Breese-Iverson to be sworn in Tuesday as new House member

Vikki Breese-Iverson will be sworn in as the new representative for House District 55 on … Read more

Capitol roundup: Campaign fundraising rarely takes a break

Gov. Brown taking in cash despite term limits, while Helt’s PAC gears up for 2020

SALEM — Campaign fundraising between campaigns, an “aloha” to the dean of the House who … Read more

Republican leaders pick finalists for open House seat

Final choice on HD 55 appointee is due by Aug. 13

Two dozen Republican leaders representing state House District 55 gathered in La Pine on Saturday … Read more

How a 1971 fishing trip helped make Kate Brown governor

Recall of Brown and who can succeed her has roots in turmoil over Gov. McCall’s vacation.

SALEM — Gov. Tom McCall’s fishing trip on the Snake River in 1971 saw control … Read more

Popular vote law could be repealed

A few months ago, Colorado agreed to radically rethink the way the president is chosen … Read more

Buehler helping build Helt reelection war chest

GOP fights to keep seat in Bend House district from tilting Democratic

SALEM — Knute Buehler has returned to Oregon’s political battles after staying mostly silent since … Read more

Capitol roundup: Candidates getting jump start on 2020

Money for campaign and roads among political topics

SALEM — Competition is always the name of the game in politics. The past week … Read more

Some Oregon Republicans are having recall regrets

Critics say long-shot effort to remove Gov. Brown will drain momentum.

SALEM — Some prominent Oregon Republicans say their party’s effort to recall Gov. Kate Brown … Read more

Oregon loosens wait time for certain assisted suicides

SALEM — Legislation allowing certain terminally ill patients to have quicker access to life-ending medications … Read more

Capitol round-up: Campaign 2020 — and maybe 2019

Recall effort this fall comes amid jockeying for 2020 ballot

SALEM — The Capitol was locked up on Monday — no visitors allowed. It’s part … Read more

USS Oregon, one of Navy’s newest subs, nearing launch

Navy to commission first vessel to carry state’s name in nearly a century

At noon on a late October day, more than 20,000 people came to the Union … Read more

Zika looking forward to 2020

Republican House freshman recaps roller-coaster year, says he’ll run for re-election

SALEM — After a nail-biting primary, an exciting general election, driving down snow-covered roads to … Read more

Oregon’s state workers could get up to 15% raises over two years

Public employee unions representing state workers have negotiated new contracts that would provide pay increases … Read more

Capitol roundup: No state dog for Oregon

The statehouse air conditioning is off, while votes from 2019 session still raise steam

SALEM — With the Legislature gone until next year, lawmakers can’t be blamed for the … Read more

Oregon GOP launches effort to recall Democratic Gov. Kate Brown

The chairman of the Oregon Republican Party on Monday filed paperwork to launch a recall … Read more

Buehler says Perot inspired his entry into politics

Their connection stretched from Oxford to Oregon

Knute Buehler was at England’s elite Oxford University in 1990 when a fellow Rhodes scholar … Read more

Helt recaps epic 2019 legislative session

Bend House member says she tried to steer between Left and Right

SALEM — As the Republican House member from Bend, Cheri Helt has dealt with a … Read more

Capitol Roundup: Legislature’s odds and ends at adjournment

With marathon over, vetoes, resignations and vote totals take the fore

SALEM — With the Legislature gone until winter, Salem returns to its summer populace — … Read more

Knopp reflects on rambunctious 2019 legislative session

Kaylee’s Law, Senate walkout, housing bills among his 2019 highlights

SALEM ­—Tim Knopp played a high-profile role in the 2019 Oregon Legislature ­­— even in … Read more

Oregon governor ready to use executive power on divisive climate plan

Staff will build a modified climate proposal over next few months — with or without lawmakers’ help

SALEM — Gov. Kate Brown said Monday she’s ready to use her executive power to … Read more

Marathon session ends intense Legislative year

Senate is again the center of turmoil as lawmakers faced midnight deadline

SALEM — Lawmakers raced against the clock Sunday, hammering out dozens of bills as the … Read more

Legislature’s stalemate ends with a flood of bills

Senate deals with 105 bills in a single day

SALEM — Lawmakers plowed through a huge backlog of bills Saturday, passing controversial legislation with … Read more

GOP senators will return to Capitol, ending walkout

The Legislature will hold sessions Saturday and Sunday to deal will backlog of more than 125 bills

SALEM — Senate Republicans will return to the Capitol on Saturday, ending a nine-day walkout … Read more

GOP senators appear to end carbon-cap walkout

Negotiations continue in effort to get Senate to work before Sunday deadline

SALEM — Some of the 11 Republican senators who left the state to block a … Read more

Biden and Sanders duel over economy

MIAMI — The Democratic Party’s moderate flank, led by Joe Biden, voiced disagreement and dismay … Read more

Deschutes Brewery withdraws from climate group

Deschutes Brewery announced its withdrawal from a business group that supported Oregon’s carbon trading bill. … Read more

Crippled Legislature faces looming deadline

Over 100 bills stalled in Senate GOP walkout, including Bend-area legislation

SALEM — The impasse in the Oregon Legislature hit the one-week mark, with little progress … Read more

Bill allowing rolling ‘stops’ for bicycles goes to governor

A bill that allows bicycle riders to roll through stop signs in some intersections if … Read more

Stalemate in Legislature endangers dozens of bills

Walkout by GOP senators stalls Legislature facing Sunday deadline to adjourn

SALEM — Who will blink? What if no one blinks? Those were the questions of … Read more

Possible militia threat shuts down state Capitol

State senator from Bend travels to avoid trouble with troopers

SALEM — At 5 p.m. on Friday, Senate President Peter Courtney stepped up to the … Read more

Rep. Helt hosts town hall on Saturday

Rep. Cheri Helt, R-Bend, will host a public town hall at noon on Saturday at … Read more

Bend housing bill gets quick OK from House

Redevelopment of commercial strips could include housing above shops

SALEM — A bill to allow Bend to build housing in some areas zoned for … Read more

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