Guest column: The complications in global warming

It has been only about 14 years since Al Gore frightened the world’s kids with … Read more

Letters: Stop trying to oust Trump; The NRA’s role; Incentivize water savings

Stop trying to oust Trump The Democrats (and some unnamed Republicans) have been trying to … Read more

Guest column: Take the time to learn about Zellweger syndrome

On June 7, 2019, on the floor of our living room, I held my 7-month … Read more

Letters: Manure fuel is not an answer; Bulletin and bias; Settled science

Manure fuel is not an answer Fossil fuels and agribusiness are joining forces to promote … Read more

Guest column: Oregon creators deserve the CASE Act

As photographers who have lived and worked in the state of Oregon for decades, we’ve … Read more

Guest column: Cities and counties should be able to set their own rent control

The time is now to abolish the law that prohibits Oregon counties and municipalities from … Read more

Guest column: Oregon needs campaign finance reform

Life, liberty and property. All are essential. All are protected by the Constitution. All are … Read more

Guest column: When feeding wildlife does more harm than good

Since the publication in The Bulletin of an article regarding the efforts of some Bend … Read more

Guest column: Don’t ban a whole class of guns

Beto O’Rourke at a recent debate said, “We will take away your AR-15.” This is … Read more

Guest column: Global climate change: just another topic to yell past each other

I read with interest and disappointment two recent Guest Columns on climate change, one printed … Read more

Letters: Listen to the experts; Biased against Trump; Learn about the past

Listen to the experts Mr. Paul deWitt, in his recent letter lamenting “climate hysteria” and … Read more

Guest column: Federal funding a win for local farmers, fish and wildlife

Five years from now, stream flows in the Deschutes River Basin may look more like … Read more

Letters: Require disclosure; The water belongs to us; Reducing festivals; Parks and churches

Require disclosure As recent arrivals to Bend, (although with a lengthy prior history) and new … Read more

Guest column: Light it so you don’t have to fight it

Foresters in the southeastern U.S. like to say “every day is a burn day” — … Read more

Guest column: In response to the salmon crisis

There is a genuinely compelling case to be made for the calling our salmon and … Read more

Guest column: Bend should create a homeless camp

Two or three times a week I enjoy running with my two beautiful mutts, Fred … Read more

Guest column: Oregon is in a crisis of it’s own making

Oregon dodged a bullet but still was badly wounded by our Legislature. One thing is … Read more

Letters: Fishing courtesy; Transparency in government; Cost of piping irrigation

Fishing courtesy While fishing yesterday, I had yet another encounter with a discourteous boater. The … Read more

Guest column: What should the U.S. do about Iran?

In the current U.S. dispute with Iran, they are increasingly looking like they’re the “good … Read more

Guest column: The grim outlook for Columbia Basin salmon and steelhead

Bonneville Dam is the lowest of many on the Columbia River. All salmon and steelhead … Read more

Guest column: Kaylee’s law and Senate Bill 1013

As the father of a murder victim and having walked through the legislative process while … Read more

Guest column: Listen to the climate experts

An opinion piece titled, “The Bulletin and climate hysteria” sarcastically claimed to please the author … Read more

Letters: Act on climate change; Bethlehem Inn improves Central Oregon; Children don’t get to choose

Act on climate change I want to address one aspect of Paul deWitt’s letter concerning … Read more

Guest column: Don’t undermine protections of endangered species

The Trump Administration’s new rule to make economic considerations more important in endangered species listing … Read more

Guest column: The unsatisfiable environmentalist

According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Earth has 11 years … Read more

Guest column: Human activity contributes to global warming

Currently, modern science is being deconstructed and devalued. Consider the issue of climate change. For … Read more

Letters: No scooters for Bend; Need for wilderness restrictions; Thank a caseworker

Scooter troubles not needed in Bend I am commenting on this article originally published in … Read more

Letters: Mule deer decline; Cougars and mule deer; Ineffectual leadership hurts education; The real border problem

Mule deer decline Recently, I read your article that basically said there is drastic decline … Read more

Guest column: Sign up for the Chamber’s Lifetime Leaders

Let’s suppose you’re Cyndi DeSoto. You’ve recently relocated to Bend from Seattle where you enjoyed … Read more

Guest column: The Bulletin and climate hysteria

I am pleased to know that the new owners of The Bulletin, in the words … Read more

Letters: Fight Alzheimer’s; Bend’s decline; Don’t head it

Fight Alzheimer’s I am committed to living in a world without Alzheimer’s Disease. Are you? … Read more

Guest column: Get serious about protecting Crooked River Ranch

Last January, U.S. Rep. Greg Walden introduced H.R. 524, the Crooked River Ranch Fire Protection … Read more

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