The Bulletin is proud to support local organizations through the donation of advertising space. Our contributions have two intended goals:

To enhance the quality of life in the greater Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties while expanding the corporate image of The Bulletin in our communities.

If your organization is interested in receiving sponsored advertising support from The Bulletin, please review the information in this document. If we are able to accept your request for assistance we will supply more detailed information related to scheduling an ad development.

What is ‘Sponsored Support?’

To help local organizations share their message and event information with The Bulletin’s readership, approved organizations will be eligible to receive advertising space in The Bulletin at no charge or at a significant discount off of published rate card prices.

Tier 1:

The Bulletin will consider donating up to $950.00 of advertising space (20 column inches plus full color) for one-time community events.

These ads will run on a space-available basis, and publication-ready ads must be provided by the sponsored organization.

Tier 2:

For events or organizations requiring additional advertising support, The Bulletin will offer an advertising discount (50% off of our published open rate of $37.38/pci Daily). The Bulletin can offer up to $2,500 in total discounted dollars in one calendar year.

Who is eligible for Sponsored Support?

The Bulletin is able to support organizations that have 501c3 status as designated by the Internal Revenue Code and are registered with the State of Oregon. The organization’s funding and services must primarily benefit residents in The Bulletin’s circulation area of the greater Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties.

We are unable to consider sponsored advertising for the following:

• Political organizations or candidates for political office.

• Programs that promote or endorse a specific religious affiliation.

• Scholarships or donations for individuals to attend camps, pageants, schools, trips, etc.

• Retail businesses doing fundraisers by discounts or sales.

• Organizations or businesses doing fundraisers for non-profits already supported by The Bulletin, or as third-party fundraisers for non-profits.

• Programs outside of our circulation area.

• For-profit organizations.

• Events or programs that have happened in the past.

Application Process

To be considered for sponsored advertising support, an application form must be completed and returned to the Bulletin.

The application form is included in this document. We would appreciate receiving your application at least two months prior to your event. Along with the application form, your application submission should include:

• A brief description of your organization including its mission and an explanation of the programs that will benefit from the advertising support.

• A list of your organization’s Board of Directors/Trustees

• A copy of US Department of Treasury or IRS letter indicating 501c3 tax-exempt status

• A copy of your budget for the year

• Any promotional materials publicizing the event.

All requests will be evaluated by the Publisher and/or Holly Rouska-Community Liaison us- ing the criteria detailed above. Your application will be the primary tool used in the decision making process. Unfortunately, we are unable to support every organization and event.

Applications can be sent to:

The Bulletin

Attention: Holly Rouska 9324 NE Crooked River Drive Terrebonne, OR 97760

Or Emailed to Holly Rouska

Sponsored Advertising Guidelines

If a donation for advertising space is approved, the following criteria apply:

• The donated advertising will not replace advertising inches currently contracted with The Bulletin, nor reduce an existing account balance.

• The advertising will only be used for the specific event or organization, and may not be transferred or held for future use.

• Any donated advertising space not used at the end of each calendar year will be forfeited.

• The value of donated advertising space is calculated at the published open-rate.

• Advertising submitted to The Bulletin must be sent in PDF format via email to

• All ads must contain contact information for your event or organization (telephone, website or e-mail).

• We are unable to provide design services, tear sheets or extra papers for Tier 1 sponsored advertising.

• Donated advertising will only be offered to organizations in good credit standing with The Bulletin.

• “Advertising support provided by The Bulletin” must appear in the ad, in a Times New-Roman typeface (or similar) no smaller than 9 point. Line must be printed horizontally (as opposed to up one side of the ad) along either the top or bottom edge.

Your Commitment To The Bulletin

In return for sponsored advertising contributions, The Bulletin requests that our name or logo appear on all printed materials, including press releases, programs and written correspondence.

We also request that The Bulletin receive verbal mention at events and on-site recognition - through display of our banner, presence of a booth, table or event tickets - commensurate with other corporate sponsors whose value equals that of our gift. We will happily provide our logo electronically for printed materials.

The Bulletin supports the diversity of our employees and our community, and is committed to ensuring diversity in our community relations activities. We do not tolerate either in our workplace or in organizations to which we donate, discrimination against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability, national origin or any other characteristic protected by law.

News Coverage Of Your Event

Securing an in-kind contribution or sponsorship from The Bulletin does not guarantee that there will be any editorial or news coverage of your event. The news and marketing departments of The Bulletin operate independently of each other.

If you are seeking coverage of your event or project, you will need to contact The Bulletin directly at 541-383-0308.

Additional Ways To Promote Your Event With The Bulletin

There are a variety of opportunities for local organizations to promote their events and services, apart from in-paper or online advertising. We encourage all organizations to take advantage of the items listed below.

• Post your event to our online Event Calendar - GO! Do, See, Play in Central Oregon - (under our Entertainment tab)

• Submit a news item:

• Share photos, video and participate in two-way communication with our readers as your event approaches on Facebook at

Articles and photographs published in The Bulletin or on may not be used for commercial or political purposes. Limited use of such materials may be granted, but only with our written permission. If you are interested in using a news story or editorial in your marketing efforts, please send a request to The Bulletin at Please include information about who will receive the story (generally) and the context in which it will be used and delivered. Once permission has been granted, our staff will work with you to approve the final display of the elements, and any credit issues that need to be addressed.