Erik Lukens column: Behind the dogfight over wilderness access and a local footbridge

A prominent bridge opponent has another, and related, passion: off-leash dog recreation

Where you stand, according to a famous political maxim, depends on where you sit. This … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Limiting access to Central Oregon wilderness should be a last resort

Forest Service should focus first on enforcement, education and promotion of alternatives

When it approved the Wilderness Act in 1964, a high-minded Congress compelled federal land managers … Read more

Erik Lukens column: The Legislature’s low-key push to hike property taxes

New assessment authority could exacerbate affordability problems

In light of the Legislature’s struggles this year with business and transportation taxes, you might … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Spotted owls ruffle feathers at Cultus Lake

Forest Service seeks alternative to absurd summer-long shutdown

The spotted owl, a threatened species, isn’t the most commonly found critter in Oregon’s forests. … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Buehler says ‘no’ to footbridge compromise

Cites environmental concerns with Democrat-backed proposal

On Thursday, the three Democrats on the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee did something … Read more

Bulletin launches redesigned website

On Monday afternoon, The Bulletin will unveil a redesigned website. The new look will be … Read more

Erik Lukens column: To sell Bend voters on transit district, try simplicity, modesty

Officials should avoid complex tax policy and big-dollar equipment

Bend voters are likely to be asked to create a permanent taxing district for public … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Oregon’s endless money squabble

State needs a governor committed to finding an ‘operational center’

Revenue is piling up at such a steady clip, Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis reported … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Why a pedestrian bridge over the Deschutes matters

Whether they’re supporters or opponents, people with an interest in House Bill 2027 were focused … Read more

Erik Lukens column: A bridge, a bill and an influential Buehler backer

On April 11, Rep. Gene Whisnant, R-Sunriver, asked a House committee to conduct a legislative … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Gene Whisnant’s give-away to riverfront property owners harms Bend trail users

The people who seek to prevent the construction of a footbridge over the Deschutes River … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Buehler made himself an easy ethics target

Democrats’ complaint may be baseless, but it was well-aimed

The Oregon Democratic Party this month tossed a hand grenade at Rep. Knute Buehler, alleging … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Bend transit doesn’t need another bus-buying blunder

Spending flexible dollars on expensive buses while streets decay would be a mistake

Back in 2006, in a rush to grow its public transit system, the city of … Read more

Lukens column: Lawmakers cling to anonymous bills for interest groups

As strange as it may seem, advocates for government transparency owe a debt of gratitude … Read more

Erik Lukens column: New, revamped features sections debut Tuesday

Changes will include the addition of a Science & Technology section

The Bulletin’s editors and designers have been working for several months on a plan to … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Legislature loses credibility on property taxes

Reform effort would require exercise in good faith

The Oregon Legislature is making one of its periodic runs at the state’s property tax … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Despite PERS crisis, employees demand more

Oregon State Hospital employees seek police-level pension status

Like Gov. Kate Brown, many state lawmakers would rather do almost anything than talk about … Read more

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