A Deschutes County Circuit Court judge Thursday sentenced a Bend businessman to 30 days in jail for hitting a man over the head with a pint glass at a Bend bar in October 2014.

Aviv Hadar, a co-founder of Bend medical marijuana dispensary Oregrown, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in a plea agreement the victim endorsed.

Hadar, 31, had faced a mandatory-minimum sentence of about three years for second-degree assault under Oregon Measure 11. Judge Wells Ashby agreed with Deschutes County Assistant District Attorney Van McIver that Hadar had no prior criminal record, that injuries suffered by Frederick G. Szkotak were not extensive and the pint glass was not a deadly weapon. Doing so allowed Ashby to set aside mandatory sentencing guidelines and accept Hadar’s plea agreement.

The agreement called for 45 days in jail, a $90,000 fine, 90 days of alcohol treatment that includes electronic monitoring and 5 years of supervised probation. Ashby reduced the fine to $24,250, which is to be paid to Szkotak as compensation. The judge also reduced the alcohol treatment and monitoring to 30 days, trimmed 15 days from Hadar’s agreed-to sentence and added 80 hours of community service, instead.

Hadar told Ashby his reaction that day to remarks by Szkotak at West Side Tavern, on Galveston Avenue, was triggered by post-traumatic stress disorder that stems from growing up in strife-torn Israel. His mother, Tsiona Bitton, in court said Hadar grew up around grandparents who had survived the Holocaust.

Hadar also created a small software company and served on an advisory subcommittee that helped the Oregon Liquor Control Commission write rules for the recreational marijuana business.

Editor’s note: This story has been corrected. The original version did not include the judge’s reduction in the fine and length of alcohol treatment and monitoring.

The Bulletin regrets the error.