Sara Bella Upcycled, the Bend business that makes functional art from discarded plastic bags, is shutting down.

Owner Sara Wiener announced in January she was moving the business from Wabi Sabi, a Japanese-themed gift shop on NW Wall Street, to Ninth Street Village, an artists collective on Bend’s east side.

Wiener wrote in an email Saturday she’s putting her business’ property into storage and after May 30 will turn off her website and pull what remains of her stock from Wabi Sabi.

“I did a lot of thinking and decided it wasn’t the right time and right place to keep pursuing the business at Ninth Street Village,” she said by phone Monday. “I’m just ready to do something a little different, but I’m not sure what it is.”

Wiener said she may sell the business but may change her mind. Her immediate goal, she said, is to travel and teach.

Sara Bella Upcycled makes and sells items, including handbags, grocery bags and women’s clothing, from plastic bags. The business, started in 2008, moved six times since its opening.

— Bulletin staff report