Deschutes County

Webb L. and Raymond L. Smith to Francisca C. Chavez, Timberline, Lot 33, $220,000

Breck M. and Linda C. Childrey to Marvin L. Pugh and Andrea E. Hine, Township 22, Range 10, Section 17, $300,000

Debra Weekley to Elizabeth M. Eiting and Ronald W. Schultz, Shevlin Commons P.U.D., Phases 4-5, Lot 50, $530,000

Bryan Daines and Leila Smith-Daines to William S. Kurzman, High Pointe, Phase 1, Lot 19, $295,000

Kevin J. and Wendy T. Stock to Tracy Hankins and Joseph D. Griffin, West Hills, Lot 7, Block 8, $410,000

Terry A. and Susan K. Standly to Aaron Edelheit and Kelly Hill, Deschutes River Woods, Lot 11, Block N, $338,500

James A. and Janice A. Gietzen to Quang P. Tran, Westbrook Village, Phase 1, Lot 38, $286,000

Louis W. and Marrisa L. Bennett to Richard R. Winiarski and Tara L. Black-Winiarski, Forest Meadow, Phase 1, Lot 24, $339,000

John P. Pringle, Chapter 7 trustee of the Bankruptcy Estate of Linda Diane Chase, to Counterbalance Properties LLC, Keystone Terrace, Lot 1, Block 6, $325,000

Woodside Development LLC to Mark and D’Anza Freeland, Woodside Ranch, Phase 2, Lot 12, Block 7, $625,000

John P. Pringle, Chapter 7 trustee of the Bankruptcy Estate of Linda Diane Chase, to Counterbalance Properties LLC, Keystone Terrace, Lot 2, Block 6, $325,000

John P. Pringle, Chapter 7 trustee of the Bankruptcy Estate of Linda Diane Chase, to Counterbalance Properties LLC, Keystone Terrace, Lot 3, Block 6, $325,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Todd and Tracy Randazzo, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 2A, Lot 111, $380,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Kathryn L. Holloman, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 2A, Lot 141, $298,550

Duane A. and Melinda L. Bailey to James and Roxanne Cheney, Skyewest Townhomes, Unit 11, $259,000

Remarkable Properties LLC to Anne M. Hopkins, Sagewood, Lot 9, $458,000

Josephine A. Weigand, trustee of the Josephine A. Weigand Trust and Philip J. Weigand Family Trust, to Alicia Corona, Cascade View Estates, Phase 9, Lot 130, $370,000

Bruce L. and Kiersten Lilleston to Sharon E. Holland, Bonne Home Addition to Bend, Lot 20, Block 21, $529,000

Patrick and Amy Peters to Richard and Janet Hatcher, Majestic, Phase 3, Lot 20, $295,000

Richard G. and Laura M. Lorenz to Suzanne M. Kelso, Stonegate P.U.D., Lot 6, $265,000

Dave Conners to Rodolfo H. Lobos and Katherine M. Smolich-Lobos and Donald C. and Carolyn K. Wattenbarger, Hidden Hills, Phase 1, Lot 3, $325,000

Travis and Jennifer Lyman to Benjamin T. and Jennifer K. Montgomery, Tamrack Park East, Phase 8, Lot 8, Block 2, $253,000

Scott C. and Amy E. Brown to Further 2 Development LLC, Forrest Commons, Lot 16, $157,000

Adam W. Smyth, trustee of the Smyth Family Trust of 1998, to Russell B. and Cheryl L. Hoar, Ponderosa Pines East, Lot 43, $224,700

Further 2 Development LLC to Scott C. and Amy E. Brown, Forrest Commons, Lot 16, $181,000

Brian E. Ricker, trustee of the Phillip E. Ricker and Ingeborg H. Ricker Revocable Living Trust, to Otis Bass and Allison L. Avery, West Knoll Section of Sunrise Village, Lot 4, Block 28, $390,000

Michael J. Ward to Donald and Melinda Ernsdorff, La Pine Acres, Lots 27-28, $156,000

Jerry N. Garrity to Angela M. Jasus, Center Addition to Bend, Lots 11-12, Block 40, $320,000

