Guest column: Article unfairly criticized Deschutes County Commissioner

Julia Shumway’s recent article, headlined “County on the Hook for trip to ALEC Forum” is … Read more

Editorial: No special treatment for lawmakers

Former Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, gave the Legislature a black eye in 2017 when Sen. … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Outsmarted by my smart TV

There are lots of things not to like about old age. My skin is thinner, … Read more

Letters: Dear Mayor Russell; No surprise from Wyden and Merkley; Life with plastic; Change the law

Dear Mayor Russell: I had to write to you after reading the article in The … Read more

Historical editorial: The state chamber

Editor’s note: The following editorial originally appeared in the March 14, 1919 Bulletin. As we … Read more

Editorial: Don’t give the vote to 16-year-olds

Oregonians, like other Americans, can vote when they turn 18. That may change, however, if … Read more

Editorial: Stop the park district fee creep

The Bend Park & Recreation District’s proposal to start charging fees on new business buildings … Read more

Letters: Stop killing cougars, Enforce speed limits; Focus on today’s news; Support for Bend Mayor Sally Russell

Stop killing cougars With the sickening killing of another cougar in Bend, the Oregon Department … Read more

Commentary: Is your latest Netflix binge-watch selling you Russian propaganda?

At first glance, “Trotsky” is not so different from Netflix’s other foreign acquisitions. This eight-part … Read more

Editorial: Governor’s PERS proposal would be a stealth tax on businesses

New arrivals to Oregon sometimes have a hard time figuring out how state government works. … Read more

Editorial: Change in pot testing law isn’t ready

Among the 20 bills before the Oregon Legislature that deal with marijuana are a pair … Read more

Guest column: A path forward on climate change

In the coming months, Congress will take up the issue of climate change and how … Read more

Commentary: One number determines who gets an organ transplant, and it’s horribly unfair

We have a liver selection meeting every week to consider which patients will get transplants. … Read more

Editorial: Redistricting suggestion offers good start

Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, and Rep. Jack Zika, R-Redmond, have teamed up to create a … Read more

Editorial: Find a solution for Juniper Canyon

To get to homes in Crook County’s Juniper Canyon, there’s only one way in or … Read more

Letters: Fix Bend’s traffic; Not everyone loves iPads; A wall’s value

Fix traffic In response to Kirk Schueler’s explanation of traffic in Bend: Traffic in Bend … Read more

Commentary: The king of pop — and perversion

When Dan Reed ordered up a score for his documentary, he asked the composer to … Read more

Editorial: Good reasons for killing cougar

Bend police and officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife killed a 135-pound … Read more

Commentary: Owning up to our lesser evils

Ours is an odd world in which to be yourself — or any self at … Read more

Commentary: The new censors won’t delete your words; they’ll drown them out

Winston Smith works at the Ministry of Truth. Each day, the hero of George Orwell’s … Read more

Editorial: There’s a lesson for voters

Under Oregon law, every vote counts. It counts, that is, unless a ballot is not … Read more

Editorial: County has sensible priorities

Deschutes County commissioners picked their priorities for legislative action Wednesday. The list they came up … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s reelection campaign just got a lot tougher

After an utterly pointless government shutdown that lasted over a month, President Donald Trump has … Read more

Commentary: How China brings us together

I’ve always thought Americans would come together when we realized that we faced a dangerous … Read more

Editorial: ‘Bipartisan’ Wyden, Merkley ignore Walden while patting selves on back for land bill

Oregon Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley — Democrats — are celebrating a bipartisan package … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Ending homelessness takes community support

Twenty years ago, “housing first” was all the rage. Its premise is simple: Move homeless … Read more

Historical editorial: Bend gets fire safety improvement

Editor’s note: The following historic editorial originally appeared in The Bulletin on March 18, 1919. … Read more

Commentary: Vaccines? Don’t overthink them, please.

Ten states are battling the spread of measles, the contagious and sometimes lethal childhood disease … Read more

Editorial: Healthy PERS is good business

One of Oregon’s leading business organizations, the Oregon Business Council, is poised to go where … Read more

Editorial: North Star decision fails to shine

When members of the Bend-La Pine School Board surrender their seats, they should try auditioning … Read more

Guest column: Bend parks has a solid plan for changing fees

It seems The Bulletin never finds a new idea or fee change it doesn’t oppose … Read more

Commentary: The Twitter takeover of politics is just getting started

The latest political controversy involves Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeting and insinuating that American political support … Read more

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