Science notes: How cows scratch an itch and more

The organisms that carve up gems Deep red garnets are found all over the world, … Read more

New satellites: cheap, tiny, with short lifespans

SAN FRANCISCO — It’s one of the most recognizable images in aerospace: Highly specialized workers … Read more

Think you’ve made your Google privacy settings strict?

Report says Google tracks your movements even when you tell it not to

Google wants to know where you go so badly, it records your movements even when … Read more

Fierce and unpredictable: How do wildfires become infernos?

MISSOULA, Mont. — In a large metal warehouse, Mark Finney opens a tall, clear glass … Read more

Soviet attempt to tame foxes unveils clues on social behavior

In 1959, Soviet scientists embarked on an audacious experiment to breed a population of tame … Read more

Tankee, a free safe-space video network for kid gamers, launching this fall

Parents who feel a cold chill up their back whenever their kids venture into the … Read more

Hundreds of bird species are testing survival tactics

More than a century ago, zoologist Joseph Grinnell launched a pioneering survey of animal life … Read more

Foscam camera keeps a watchful eye without the wires

There are certain technology topics I get asked about regularly. I get the most questions … Read more

Lassie got help. Would your dog do the same?

Usually the title of a scientific paper leaves people without the appropriate Ph.D. scratching their … Read more

Birds learn another ‘language’ by eavesdropping on neighbors

For birds, understanding neighborhood gossip about an approaching hawk or brown snake can mean the … Read more

Lake holds secrets to Mayan civilization’s mysterious collapse

The sediment under a lake in Mexico contains some of the long-sought answers to the … Read more

Higher temperatures mean hotter soil — and more carbon dioxide

WASHINGTON — Rising temperatures that are contributing to wildfires and droughts are also changing the … Read more

Giant sea bass make a comeback off California coast

The fish, which can live more than 70 years and weigh 560 pounds, have been spotted off Catalina

AVALON, Calif. — As the sun rose over this harbor town on Santa Catalina Island, … Read more

Largest king penguin colony in the world drops by 90 percent

After three decades out of the public eye, a giant colony of king penguins has … Read more

Leaf blower shows how lizards endure storms

WASHINGTON — Tropical lizards have a stick-to-itiveness in high wind that puts TV weather reporters … Read more

Review: Sleepbuds offer the promise of blocking snoring

There comes a point in many relationships where one has to say, “Honey, you know … Read more

Experts say canine DNA tests should be taken with grain of salt

The claims dog DNA-testing companies make can seem all but definitive: One quick cheek swab … Read more

A 12-mile-wide body of water lies beneath a Mars ice cap

Using a satellite to peer beneath layers of dust and ice at Mars’ south pole, … Read more

What breeds make up these mutts?

A new study tried to solve the puzzle

Oh, Lilly. I would like to scratch your mutt ears and pet your mixed-breed head, … Read more

The mystery of whose bones were uncovered in Jamestown

JAMESTOWN, Va. — The skeleton was beautifully laid out in a formal English-style burial, hands … Read more

Scientists discovered 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter

The newly discovered moons bring the total up to 79

Astronomers discovered 12 additional moons around Jupiter, bringing the grand total of the planet’s known … Read more

3 women are the wits of Google Assistant’s personality

NEW YORK — The Google Assistant is on more than a half-billion devices around the … Read more

Throwing good money after bad

Known as the sunk cost fallacy, it’s not just a human failing; rats also let emotions affect their decisions

Suppose that, seeking a fun evening out, you pay $175 for a ticket to a … Read more

A female Ebola survivor infects others, a case that’s 1st of its kind

For the first time, scientists have found evidence that a woman can harbor the Ebola … Read more

To limit a fire’s spread, crews must know where embers go

CORVALLIS — An Oregon State University professor is using federal funds to conduct research on … Read more

Good news for diet soda drinkers

A new study by Yale University researchers found people who drank diet soda after beating … Read more

Geese are going home too exhausted to mate

Geese have a problem. Some are arriving at their Arctic mating grounds so exhausted they’re … Read more

Researcher will see how (or if) climate change affects gator eggs

MIAMI — Sometime in mid-August, 400 baby alligators will hatch on the roof of a … Read more

Starvation and habitat threats stalk killer whales

For the last three years, not one calf has been born to the dwindling pods … Read more

Study: Virtual reality can help people overcome fear of heights

Researchers have found virtual reality exercises can help alleviate a fear of heights, showing the … Read more

Polk Signature tower speakers are an impressive upgrade

Q. We are moving to a new home and want to make changes to our … Read more

Newer artificial lights disturbing wildlife

Human activity pushing some animals to switch to the night shift

On warm nights beginning in July, baby loggerhead turtles hatch from nests buried on Southeastern … Read more

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