Choice One Builders LLC to Maureen M. Swaney, Chase Village, Lot 16, $269,900

Thomas W. and Valorie K. Linhares to Gerald P. Adams, Ridge At Eagle Crest 11, Lot 34, $165,000

Alfred Pereira and Katherine T. Shirley, trustee of the Katherine Todd Shirley Living Trust, to John Adkins, Homestead Second Phase, Lot 2, Block 3, $250,000

Carolyn S. Doedyns and Richard M. Kern to Pamela S. Mindt and Virginia A. Martin, Tetherow Crossing, Phase 2, Lot 3, Block 1, $550,000

Donald L. and Judy C. Malstrom to Leonard C. and Rita S. Pipes, Wildflower/Sunriver II, Unit 55, $213,000

Amanda Techmanski, who acquired title as Amanda Cook, to Jason D. Stuwe, Sundance Meadows, Lot 39, $283,900

Lands Bend Corp. to Franklin Brothers LLC, Mirada, Phase 1, Lot 73, $295,000

Franklin Brothers LLC to Jerry N. Garrity, Mirada, Phase 1, Lot 73, $295,000

Kathleen E. Zimmerman, Michael D. Prahl, John W. Prahl and Robert E. and James K. Prahl, to Kathy M. and Robert E. Prahl, Oregon Water Wonderland, Unit 2, Lot 33, Block 56, $231,000

Scott C. and Heather M. Cunningham, trustees of the Scott and Heather Cunningham Living Trust, to Ry F. McGuckin and Laura S. Miller, Rockridge, Phase 1, Lot 14, $275,000

Touchstone Investment Properties Inc., which acquired title as Touchstone Investment Properties, to Casey W. and Theresa L. Brown, Tamarack Park East, Phase 2, Lot 28, Block 1, $271,500

Marilyn M. and Steven L. Fine to Martha J. and Ashley R. Gordon, Tamarack Park East, Phase 8, Lot 6, Block 9, $250,000

Terry D. and Carlie J. Chubb to Jessica and Matthew Medina, Deer Pointe Village, Phase 3, Lot 4, $434,900

George A. Warren Jr. to Ronald B. Dobbs, Tri Peaks I, Lot 13, $272,900

STS Enterprises LLC to Marlin D. and Suzan B. Ard, Coyote Springs, Phase 3, Lot 42, $594,500

John D. and Vicki G. Bayless to Lenore A. Shelley and Glenn M. Weber, Watership Down, Lot 3, $560,000

Leora F. and Jay B. Burr, trustees of the Leora F. Burr Revocable Trust, to Margaret Baxter and Sean and Natalie B. Peters, Views At Oaktree, Phases 3-5, Lot 32, $295,000

Robert and Monica L. Standen to Jose G. Mendoza Jr., South Deerfield Park, Lot 11, $255,000

Destiny 25 LLC to Glowstone LLC, Caldera Springs, Phase 1, Lot 32, $150,000

Shawn E. Doan and Jill M. Stanton to Wallis Levin, Kathy Hazen and James Kuenkel, West Hills, Lot 21, Block 8, $350,000

Leodegario and Gina Govea, who acquired title as Gina Green, Author M. and Connie L. Criss, Mountain Glenn, Phase 3, Lot 13, $265,000

Leo J. Lauerman III and Michelle L. Lauerman to Matthew J. and Nicolle B. Reid, Shevlin Meadows, Phase 3, Lot 33, $489,900

Stephen M. Lindeman to Joyce Reinke, Elkai Wood Townhomes, Phase 5, Lot 35, $475,000

Holly Adams to Dasein Properties, Empire Estates, Lot 40, $230,000

NW Kelly Investment LLC to Kim R. and Annette J. Montee, Westside Meadows II, Lot 11, $275,000

Dunlap Fine Homes Inc. to Aaron R. and Brenda Turner, Township 15, Range 13, Section 20, $171,500

Laura L. Meadows to Joshua W. Huddleston and Tara L. Oakes Huddleston, Peaceful Pines, Lot 12, $199,900

