The monarch is a species in crisis

GREENBELT, Md. — Hand-raising monarch butterflies in the midst of a global extinction crisis, Laura … Read more

Library of spider silk could hold secrets for new materials

NEW YORK — With two pairs of fine-tipped tweezers and the hands of a surgeon, … Read more

Oceans once had monster penguins

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Scientists in New Zealand said Wednesday they’ve found fossilized bones from … Read more

Municipalities nationwide grapple with bans on pet pigs

The knock on Dani Guill’s door came in early May. It was a zoning compliance … Read more

Online daters pose with adorable pets that aren’t theirs

Some see ‘dogfishing’ to get a date as a former of deception

On Tinder, Avery Chuang developed a bad habit: She almost always swiped right on guys … Read more

Amid protest, astronomers in Hawaii lose observation time

HONOLULU — Asteroids, including those that might slam into Earth. Clouds of gas and dust … Read more

Belgian park trumpets the arrival of twin baby pandas

BRUGELETTE, Belgium — A Belgian wildlife park is proudly announcing the birth of twin baby … Read more

Pregnancy and pot: Study seeks answer, draws critics

CHICAGO — Pregnancy started out rough for Leslie Siu. Morning sickness and migraines had her … Read more

Light pollution growing, study says

U.S. has few places left to view a pristine night sky

There are precious few places left in the United States where you can still view … Read more

Are electric scooters good for the environment?

They’re better than driving a car, one report said, but worse than walking or riding a bus

In March, Joe Hollingsworth hopped on a Lime scooter and zipped across the campus of … Read more

Could temperature-controlled clothing help in a hotter world?

A quick browse through Amazon reveals that designers have been hard at work attempting to … Read more

Endangered listing sought for firefly with double-green flash

BETHANY BEACH, Del. — Peering through the darkness under the faint light of a peach-colored … Read more

Forest Service wants to trim sage grouse habitat

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A U.S. Forest Service plan released Friday would reduce designated sage grouse … Read more

Study: Light pollution could make West Nile in birds more infectious

CHICAGO — Light pollution can extend by 41% how long sparrows are infectious with West … Read more

1 of 2 discovered planets shows potential as a habitable world

A super-scorched planet orbiting around a nearby dim star has helped reveal the presence of … Read more

In science, questions matter, and men are more likely to ask them

When Beryl Cummings asked her first-ever question in the auditorium at a genetics conference, she … Read more

College student, 23 years old, unearths a triceratops skull, 65 million years old

Harrison Duran, a biology student at the University of California, Merced, had just been rejected … Read more

Scientists nearly missed this asteroid

Asteroid 2019 OK came within about 45,360 miles of Earth

Alan Duffy was confused. On Thursday, the astronomer’s phone was suddenly flooded with calls from … Read more

Frog population explodes in a region of Vermont

SALISBURY, Vt. — A wet spring has caused one frog population to explode in an … Read more

LightSail 2 unfurls, the next step toward space travel by solar sail

The ability to sail across the cosmos, powered by the energy of the sun, is … Read more

Brain scans of U.S. diplomats stationed in Cuba add to mystery

Advanced brain scans found perplexing differences in U.S. diplomats who say they developed concussionlike symptoms … Read more

Sawdust might be one answer to the world’s plastic problem

A technology startup near Ontario’s leafy border with Michigan says it has the answer to … Read more

NASA practices space gardening to pack lunchboxes for Mars

Ham salad from a tube. Apricot cereal cubes. Thermostabilized cheddar cheese spread. These delicacies and … Read more

Forget ‘man-made’: Berkeley bans gender-specific words

BERKELEY, Calif. — There will be no manholes in Berkeley, California. City workers will drop … Read more

Top-secret weather satellite spared Apollo 11

Sophisticated satellite forecast tropical storm, prompting officials to move splashdown site

Fifty years ago this week, Apollo 11 came to a triumphant conclusion after astronauts splashed … Read more

Primary care doctor shortage spells trouble for aging boomers

Despite hospital systems and health officials calling out the need for more primary care doctors, … Read more

Cyberattacks inflict deep harm at schools relying on technology

Over six weeks, the vandals kept coming, knocking the school system’s network offline several times … Read more

Scientists are closing in on blood test for Alzheimer’s

LOS ANGELES — Scientists are closing in on a long-sought goal — a blood test … Read more

Toxic lake in Russia becomes a selfie sensation

MOSCOW — Residents of a city in Siberia don’t need to fly off to tropical … Read more

Could U.S. duplicate the Apollo 11 moon landing today?

Apollo-era experts say nation today lacks the management, national commitment

The passage of half a century has blurred many of the reasons that the United … Read more

Egypt opens 2 ancient pyramids for the first time since 1960s

CAIRO — Egypt on Saturday opened two of its oldest pyramids, about 25 miles south … Read more

Should Armstrong’s bootprints stay on the moon forever?

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin visited the moon 50 years ago, they left roughly … Read more

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