in phases — about 30 to 35 homes at a time.

But before that can happen, the J L Ward Co. will have to build sewers, waterlines and roads to service the new homes. The company will prioritize which phases to build first depending on where it would be the easiest and cheapest to build infrastructure, said Wise.

Although Wise and his team are itching to start moving dirt, it could take several years to build out the entire 250 homes, said Wise.

“We’re kind of in a holding pattern until we have an absolute from the city,” said Wise.

After the plan is approved by councilors, the J L Ward Co. will have to submit building plans, a process that could take months, said Colin Stephens, a Bend city planner.

The J L Ward Co.’s plan to build a new neighborhood comes as the state recently approved the city’s plan to expand by 2,380 acres, which means developers can eventually build houses and businesses on currently rural properties. The J L Ward Co. is one of only several developers who plan to build new neighborhoods and business centers in the near future.

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