Guest column: Let Trump use the “Go Fund Me” page

This is the first year that I am making a resolution that I will be … Read more

Letters: Bulletin neglected important part of meeting; The flaws of reusable bags; Use care in redeveloping inn

Bulletin neglected important part of meeting Sen. Merkley’s Jan. 4 town hall was exhilarating, sobering, … Read more

Letters: Going bag-free; Don’t restrict forest access; Wildlife on the highway; Protecting the Ochocos

Going bag-free Thank you, Mike Fitzsimons of Redmond (Sat. Dec. 29 — “Bring your cart”) … Read more

Guest column: Winning the House was not enough

I am writing this letter to all the people who think their job is finished … Read more

Guest column: Get COCC out of North Lake County

As a second generation Central Oregon Community College student, I am proud of the college … Read more

Letters: Stop the river; Walden must act; Stocking up on bags

Protect the river The Bulletin’s Dec. 27 footbridge editorial missed the point of Mary Orton’s … Read more

Letters: Bag ban was right; The taxes are coming; Bamberg for Council

Bag ban was right I am writing concerning your editorial on Dec. 18 titled “Bring … Read more

Letters: Ban’s the right move; I want the job; They care; An inconvenient truth

Ban is the right move The 2018 World Economic Forum states 12 million tons of … Read more

Guest column: Why nurses care about safe staffing

We’ve sat directly across the table from St. Charles executives for more than seven months … Read more

Letters: Keep trying; Why oppose bag ban?; Shame on The Bulletin; Blame Republicans

Keep trying As a resident of Crooked River Ranch, I have spent years following and … Read more

Guest column: The contributions of Bend’s Bill Niskanen

In a very odd way, former Bend resident Bill Niskanen made the news recently. This … Read more

Guest column: St. Charles Bend continues talks to reach a contract

This holiday season, I’ve been reflecting on the current situation with union negotiations at the … Read more

Letters: Keep it down; mean-spirited editorial; ridiculous opposition; bring your cart; choose a reusable bag; drug profits

Keep it down Wow … I am reading about Crow’s Feet Commons request for a … Read more

Guest column: Ending the administration

This past week was the clincher that pointed out the intrinsic dangers of a president … Read more

Guest column: The importance of Bend’s bag ordinance

After months of careful deliberation, the Bend City Council approved an ordinance to ban single-use … Read more

Guest column: Don’t deprive patients of pain medication

On Friday Nov. 30, the Bulletin’s headline reported that pain medication limits might be lifted … Read more

Letters: our moral compass; stop logging plan; bag ban was smart; council was right

Lost compass As Christians prepare to celebrate the birth of the Christ child, born in … Read more

Guest column: Mirror Pond: Time for a public vote

Some people believe that dredging Mirror Pond is necessary, fearing if we don’t dredge the … Read more

Guest column: Poor leadership on drugs

This letter is in response to the recent guest column from Frances Preston, Republican chair … Read more

Guest column: Trump’s questionable statement on climate change

The Friday after Thanksgiving the Trump administration released a devastating report on climate change that … Read more

Guest column: Crooked River water — public right vs. private profits

An article in the Nov. 9 Bulletin reported that due to low water reserves, the … Read more

Guest column: Dredging Mirror Pond is not a sound idea

Based on my knowledge of rivers, I believe Mirror Pond should not be dredged again … Read more

Guest column: The GOP’s future — we can do better

The Bulletin recently reported the state’s Republican Party was debating its future (Dec. 9 “Oregon … Read more

Letters: Protect Crooked River Ranch; Break a leg; The value of Senate seats; Stupid plan from Brown, Row, row, row

Protect Crooked River Ranch Thank you, Bulletin Editorial Board, for the recent support of HR … Read more

Guest column: A forever stamp, maybe not a forever river

As this paper pointed out in a recent article, our iconic Deschutes River will be … Read more

Letters: Strong team takes charge; Don’t bailout Pacific Power; Fight arthritis

Strong team takes charge Now that the election is over, who do we have leading … Read more

Guest column: Congressman Walden should fight proposed Medicare overhaul

Representative Greg Walden has stood up for Oregon patients time and again. The 2nd District … Read more

Guest column: Support the Low Drug Prices Act

Oregonians coming to my town halls keep telling me how badly they’re getting ripped off … Read more

Guest column: Honor Oregon by passing three public lands bills

I just returned from Washington, D.C., with a group of veterans and young people representing … Read more

Guest column: Don’t do forest project near Bend

The Bulletin recently editorialized in support of proposed logging on the Deschutes National Forest. The … Read more

Letters: Start times; Throw out socialism; The enemies

Start times A current issue affecting local high school students is the decision to move … Read more

Guest column: $30M funding for irrigation modernization benefits Oregon’s farmers and rivers

For farmers in the Tumalo Irrigation District, 2018 started a new era for modernizing their … Read more

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