Guest column: Job outlook for college graduates… is college worth the time and money?

Why do students shell out tens of thousands of dollars per year at colleges? So … Read more

Commentary: Harvard’s false path to wisdom

Over the past year and a half, the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School … Read more

Editorial: Leave bill is too complex, too expensive

If Oregonians are lucky, the legislative clock will run out before lawmakers make House Bill … Read more

Guest column: What it means to be a junior water right holder

This is my 50th year farming in Madras. I’m the son of an Idaho farmer … Read more

Guest column: Alcohol and Central Oregon’s summer do not need to mix

The sight of taps at a communitywide event or a reveler sipping an adult beverage … Read more

Editorial: Mishmash of rules even worse than limits

Oregon apparently won’t get strict — or even loose — limits on political giving this … Read more

Editorial: Bend plunges toward new paid parking policy

The Bend City Council is set to adopt a policy on Wednesday that will surely … Read more

Commentary: My father is a conservative and I’m an anarchist, but hunting still connects us

My first real memory of my father is of blood and gunpowder. The dark of … Read more

Commentary: Corporations shouldn’t be able to patent your DNA

The practice of patenting genes, once banned by the Supreme Court, may come back soon … Read more

Lukens column: Survey says Bend residents want wider roads, more lanes, better intersections

A funding measure that ignores taxpayers’ wishes will fail

Bend City Council agreed recently to pay communications firm Barney & Worth in excess of … Read more

Editorial: Bend shouldn’t try to tax its way to more housing

Just after the Central Oregon Business Index turned down in the first quarter, the city … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should not rush into big healthcare change

Oregon lawmakers are taking the first steps toward providing a single-payer health system for everyone … Read more

Guest column: Our children are leading on climate change

Several Fridays this spring, local high school students protested climate crisis inaction by our nation’s … Read more

Editorial: Bend has some promising ideas for housing flexibility

Bend city councilors, staff and residents will always debate what the city should be doing … Read more

Editorial: Democrats stack the deck against ballot measure

Business groups have made it clear they don’t like House Bill 3427, a hidden sales … Read more

Guest column: Clean Energy Jobs a win for utility customers

As a volunteer leader with the Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board (CUB), I strongly support House … Read more

Commentary: Hong Kong and the future of freedom

Imagine if in 2018 the Trump administration had proposed legislation that would allow the government, … Read more

Editorial: Helt’s bills deserve more legislative attention

With roughly two weeks left in the 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature, two bills … Read more

Guest column: Saving Mirror Pond and dam safety

This last April I contacted the Oregon State Dam Safety Engineer to request a change … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Study suggests four tools to fight homelessness

As Oregon continues to deal with a still-growing homeless population, the report prepared for the … Read more

Historical editorial: Murder investigation was a farce

Editor’s note: The following historical editorials originally appeared in the Bend Bulletin on Sept. 25, … Read more

Editorial: Just say no to feeding wildlife

It’s mighty tempting to feed the deer, gray squirrels, bunnies and other wild critters that … Read more

Editorial: Union won’t let members leave when they want

Joining the Oregon Education Association is simple for the approximately 44,000 educators who want to … Read more

Guest column: President Trump is delivering results on drug prices

Just over a year ago, President Donald Trump and his health secretary, Alex Azar, stood … Read more

Letters: Improve family medical leave; Crack down on campus parking; Don’t kill deer

Improve family medical leave Family comes first. I hear this so often from the pulpit, … Read more

Editorial: Woodriver Village deserves leeway on sidewalks

The Bend City Council’s direction to allow Woodriver Village to get an exemption from the … Read more

Editorial: Legislature prepares health care boon for state employees

What the Legislature takes away, the Legislature can return. Thus, thanks to House Bill 2266, … Read more

Guest column: We’ll be grateful for wilderness permit system

A permit system is coming to some popular trailheads in the central Cascades. The road … Read more

Letters: Sheriff Nelson did what was needed; Campus parking editorial was right; Oregon should not undo the Electoral College

Sheriff Nelson did what was needed It was disappointing to read The Bulletins critical assessment … Read more

Editorial: State shouldn’t dictate hospital charity care

Apparently with nothing better to do, a group of Oregon lawmakers has decided to take … Read more

Editorial: Legislature undermines Supreme Court’s Janus decision

Democrats in the Oregon Legislature paid their union dues on this session. Lawmakers approved, largely … Read more

Commentary: The future will be recorded, on your smart speaker

Amazon’s patent application for an always-on feature for Alexa, its popular voice-activated personal assistant, has … Read more

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