Elk Lake

A stand-up paddleboarder spends time on Elk Lake, with Mount Bachelor in the background.

Elk Lake is probably the most popular lake in Central Oregon for stand-up paddleboarding, but paddleboarders can also be found on Sparks, Hosmer, Lava, Cultus, Davis and Odell lakes, as well as on Crane Prairie and Wickiup reservoirs. Sometimes, lakes can be more appealing than rivers to novice stand-up paddleboarders, as lakes have no current. But when the afternoon wind is blowing on a Cascade lake, paddling might be just as difficult.

Getting there: From Bend, travel southwest along Century Drive and Cascade Lakes Highway a little more than 30 miles to Elk Lake Resort. Paddleboard rentals are available at the resort.

Contact: Elk Lake Resort, 541-480-7378

Reporter: 541-383-0318, mmorical@bendbulletin.com

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