Capitol roundup: No state dog for Oregon

The statehouse air conditioning is off, while votes from 2019 session still raise steam

SALEM — With the Legislature gone until next year, lawmakers can’t be blamed for the … Read more

Oregon GOP launches effort to recall Democratic Gov. Kate Brown

The chairman of the Oregon Republican Party on Monday filed paperwork to launch a recall … Read more

Buehler says Perot inspired his entry into politics

Their connection stretched from Oxford to Oregon

Knute Buehler was at England’s elite Oxford University in 1990 when a fellow Rhodes scholar … Read more

Helt recaps epic 2019 legislative session

Bend House member says she tried to steer between Left and Right

SALEM — As the Republican House member from Bend, Cheri Helt has dealt with a … Read more

Capitol Roundup: Legislature’s odds and ends at adjournment

With marathon over, vetoes, resignations and vote totals take the fore

SALEM — With the Legislature gone until winter, Salem returns to its summer populace — … Read more

Knopp reflects on rambunctious 2019 legislative session

Kaylee’s Law, Senate walkout, housing bills among his 2019 highlights

SALEM ­—Tim Knopp played a high-profile role in the 2019 Oregon Legislature ­­— even in … Read more

Oregon governor ready to use executive power on divisive climate plan

Staff will build a modified climate proposal over next few months — with or without lawmakers’ help

SALEM — Gov. Kate Brown said Monday she’s ready to use her executive power to … Read more

Marathon session ends intense Legislative year

Senate is again the center of turmoil as lawmakers faced midnight deadline

SALEM — Lawmakers raced against the clock Sunday, hammering out dozens of bills as the … Read more

Legislature’s stalemate ends with a flood of bills

Senate deals with 105 bills in a single day

SALEM — Lawmakers plowed through a huge backlog of bills Saturday, passing controversial legislation with … Read more

GOP senators will return to Capitol, ending walkout

The Legislature will hold sessions Saturday and Sunday to deal will backlog of more than 125 bills

SALEM — Senate Republicans will return to the Capitol on Saturday, ending a nine-day walkout … Read more

GOP senators appear to end carbon-cap walkout

Negotiations continue in effort to get Senate to work before Sunday deadline

SALEM — Some of the 11 Republican senators who left the state to block a … Read more

Biden and Sanders duel over economy

MIAMI — The Democratic Party’s moderate flank, led by Joe Biden, voiced disagreement and dismay … Read more

Deschutes Brewery withdraws from climate group

Deschutes Brewery announced its withdrawal from a business group that supported Oregon’s carbon trading bill. … Read more

Crippled Legislature faces looming deadline

Over 100 bills stalled in Senate GOP walkout, including Bend-area legislation

SALEM — The impasse in the Oregon Legislature hit the one-week mark, with little progress … Read more

Bill allowing rolling ‘stops’ for bicycles goes to governor

A bill that allows bicycle riders to roll through stop signs in some intersections if … Read more

Stalemate in Legislature endangers dozens of bills

Walkout by GOP senators stalls Legislature facing Sunday deadline to adjourn

SALEM — Who will blink? What if no one blinks? Those were the questions of … Read more

Possible militia threat shuts down state Capitol

State senator from Bend travels to avoid trouble with troopers

SALEM — At 5 p.m. on Friday, Senate President Peter Courtney stepped up to the … Read more

Rep. Helt hosts town hall on Saturday

Rep. Cheri Helt, R-Bend, will host a public town hall at noon on Saturday at … Read more

Bend housing bill gets quick OK from House

Redevelopment of commercial strips could include housing above shops

SALEM — A bill to allow Bend to build housing in some areas zoned for … Read more

Governor and GOP play hardball over carbon cap

Brown invokes special session — and using state police — as Republican senators weigh walk-out

SALEM — Gov. Kate Brown said she would call a special session of the Legislature … Read more

Legislature hurtles toward deadline

Major bills moved on Tuesday

SALEM — With as few as eight working days left before it is required to … Read more

Housing bill just for Bend could spur redevelopment on Third Street

Democrats back Republican’s bill as it races to beat end-of-session deadline

SALEM — A late-night meeting, a “gut-and-stuff,” bipartisan support and bureaucratic help have combined to … Read more

Capitol Round-up: Legislature wrestles with what to pass, what to fund

Campaign finance, rural housing, university construction and boating are on the agenda

SALEM — The Legislature’s main focus on Monday was the epic House floor debate over … Read more

Democrats pass cap-and-trade bill in Oregon House

Bill moves to Senate; governor says she will sign sweeping climate legislation

SALEM — Oregon is on the precipice of becoming the second state, after California, to … Read more

House proposes oil train fees to fund spill planning

SALEM — The Oregon House passed a bill Monday that would create new fees on … Read more

Electric-powered boats not coming to paddle-only lakes anytime soon

Law lifting ban will take time to implement on affected lakes, including nine in Deschutes County

SALEM — Electric-powered boats won’t start appearing soon on 21 state lakes, rivers and waterways … Read more

Bend legislation in limbo as session nears finish

Approaching end of 2019 session increases odds against some bills

SALEM — The Capitol acted like a giant lawmaking percolator on Tuesday, pouring out bills … Read more

Capitol roundup: Electric motors could be OK’d on Devils, Todd and other lakes

School restraints, a squabble over campaign reform and Bigfoot also items in Salem

SALEM — Gov. Kate Brown has been busily signing new laws, a clear sign that … Read more

Key bills on the move as deadline approaches

Bills on marijuana, outdoor recreation and OSU-Cascades among those pending

SALEM —The Legislature took a rare breather Friday, with neither the House nor Senate in … Read more

Governor signs bill killing county marijuana charge

Deschutes County alone in requiring cannabis growers pay for impact on roads

SALEM — Deschutes County’s one-of-a-kind charge on the marijuana industry was effectively killed under a … Read more

Trio of bills to curb campaign spending advance

Advocates say bills start reforms, while opponents see just more confusion

SALEM — A trio of bills advocates say were inspired, in part, by Nike founder … Read more

Scramble on for Central Oregon House seat

McLane’s surprise move to state bench sets off race to replace him

SALEM — Republicans are starting to jockey for the House seat soon to be vacated … Read more

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