Owner: Tetherow

Architect: Darren Thomas Architecture + Planning LLC

General Contractor: Sunwest Builders

Details: The 14,000-square-foot fitness center at Tetherow is rising to the southwest of Bend, and marketing manager Carrie Ramoz said the building could be open by Memorial Day.

Workers laid the foundation for the fitness center, located adjacent to the pool near the entrance to the 700-acre complex, during the spring. However, Ramoz said they stopped construction during the summer months while the pool was in use, so as not to inconvenience members. Construction on the fitness center resumed in October, and workers are currently performing electrical work on the building, she added.

The fitness center will have two stories. The ground floor will feature a cafe that has access to the pool, as well as men’s and women’s locker rooms that each have a sauna and a steam room. Additionally, the ground floor has a cafe that features salads, sandwiches and juices.

The second floor will have three separate studios, each focusing on a different fitness activity. The second floor will also feature approximately 2,000 square feet of office space, according to Ramoz.

Previously, Tetherow did not have a fitness center on its premises, Ramoz said. The resort partnered with the Athletic Club of Bend for its fitness needs, providing Tetherow members and visitors with passes to the athletic club, located at 61615 Athletic Club Drive. Ramoz said the resort is still evaluating whether it will maintain the relationship with the club.

She added the fitness center will cost around $4 million to build. The building is part of a larger expansion by the resort, which includes several new types of residences and a 3,600-square-foot event pavilion designed to host weddings and other gatherings.

“This is part of us becoming the full-fledged resort we always planned to be,” Ramoz said.

— Stephen Hamway, The Bulletin