Five mental tips for improving your physical well-being

As a physical therapist, kinesiology instructor and health coach, I’m often asked “What’s the best … Read more

Bend is a ‘perfect storm’ for melanoma

Wearing sunscreen today? If the answer is no, maybe you should be. Recent data show … Read more

How to make sustainable lifestyle changes

Just days into the new year, legs pumped furiously and arms swung back and forth … Read more

There are effective HIV treatments. Why are people still dying of AIDS?

More than two decades after an effective treatment for HIV emerged, most patients live more or less normal lives. Yet barriers to treatment remain for some populations, and many still die.

Seventeen years after being infected with HIV, Ronald Jesser was dying. His immune system ravaged … Read more

Paging Dr. Dog…

St. Charles uses therapy dogs to help staff get through stressful situations

When the St. Charles Health System went live with a stressful switch to a new … Read more

Have you heard the one about the dental assistant?

Jessica Taylor has two passions. Neither of them were planned. She’s a dental assistant, a … Read more

Taking the lead in Oregon to prevent inherited disease

To avoid backlash from irresponsible applications, gene therapies should be developed in the U.S.

Clinicians at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland see some of the toughest cases … Read more

Hope Theory can help break big problems into smaller, attainable ones

Ugh. I knew the minute I looked out the back door that I wasn’t doing … Read more

Making cancer a rare disease

The subclassification of cancer is challenging research and treatment efforts

Joy Bachman was running out of options. Ten years after a melanoma was removed from … Read more

How to make sustainable lifestyle changes

Editor’s note: This story was originally published March 8 in Pulse Magazine. Just days into … Read more

Health inspections offer snapshot of conditions in restaurants, food trucks and carts

Restaurants and mobile food units, such as food trucks and carts, are inspected at least … Read more

Find your h-app-y place with these mood apps

These apps offer pathways to bliss ­— if you can remember your password

Bliss be damned. Right off, the calmness app and I were embroiled in a digital … Read more

When it comes to exercise, less is more

Would you know the answer if you were asked, “How long do you need to … Read more

New pill bottle caps do more than keep kids out

High-tech caps will remind you to take your meds

For many patients, a cap on the pill bottle represents just another hurdle to taking … Read more

Heart-healthy diet plan: minimally processed plant foods, lean meat and seafood

I recently met with a patient, a middle-aged woman hoping to improve her heart health … Read more

Parents of children with developmental disabilities aim high

Kim Gunderson-Moore stood outside the nursery window watching the two doctors examining her newborn … Read more

OHSU is home to one of the most advanced microscopes on the planet

Portland has long been a draw for hipsters, foodies and craft beer enthusiasts. Now it … Read more

Lab scientists are often the unsung heroes of patient diagnoses

Deep in the bowels of St. Charles Bend a group of health care providers toils … Read more

Music can help long-distance runners find the zone

Runners, like other athletes, often listen to music to get into the zone. Feel a … Read more

Avoiding the No. 1 mistake in helping grieving children

The classroom was escalating quickly. With one, swift kick, the desk that perfectly fit a … Read more

Medication lockboxes can save a loved one

The call came from a harried resident physician rotating in the pediatric intensive care unit … Read more

Let these apps count your steps

Taking steps is easy. Counting them, well, it depends on which app you decide to … Read more

An urban-rural divide over gun suicide

When it comes to suicide, the most significant difference between urban and rural counties may … Read more

Stats: Early deliveries up in 2017

Giving birth a week or two early can lead to complications

Doctors once thought there was little difference if babies were delivered at 37 or 38 … Read more

A new app-roach to tennis

Players, coaches and spectators can all benefit from these apps

As all tennis players know — there’s always some aspect of the game you’re trying … Read more

Food synergy: Pairing foods for the most healthful benefit


Avocados + Tomatoes The fats in avocados bring out the lycopene in tomatoes. Lycopene is … Read more

A classic childhood fantasy for all ages

Diane Schmidt says most kids seem drawn to the idea of riding horses — and … Read more

EcoWellness: Time outdoors is good for mental health and wellness

Nature abounds in Central Oregon. Mountains to the west, desert to the east, there’s no … Read more

Childhood trauma can lead to long-lasting health problems

Resilience may be the answer to recovering from youth stresses

Elizabeth Fitzgerald still refers to the area where she grew up in the early … Read more

Downhill mountain bike trails increasing in Central Oregon

Downhill freestyle trails are flourishing to accommodate a growing desire to live on the edge

Mountain biking in Central Oregon and across the nation has progressed over the last several … Read more

Urinary tract infections often misdiagnosed

Sexually transmitted diseases routinely missed

Every day in the emergency room at St. Charles Bend, someone is diagnosed with a … Read more

All runners can benefit from an app

Four running apps reviewed

Runners aren’t demanding creatures, though a few things are important, arch support and dry socks … Read more

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