Editorial: Park district should stick with permit system it has

Bend Park & Recreation District board members soon will discuss whether or not to beef … Read more

Editorial: OLCC should stop being so secretive

If there’s an award for deliberate disregard for the public by a state agency, the … Read more

Editorial: Let liquor stores sell by the beer and the glass

If the operator of the East Bend Liquor Store on U.S. Highway 20 has his … Read more

Editorial: Reject the distiller-punishment tax

If you are already worried about Gov. Kate Brown’s plan to raise $2 billion in … Read more

Editorial: Don’t think about raising taxes without looking at spending

Raising taxes without addressing the state’s largest spending problem, as the Democratically controlled Legislature and … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers should ignore the fuel industry and dare to be different

Iowa biofuel exec says unprecedented transparency could cripple Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program. So what?

Here’s a prediction for the coming legislative session, which begins in January: The fuel industry, … Read more

Editorial: Jail verdict is no reason to party

Three Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies were found not guilty of criminally negligent homicide Tuesday, and … Read more

Editorial: Fix problems in public records law

Request public records in Oregon and you can get: • Sued by the agency you … Read more

Editorial: Crooked River Ranch loses as Congress plays games with fire protection

Rep. Greg Walden’s bill that would make critical improvements to fire protection at Crooked River … Read more

Editorial: SDCs no way to do business

System development charges are common in Oregon. They’re the charges entities like cities and park … Read more

Editorial: Gov. Brown should tell Oregonians what taxes she wants

Gov. Kate Brown’s new proposed budget and policy agenda has some nice ideas — and … Read more

Editorial: Will park board hold Mirror Pond dredging hostage over fish ladder?

When Bend park board member Nathan Hovekamp declared that fish passage at Mirror Pond dam … Read more

Editorial: Say no to bag ban

We warned you. The Bend City Council seemed hell-bent on banning the use of plastic … Read more

Editorial: Charging for parking is unfair to downtown

Bend officials should think long and hard before they seriously consider imposing paid parking in … Read more

Editorial: Say yes to cannabis cafes

You can use marijuana at home in Oregon — except if you’re a renter and … Read more

Editorial: Iowa biofuel giant loves Oregon motorists … and secrecy

Renewable Energy Group joins suit to hide records related to Oregon Clean Fuels Program

When legislators decided in 2015 to remove the sunset date on Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program, … Read more

Editorial: Central Oregon has some impressive student athletes

It’s a stereotype, to be sure, but the myth of the dumb jock — an … Read more

Editorial: Support fire reduction effort in the Deschutes

Somewhere, the Deschutes National Forest is almost certain to be on fire next year. Most … Read more

(Updated Dec. 5) Editorials: Chevron vs. government transparency

In October, The Bulletin editorial page asked the Department of Environmental Quality to release documents … Read more

Editorial: Unions should treat workers fairly

Quit cable and the cable company doesn’t force you to keep paying for months on … Read more

Editorial: DHS fails again

The Oregon Department of Human Services has been in the news for all the wrong … Read more

Editorial: There’s a good reason Bend school will not be on sewer

Residents in Bend’s southeast corner have a sewer problem, one they and the city are … Read more

Editorial: County has some good ideas about wildfire

Long before the Camp Fire killed more than 80 people near Paradise, California, Deschutes County … Read more

Editorial: Oregon doesn’t need a new weed bureaucracy

A report prepared for the Oregon Cannabis Commission suggests the state should create a new … Read more

Editorial: Permanent tower is necessary on Overturf

One of the ways the launch of Deschutes County’s new $5-million-plus law enforcement radio system … Read more

Editorial: Go for visible and fair on taxes

If you’re a betting person, bet on this: The Oregon Legislature will raise taxes next … Read more

Editorial: Expand affordable housing pilot project to include Redmond

If you care about affordable housing in Bend, it’s time to celebrate. Bend just won … Read more

Editorial: A tax credit, a trucking company and the importance of government openness

Why should you worry about Chevron’s determination to keep the Clean Fuels Program secret? Mesilla Valley Transportation

Confession time. When we asked the Department of Environmental Quality last month to open the … Read more

Editorial: Governor takes aim at the poor with hike in tobacco tax

Gov. Kate Brown said recently she won’t support raising taxes on beer and wine, though … Read more

Editorial: Bend councilors should look at runners-up in filling vacancy

Bend city councilors already are thinking about how they’ll fill a vacancy on that body … Read more

Editorial: DeVos on the right track

Education Secretary Betsy ­DeVos doesn’t get everything right. That said, her move to bring order … Read more

Editorial: Bend school district must stop distorting fire safety record

Mike Tiller, the director of facilities of Bend-La Pine Schools, got up before the school … Read more

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