Editorial: There’s a lesson for voters

Under Oregon law, every vote counts. It counts, that is, unless a ballot is not … Read more

Editorial: County has sensible priorities

Deschutes County commissioners picked their priorities for legislative action Wednesday. The list they came up … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s reelection campaign just got a lot tougher

After an utterly pointless government shutdown that lasted over a month, President Donald Trump has … Read more

Commentary: How China brings us together

I’ve always thought Americans would come together when we realized that we faced a dangerous … Read more

Editorial: ‘Bipartisan’ Wyden, Merkley ignore Walden while patting selves on back for land bill

Oregon Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley — Democrats — are celebrating a bipartisan package … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Ending homelessness takes community support

Twenty years ago, “housing first” was all the rage. Its premise is simple: Move homeless … Read more

Historical editorial: Bend gets fire safety improvement

Editor’s note: The following historic editorial originally appeared in The Bulletin on March 18, 1919. … Read more

Commentary: Vaccines? Don’t overthink them, please.

Ten states are battling the spread of measles, the contagious and sometimes lethal childhood disease … Read more

Editorial: Healthy PERS is good business

One of Oregon’s leading business organizations, the Oregon Business Council, is poised to go where … Read more

Editorial: North Star decision fails to shine

When members of the Bend-La Pine School Board surrender their seats, they should try auditioning … Read more

Guest column: Bend parks has a solid plan for changing fees

It seems The Bulletin never finds a new idea or fee change it doesn’t oppose … Read more

Commentary: The Twitter takeover of politics is just getting started

The latest political controversy involves Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeting and insinuating that American political support … Read more

Editorial: HB 2931 would incorrectly restrict access to executive sessions

State Rep. David Gomberg, D-Neotsu, says he has absolutely no intention of reducing public access … Read more

Editorial: Let locals make zoning choices

We’ll agree with House Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, that Oregon has a housing crisis and … Read more

Guest column: President Trump would act in ignorance

President Donald Trump’s recently reported rejection of the U.S. Intelligence Community’s annual “Worldwide Threat Assessment” … Read more

Guest column: Giving Salem more control won’t fix housing crisis

There is an affordable housing crisis afflicting Central Oregon. When I talk to folks in … Read more

Editorial: Greenlick has the right idea

Let’s hear it for state Rep. Mitch Greenlick, the Portland Democrat who apparently has the … Read more

Editorial: Let Redmond build its affordable housing project

If Oregon legislators truly care about affordable housing, they shouldn’t let a Redmond plan for … Read more

Letters: Enjoying The Bulletin; Walden helps horses; Trump’s scorecard; Socialist candidates

Enjoying The Bulletin I now live in Colorado and recently learned about the financial problems … Read more

Commentary: One cheer for the Green New Deal

The first major policy intervention from Alexandria Ocasio-­Cortez, the noted social-media personality and future dictator-for-life … Read more

Lukens column: A newspaper is not a Facebook news feed

Why editorials are important even when they make you mad

Many readers responded to a recent column in which I described some of the trends … Read more

Editorial: Demand that Blazers change name is a legislative air ball

State Rep. Werner Reschke, R-Klamath Falls, believes Oregon has a bright future ahead with limited … Read more

Editorial: Madras High teaches the state a lesson

Teachers at Madras High School have pulled off an astounding increase in graduation rates. The … Read more

Guest column: It’s time for oversight of the Bend park district

The Bend Park & Recreation District (BPRD) has its own taxing authority and is governed … Read more

Commentary: Trump is right to warn Democrats about socialism

In his State of the Union address, President Donald Trump was entirely right to reject … Read more

Commentary: Thank God for Canada!

After the Canadian foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, tweeted concern about Saudi Arabia’s imprisoning of a … Read more

Commentary: The anti-vaxx movement is a worldwide pandemic

We’re not that far into 2019, and it’s already looking like it will be another … Read more

Commentary: Thanks to Pelosi for a good State of the Union speech

He’s been driving in reverse, never even glancing at the rearview mirror. But Tuesday night, … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should allow booze delivery

Oregonians can have their marijuana delivered to their door, but as of now they must … Read more

Editorial: Local legislators need to ensure OSU-Cascades funding

Funding uncertainty is nothing new for Oregon State University’s OSU-Cascades campus, and this year is … Read more

Commentary: How many of us are living paycheck to paycheck?

If the recent government shutdown didn’t teach us anything else, it should be that all … Read more

Commentary: Trump is risking an ISIS resurrection

In the U.S. Navy, we say that every sailor is a firefighter. That’s because when … Read more

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