Deschutes County

• Phillip W. and Janine R. Wikoff to Andrew C. Martin and Julie B. Duke, Caldera Springs Phase 2, Lot 224, $190,000

• Clayton A. Walker, trustee of the Bill & Joanne Walker Joint Trust, to Joshua D. and Chelsea R. Smith, Township 20, Range 19, Section 1, $263,000

• Patrice P. Bolton to Garrett S. and Katherine A. Robertson, South Heights Addition, Lot 7, Block 6, $272,500

• Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Americas to Danny and Renee C. Peck, Partition Plat 1991-77, Lot 1, $370,125

• Tracy A. Lombardo to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Bonnie Harms IRA and Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Hilary Gonzalez IRA, Colvin Estates Phase 3, Lot 38, $267,000

• Jerry L. and Edith M. Jones to Jeffrey L. and Karen E. Jones, Tamarack Park East Phase 2, Lot 1, Block 3, $225,000

• Tony Parsley to Michael W. and Cassie J. Powell, Hayden Village Phase 9, Lot 10, Block 13, $204,900

• Ross J. O’Shei to Steven C. Anderson, Townsite of Redmond, Lot 5, Block 15, $195,000

• William R. Trilsch III and Maureen M. Trilsch to Jennifer H. Minke, Village at Cold Springs Phase 2, Lot 52, $295,000

• Craig and Sally Stack to Cindy M. Reed, trustee of the Carl A. Reed Bypass Trust, East Meadow Homesite 1st Addition, Lot 33, $250,000

• Jonathan N. and Kelly B. Klos to Robert D. and Melissa E. Clemens, Lava Ridges Phase 4, Lot 84, $410,000

• Gary D. and Deborah A. Trent, trustees of the Gary & Deborah Trent Joint Trust, to Phillip K. and Patricia R. Nygren, Ridge at Eagle Crest 18, Lot 26, $545,000

• Brent R. and Julie S. Irwin to Kurt J. Huppert and Kori L. Gormley-Huppert, Fairway Crest Village 2, Lots 7-8, Block 1, $1,100,000

• BDC Farmington Reserve LLC to David L. Weitzel, Farmington Reserve, Lot 55, $337,900

• Justin J. Clark and Christy L. Radke to Lester J. and Susan M. Dixon, Living Trust of Lester J. Dixon & Susan M. Dixon, Deschutes River Woods, Lot 11, Block Z, $350,000

• Irving E. Weston and Bobbi McGinn, trustees of the Weston-McGinn Trust, to Michael R. and Sandra K. McDonnell, Tollgate 4th Addition, Lot 199, $349,500

• Traci and Jack Utterback to Richard D. and Juanita P. Priest, 6th Addition to Woodland Park Homesites, Lot 12, Block 9, $174,900