Guest column: COCC is cooperating with law enforcement to keep the campus safe

The safety of students, staff and visitors is critically important to Central Oregon Community College. … Read more

Guest column: Grow opportunities for Sisters

Last year, when Laird Superfood made the decision to open a major manufacturing facility in … Read more

Guest column: Keep The Bulletin going

In August 2018, Dean Baquet, top editor of the New York Times, stated that the … Read more

Guest column: Government needs to ensure planes are safe

Reducing government regulation has been claimed by the Trump administration as one of its primary … Read more

Letters: La Pine is doing the right things; Don’t kick the can; Encourage Walden to support climate bill; Don’t kill the Electoral College

La Pine is doing the right things Rex Lesueur’s May 9 column in The Bulletin … Read more

Guest column: Discrimination persists because we allow it

Twenty score years ago, the first African slaves came to America. Twelve score years of … Read more

Guest column: Address the real threats to public lands

In his recent guest opinion, Erik Fernandez laments the lack of new wilderness designations east … Read more

Guest column: Canal piping is not enough

On April 6, The Bulletin ran a front-page story about Arnold Irrigation District applying for … Read more

Guest column: Providing youth with a second chance

Last fall I was touring the J Bar J Boys Ranch in northeast Bend, which … Read more

Letters: Water belongs to Oregonians; We need civil discourse; No driving benefit without legal status

Water belongs to Oregonians Recently The Bulletin endorsed using $48 million of taxpayer funds to … Read more

Guest column: Protect Oregon air quality

As we continue to struggle with high health care costs personally and politically, the need … Read more

Letters: Electoral College is unfair and undemocratic; Don’t wish for chain stores; Put a price on carbon

Don’t wish for chain stores The Sunday Bulletin story “National chains bring local hype” got … Read more

Guest column: A different view of union critics

On April 4, Mary Hofer asked in a guest column what’s in it for union … Read more

Guest column: John Hummel and Oregon’s death penalty

The only testimony in the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee last month in opposition to a … Read more

Letters: Help fight diabetes; Love for cars; Self-serve is not worth it; Too loud?

Help fight diabetes One year ago on April 3, I was diagnosed with Type 1 … Read more

Guest column: Another perspective on La Pine and life expectancy

There’s no way to soft pedal it — poverty kills — as Markian Hawryluk pointed … Read more

Guest column: Good news, bad news for public lands

As reported by The Bulletin, the recent passage of the Oregon Wildlands Act was a … Read more

Guest column: Vaccination is critical to protect people from disease

In 1774, Benjamin Jesty intentionally inoculated his wife and two sons with cowpox, successfully preventing … Read more

Letters: Support climate bill in Congress; Sprawl and income inequality; Emergency clause should be for emergencies

Support climate bill in Congress Re: Guest Column, “Take action now for the climate:” I … Read more

Letters: An apology from Sagewood Sanctuary; No new health care plan; Help people drive legally

An apology from Sagewood Sanctuary To the Bend community: Let me begin by apologizing to … Read more

Guest column: What’s in it for union critics?

Every day on my way to and from work I pass a billboard. “Give yourself … Read more

Letters: Help caregivers; Open letter to Bev Clarno; What vaccination bill does; Taking aim at gutters

Help caregivers I have been a caregiver for 12 years. It’s one job that really … Read more

Guest column: We lack the will to solve our fossil fuel challenge

I have submitted quite a few articles to The Bulletin (where most of them were … Read more

Letters: Don’t increase price for full serve; Make the Mueller report public; Bulletin should not criticize union bill

Don’t increase price for full-serve This is in response to The Bulletin’s editorial of March … Read more

Guest column: SMART is key piece of the education puzzle

We’ve been hearing a great deal about what our elected officials are working on as … Read more

Guest column: Bend and the ghost of Tom McCall

A recent report issued by Hubbell Communications and the Bend Chamber of Commerce revealed that … Read more

Letters: Anonymity should be a choice for lottery winners; Causes of climate change; Asadoorian for Bend schools; Collusion and obstruction and Trump

Let winner make the choice Concerning the lottery making winners being public... What difference does … Read more

Guest column: Observations on catastrophic wildfires and smoke

In 2018, the Paradise, California, wildfire devastated the entire community by destroying homes, businesses, infrastructure … Read more

Guest column: Oregon trivializes Holocaust education

In a world increasingly deluged by information, advocacy groups in the U.S. have been pressing … Read more

Guest column: Don’t let opponents weaken climate bill

House Bill 2020, the Clean Energy Jobs bill currently in the Oregon Legislature, is a … Read more

Letters: Dear Director Comey; Policing COCC; Benefits of irrigation

Dear Director Comey, By your own admission you took government documents and gave them to … Read more

Guest column: Youth sports specialization: How young is too young?

A frequent question parents of young athletes have is: how young should they specialize in … Read more

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