A treatment for sickle-cell disease proves effective in Africa

A drug that protects children in wealthy countries against painful and sometimes lethal bouts of … Read more

What a hungry snail reveals about your grocery store breakdowns

If you have ever gone grocery shopping when you are super hungry, you may have … Read more

AI can lie, too — how can we keep up?

People are improving their ability to deceive with technology. How will we outsmart the high-tech fibbers?

Even with the odd grammatical misstep, SNAP_R succeeded in eliciting a click as often as … Read more

Where’s our warp drive to the stars?

In the sci-fi franchise “Star Trek,” the USS Enterprise zips back and forth across the … Read more

1st baby born using uterus transplanted from deceased donor

LONDON — Brazilian doctors are reporting the world’s first baby born to a woman with … Read more

Many videos about cancer are unreliable

Researchers searched YouTube for “prostate cancer screening” and “prostate cancer treatment.” They scored the first … Read more

Tech Q&A: Don’t be misled by Security Essentials

Microsoft’s Windows Essentials and Security Essentials are two different programs

Q: I use the Windows Essentials program on my Windows 7 PC. But I’ve heard … Read more

The experiments are fascinating, but nobody can repeat them

At this point, it is hardly a surprise to learn that even top scientific journals … Read more

Disney innovation hub advances tech for filmmakers

Inside Walt Disney Studios’ original animation building, where artists once drew “Cinderella” by hand, a … Read more

NASA spacecraft arrives, is 1st visitor at ancient asteroid

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — After a two-year chase, a NASA spacecraft arrived Monday at the … Read more

Rare photo is a teenage van Gogh — but not Vincent

AMSTERDAM — Vincent van Gogh may have been fond of painting his own portrait, but … Read more

Life expectancy in the U.S. continues to fall

Life expectancy in the United States declined again in 2017, the government said Thursday in … Read more

Gene-edited food is coming, but will shoppers buy?

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The next generation of biotech food is headed for the grocery aisles, … Read more

Scientist defends his gene-editing research in 1st public appearance

HONG KONG — He Jiankui, the Chinese researcher who claimed this week to have helped … Read more

Evidence found of a nearby stellar neighbor

An international team of astronomers has detected evidence of a cold planet at least three … Read more

Some spices may be a source of lead exposure in children

Paint chips in older homes, contaminated soil and water pumped though lead pipes are all … Read more

Why geneticists say it’s wrong to edit the DNA of embryos to protect against HIV

On Monday, geneticists were just converging on Hong Kong for a long-planned meeting to discuss … Read more

Record and share your family history in 5 steps

Many people have pieced together their own family tree. How much do you really know … Read more

Review: Parallels Toolbox useful after 35 years

I became interested in software utilities in the last century, when nifty and buggy programs … Read more

Successful landing is another giant leap for Mars exploration

NASA’s InSight spacecraft landing Monday afternoon marks the culmination of a busy year for news … Read more

No work for these police dogs anymore: Marijuana is OK now

Officer Tulo will turn in his badge in January, forced into early retirement by the … Read more

Hunters are moving away from lead bullets

ZUMWALT PRAIRIE — Aiming a rifle loaded with a copper bullet rather than the standard … Read more

The next generation’s Yellowstone will not be today’s park

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — On a recent fall afternoon in the Lamar Valley, visitors watched … Read more

Next Monday on Mars: 6-minute end to 6-month trip

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — It all comes down to the final six minutes of a … Read more

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Last-minute hacks to make T-Day go off without a hitch

If there’s one rule that Thanksgiving experts agree on, it’s to plan ahead. Make lots … Read more

Found: The oldest figurative human painting

The image discovered in Borneo represents a phase in the development of art

Maxime Aubert can only imagine who might have painted the ocher-colored creature onto the cave’s … Read more

Anyone can mine cryptocurrency

All it takes is $799, an internet connection and spike in the electric bill

When there’s a gold rush, sell picks and shovels. When there’s a cryptocurrency rush, the … Read more

Mountain gorilla population ticks up in a rare conservation win

WASHINGTON — There are more gorillas in the mist — a rare conservation success story, … Read more

A cat’s sandpapery tongue deep cleans

WASHINGTON — Cat lovers know when kitties groom, their tongues are pretty scratchy. Using high-tech … Read more

Hot products for Black Friday

It is that time of the year again when retailers bombard you with ads promoting … Read more

Unearthed in ancient Pompeii: sensual bedroom art, still intact

ROME — Archaeologists have found a fresco in an ancient Pompeii bedroom that depicts a … Read more

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