By Valerie Smith • The Bulletin

Who: Color Guard Photo

What it does: Photo restoration, colorization and collages.

Pictured: Richard Cooper, owner, showing some of his company’s restoration work.

Where: 520 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 627, Bend

Employees: Cooper and five contract workers.

Phone: 541-200-0938


Looking at two photo collages of fellow veterans, Richard Cooper, owner of Bend-based Color Guard Photo, recounted events during his own years in the Marine Corps.

“I know when I got out I kind of didn’t want to think about it anymore,” said Cooper, who enlisted in 1954 and served for eight years. “But I realized what an important part of my life that was and figured this would be a good business endeavor.”

He started the business after a chance meeting with Chris Nelson, co-owner of PhotoWonder, an international digital arts and photo specialization company based in Tokyo. Nelson and Cooper were introduced by an employee who works for 406Bend, a local marketing and public relations business.

“I met Chris for lunch,” said Cooper. “He said, ‘How can we do something for the veterans?’ We do our own thing (at Color Guard); we’re our own business, but they helped us get started.”

PhotoWonder supplied work to Color Guard Photo, which Cooper founded in 2010.

Color Guard specializes in photo restoration, repairing faded images or those with mold spots and cracks. The photos are then delivered digitally in high resolution, allowing customers to print as many copies as they like.

The business also offers colorization of black-and-white photos, as well as photo collages. Prices range between $24.99 for colorization and restoration and can run up to $80 for a collage. Orders can be submitted online or by mail and will be delivered within three to five business days.

Cooper gives some of the profit from Color Guard to veterans organizations, such as the Bend Band of Brothers and Wounded Warriors. Cooper is an active member of the Bend Band of Brothers, which meets every Monday at Jake’s Diner, with approximately 115 local veterans. The Bend chapter has 1,200 members.

Lorin Myring, a member of the Bend Band of Brothers who served in World War II and fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima, became the subject of Cooper’s first military-themed collage.

“Richard’s business is great,” said Myring, who spent 41 years in the Marine Corps. “The collage has pictures of me from when I was a baby to when I was in the military with my best buddy in Japan. It reminds me of my life, and is a great source of memorial for veterans.”

Cooper plans to expand his business and services. He expects to be updating Color Guard Photo’s website and looks to branch out into working with photos for real estate companies.

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Q: Have you gained recognition for any Color Guard Photo services?

A: (Richard Cooper) The collages of Robert Maxwell and Lorin Myring were chosen to be displayed at Intel’s Veteran’s Art Exhibit at their campus in Hillsboro, Oregon, which was from October-December of 2013.

Q: What is the thing you enjoy most about running your business?

A: Making memories last is what it’s all about. I do this for the enjoyment, and to keep me busy.

Editor’s note: This story has been corrected. In the original version, the phone number for Color Guard Photo was incorrect.

The Bulletin regrets the error.