Patricia A. Stumpf and Joan E. Guetschow to Darla R. Sadler, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 16, Lot 732, $490,000

Susan F. Sherrer, trustee of the Susan F. Sherrer Revocable Trust, to Stephen M. Lindeman and Sherrie A. Moen, Seventh Mountain Golf Village, Lot 94, $875,000

Wendy Larson to Kyle J. Groves, Canal Row, Lot 8, $231,000

Clayton D. and Ronda S. Lapp to Marcie R. Duthie, Township 15, Range 13, Section 18, $251,000

Jefferson County

Zachery W. and Tiffany J. Christopherson to Jack M. Lee Jr. and Lawana L. Lee, Crooked River Ranch No. 7, Lot 148, $159,900

Lake Creek Properties LLC to Mark and Kay Danley, trustees of the Danley Joint Revocable Trust, Lake Creek Lodge, Plat No. 2: Annexation of Stage 3, Unit 26, $205,000

Bill B. and Patricia Culp to Herbert W. and Christine A. Burk, Crooked River Ranch No. 10, Lot 207, $235,000

Victor P. Gregg, acting personal representative of the estate of Jesse M. Gregg, to David D. Gregg, Township 10, Range 13, Section 3, $300,000

JACK Properties LLC to Edwin R. Philpott and Janice E. Heiman-Philpott, Bitterbrush Estates, Lot 28, $324,900

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Michael L. and Patricia A. Crumrine, Crooked River Ranch No. 3, Lot 112, $181,125

John A. Pearson and Eva C. Calderon Pearson to Mark W. and Carla F. Guyett, Crooked River Ranch No. 3, Lot 216, $190,000

Eugene E. and Willa J. Brosterhous, trustees of the Eugene and Willa Brosterhous Family Revocable Trust, to Gary Eikenberry, Crooked River Ranch No. 7, Lot 124, $242,000

CHS Inc. to Boyle Family Farms LLC, Township 9, Range 13, and portions of Sections 33 and 35, $1,600,605

Susan J. Gates to William P. Butler, Crooked River Ranch, Phase 2, Lot 12, Block 46, $179,000

Thomas R. and Barbara G. Kulesa to L.J. Lake, Crooked River Ranch, Phase 2, Lot 9, Block 54, $268,000

Clifford D. and Dorene R. Curry to Ronald K. Hopla, Crooked River Ranch No. 3, Lot 277, $192,000

James E. and Dorothy D. McKibben to Charles D. and Anne T. Lorberau, Crooked River Ranch No. 8, Lot 281, $291,000

John E. Judy to Craig A. and Belinda A. Spegel, The Pines, Lot 1, Block 1, $246,500

SJS Northwest LLC to Richard Boatman, Township 13, Range 12, Section 25, $290,000

Aaron C. and Judith M. Harris to Andrew A. and Heather L. Earnest, Township 12, Range 13, Section 14, $500,000

U.S. Bank N.A., trustee for Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities Trust 2005-AC9, to Nevada B. Steele, Crooked River Ranch No. 8, Lot 311, $173,000

Dale and Barbara M. Brunk to Samuel L. Wilkins Jr. and Carley D. Wilkins, Crooked River Ranch No. 3, Lot 286, $224,900

Jamie L. Smith and Sarah K. Braman-Smith to Raul A. Martinez and Itzel L. Maldonado, Partition Plat 2004-03, Parcel 1, $189,000

Larry J. and Janet I. Wood to Kurtis and Shandi Taylor, Crooked River Ranch No. 10, Lot 31, $180,300

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., trustees for Structured Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Trust, Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2007-3, to Ronald Winnett, Round Butte Recreational Area Unit 2, Lot 11, Block 5, $210,000

Terrance C. and Suzanne Ackerman to Jamie A. and Pamela J. Pulls, Crooked River Ranch No. 12, Lot 50, $179,900

Gloria M. Olson, trustee of the Gloria M. Olson Trust, to Bradford S. and Mary A. Ott, Crooked River Ranch No. 10, Lot 8, $205,000