Editorial: ‘Bipartisan’ Wyden, Merkley ignore Walden while patting selves on back for land bill

Oregon Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley — Democrats — are celebrating a bipartisan package … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Ending homelessness takes community support

Twenty years ago, “housing first” was all the rage. Its premise is simple: Move homeless … Read more

Historical editorial: Bend gets fire safety improvement

Editor’s note: The following historic editorial originally appeared in The Bulletin on March 18, 1919. … Read more

Editorial: Healthy PERS is good business

One of Oregon’s leading business organizations, the Oregon Business Council, is poised to go where … Read more

Editorial: North Star decision fails to shine

When members of the Bend-La Pine School Board surrender their seats, they should try auditioning … Read more

Editorial: HB 2931 would incorrectly restrict access to executive sessions

State Rep. David Gomberg, D-Neotsu, says he has absolutely no intention of reducing public access … Read more

Editorial: Let locals make zoning choices

We’ll agree with House Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, that Oregon has a housing crisis and … Read more

Editorial: Greenlick has the right idea

Let’s hear it for state Rep. Mitch Greenlick, the Portland Democrat who apparently has the … Read more

Editorial: Let Redmond build its affordable housing project

If Oregon legislators truly care about affordable housing, they shouldn’t let a Redmond plan for … Read more

Lukens column: A newspaper is not a Facebook news feed

Why editorials are important even when they make you mad

Many readers responded to a recent column in which I described some of the trends … Read more

Editorial: Demand that Blazers change name is a legislative air ball

State Rep. Werner Reschke, R-Klamath Falls, believes Oregon has a bright future ahead with limited … Read more

Editorial: Madras High teaches the state a lesson

Teachers at Madras High School have pulled off an astounding increase in graduation rates. The … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should allow booze delivery

Oregonians can have their marijuana delivered to their door, but as of now they must … Read more

Editorial: Local legislators need to ensure OSU-Cascades funding

Funding uncertainty is nothing new for Oregon State University’s OSU-Cascades campus, and this year is … Read more

Editorial: Rep. Cheri Helt’s misguided push to fund education first

Bend’s newest member of the Oregon Legislature, Republican Rep. Cheri Helt, is the chief sponsor … Read more

Editorial from the archives: A suggestion

Editor’s note: The following historical editorial was originally published in The Bulletin on March 10, … Read more

Editorial: Bad public records bill gets what it deserved

There was nothing to admire about the bill with which former state Rep. Deborah Boone, … Read more

Editorial: Base discounts on need

Many transit districts in Oregon, including Cascades East Transit, give a break on fares to … Read more

Editorial: How nonaffiliated voters can make a difference in primary elections

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson and former Pacific Green Party candidate Alan Zundel think they’ve … Read more

Editorial: Change Bend charter and allow voters to fill council vacancies

Bend city councilors spent several hours Monday essentially discussing how to act like adults when … Read more

Editorial: Would permanent RV living be good for Bend?

If there’s anything Bend city government is proud of, it’s the effort it is making … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers should brave anti-vaxxer backlash and tighten vaccine law

So far, Oregonians have been lucky. The measles outbreak that has sickened roughly 50 people … Read more

Editorial: Legislature should help ease pot growing pains

Oregon’s legal marijuana industry continues to suffer growing pains, according to a Secretary of State’s … Read more

Editorial: Oregon lawmakers act like they skipped economics

It would be unprecedented and outlandish for Oregonians to require new legislators to take a … Read more

Editorial: Be clear about carbon tax transparency

Sometimes Oregon officials have a hard time understanding how the public records law works. The … Read more

Editorial: Kicker grab must be part of larger plan

While Republicans in the Oregon Legislature may seem to be the only members of that … Read more

Historical editorial: Remember who helped preserve the John Day fossil beds

Editor’s note: The following historical editorial was originally printed in The Bulletin on Nov. 2, … Read more

Editorial: Bill’s limit on deposit refunds makes sense

Oregon beverage distributors who are members of the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative have a problem. … Read more

Editorial: Don’t muddle state’s ethics laws

Maybe lawyers for state agencies are not like other Oregonians. They could have far superior … Read more

Editorial: State should be able to close unlicensed businesses

It isn’t the money that the Oregon Department of Agriculture is after with House Bill … Read more

Editorial: State should ensure clean fuels program works

We have a rule for government programs: They should work. And not just work for … Read more

Editorial: Get serious about PERS

With a supermajority in both houses, Democrats in the Oregon Legislature are poised to add … Read more

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