Old Bend neighborhood — ‘rough and tumble’ to desirable

Junker cars and weeds have given way to funky art, prayer flags

Back when Mark Weers first came to Bend in the early 1980s, the timber industry … Read more

River West may be Bend’s most visible neighborhood

It’s popularity has brought noise and parking woes to the area

Those who only know Bend from glossy magazine spreads and tourism promotions probably know the … Read more

Bend’s Orchard District not afraid to get its hands dirty

Pedestrian and bike access top list of desires

The Orchard District Neighborhood Association held its annual membership meeting in January, packing an overflow … Read more

Boyd Acres: A place with a bit of everything

It could be the kind of neighborhood the city is encouraging

About 15 years ago, or maybe a little less, the Boyd Acres neighborhood on Bend’s … Read more

Southern Crossing: Bend neighborhood in transition

Higher density growth coming to this area marked by non-residential development

Last summer, Jake Slodki received a piece of mail about a proposed zoning change that … Read more

Old Farm District: Southeast is Bend’s emptiest quarter

Development likely to transform neighborhood in coming years

An active member of the Old Farm District Neighborhood Association, Nan Loveland likes to go … Read more

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