Guest column: Pass a carbon tax to fight climate change

The Fourth National Climate Assessment, a detailed 1,600-page report compiled by 13 federal agencies, has … Read more

Letters: Honoring Bush; Immunization saves lives; Bag ban is the right thing; Remember the Red Cross; Need competition

Honoring Bush Our nation is expressing huge gratitude to President George Herbert Walker Bush, “41,” … Read more

Letters: Gun danger; Put bags to a vote; City did a good job; Scammers on the prowl

Gun danger “A gun kept in the home for self-defense is 22 times more likely … Read more

Guest column: The dangers of alcohol should not be ignored

If I asked what killed more Americans, opioids or alcohol, what would you answer? Considering … Read more

Letters: Please immunize your children; Climate change is bipartisan; Our sad president; Dangerous change to Constitution

Please immunize your children For those parents who refuse to immunize your children, you are … Read more

Letters: Things to be thankful for; Climate change is real; Paper is keeping high standards

Things to be thankful for It seems fitting that this paper would publish the story … Read more

Guest column: City, county, irrigation districts committed to long-term Crooked River health

Central Oregon’s current drought conditions, coupled with a lower-than-average snowpack forecast this winter, has understandably … Read more

Letters: Wilderness love; Save the fish; Stop bullying

Wilderness love Regarding the Nov. 15 article by Stephen Hamway about the wilderness being “Loved … Read more

Letters: Recognizing truth; Why an AR-15?; Remember veterans?; Rain would be a poor excuse; A joke?

Recognizing truth Polarization of thought and acceptance of “alternate truth” is the most destructive force … Read more

Guest column: Appoint Brian Douglass to Bend Council

Just when we all thought the 2018 elections were over, Bendites realize that the City … Read more

Guest column: Beware of fraud schemes targeting elderly

If you’ve ever received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS … Read more

Letters: Dear Nancy Pelosi; Stopping bullying; Helt should step down; Battling intolerance

Dear Nancy Pelosi First, congratulations to you and the Democrat Party on the gains made … Read more

Letters: Rethink agenda; Don’t worry about fire safety; Car water skiing; Don’t worry about equity

Rethink agenda It might be time for rethinking how effective the liberal agenda has been, … Read more

Letters: Bend needs new fee; Shift to renewable energy; Limit firearms

Bend needs new fee The Bulletin offered a strong editorial on Oct. 27 of a … Read more

Letters: Stop horse slaughter; Political intolerance; Changes news placement; Walden on citizenship

Stop horse slaughter Oregonians love horses. As a horse rescue volunteer and equine business owner, … Read more

Letters: Wyden is wonderful; Courtesy is gone; Stop the stereotypes; Poor coverage; No carbon tax; Wrong values

Wyden is wonderful Your recent article about Sen. Ron Wyden’s visit to Mountain View High … Read more

Guest column: U.S. should follow Canada’s example

Canada has increased its immigration targets for 2018 through 2020. Overall immigration into Canada for … Read more

Letters: Why septic?; Wrong on immigration; Party misconduct; Seems elementary; Stop the smoke

Why septic? As a resident of southeast Bend effected by the septic to sewer issue … Read more

Guest column: Confessions of a foodie

As I am looking back over 40 years in the food business, from chef to … Read more

Letters: Wyden cares; men could learn from Women’s Studies; limit screen time for kids

Wyden cares A recent editorial criticized Sen. Ron Wyden for not doing more to protect … Read more

Letters: Vote for DeBone; Birth control or abortion; Who to boot?; Vote Walden and Buehler; Walden does care

Vote for DeBone Commissioner Anthony DeBone has earned our trust by being approachable and transparent … Read more

Guest column: Share kindness and empathy, not cruelty

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We need leaders not in love with money but … Read more

Letters: Vote for Russell, McLeod-Skinner, Measure 102

Russell for Bend mayor I endorse Sally Russell for mayor, for the opposite reasons that … Read more

More letters: Vote for Lowes and Cook; Support Measure 102; Vote yes on Measure 106 and many more ...

Vote for Lowes and Cook I have an unusual perspective on the race for county … Read more

Guest column: Haunted by the vote on Kavanaugh

Two men are on my mind. They are Yural Noah Harari, a great writer, and … Read more

Letters: Re-elect Walden; Vote for McLeod-Skinner; Elect McLeod-Skinner; Support McLeod-Skinner

Re-elect Walden I support Greg Walden for the 2nd Congressional District. Here’s why: Congressman Walden … Read more

Guest column: Walden is working for us?

Over the last 10 years I have contacted Rep. Greg Walden’s office three times. All … Read more

Letters: No on Measure 105; Buehler bad on guns; Votes Lowes for commissioner

No on Measure 105 We, religious leaders in Oregon, have come together to encourage people … Read more

Letters: Vote for Patti Adair; Vote for McLeod-Skinner; McLeod-Skinner for Congress

Vote for Patti Adair A fiscal conservative is one that endorses limits on spending while … Read more

Guest column: Buehler loses in Brown v. Buehler

I used to think that Knute Buehler was a reasonable moderate. But in the governor … Read more

Guest column: Why I’m optimistic for Bend

Our humanity is being tested in these troubling times. Hateful rhetoric and bullying tactics threaten … Read more

Letters: McLeod-Skinner’s job history; Walden gets things done; Vote McLeod-Skinner; Vote for Kiely

McLeod-Skinner’s jobs Reading Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s educational background and government experience makes one wonder why she … Read more

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