Erik Lukens column: Oregon needs more leadership, less grandstanding from governor

Kate Brown’s constituents get a timely reminder of the state’s crisis of competence

November 2017 has turned out to be a difficult month for Gov. Kate Brown. The … Read more

Lukens column: Texting while driving? Meet Senior Trooper William Duran

Bend-based officer with Oregon State Police is determined to make a difference

If you’ve been cited in Deschutes County recently for driving while fiddling with your phone, … Read more

Lukens column: In Crook County land case, BLM clings foolishly to secrecy

Public comments demonstrate the value of openness

If the Bureau of Land Management ran an aquarium, it would screen the fish from … Read more

Lukens column: In new park, Bend’s dog owners get the smoker treatment

District bans a potentially unpopular park use on a flimsy pretext. Sound familiar?

If you live in or near Bend, and if you own a dog with which … Read more

Lukens column: Is religious intolerance the Oregon Democratic Party brand?

Party chair all but calls official’s support for ‘traditional marriage’ hate speech

Like plenty of people, I don’t share Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s views on the … Read more

Lukens column: Does a murder conviction require a unanimous jury in Oregon?

Contradiction between state law, Constitution creates confusion, disagreement

On Sept. 17, a front-page story about jury verdicts elicited critical emails from a handful … Read more

Lukens column: Bend won’t win over voters by waging war on cars

The city can expand transportation options without squeezing out the one most people use

When it comes to transportation, the city of Bend is capable of impressive tone-deafness. A … Read more

Lukens column: Jehovah’s Witnesses, public property and the First Amendment

Is a complaint about proselytizing in Redmond’s Dry Canyon valid?

Yell “free speech” and “controversy” in a crowded room, and odds are those around you … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Brad Avakian-style campaign a risky choice for Team Kate

Partisan attacks on a moderate like Knute Buehler likely to backfire

Hot on the heels of Bend Republican Knute Buehler’s announcement this month that he’ll run … Read more

Lukens column: Housing advocates would transform impact fees into luxury taxes

Proposed changes would use system development charges to encourage ‘good’ development

If they know what system development charges are at all, most Bend residents probably believe … Read more

Erik Lukens column: The barriers to improving civility, order in downtown Bend

Fed-up business owners may need to get creative

A handful of people fed up with conditions in downtown Bend took their frustration to … Read more

Erik Lukens column: In Bend, tourism (blaming) season is here

Yes, tourists create headaches. But so do the rest of us

Bend is awfully nice in the summer, but it isn’t perfect. The wait for a … Read more

Lukens column: Was the Cascade Cycling Classic’s prize disparity ‘blatant sexism’?

Something else entirely may be behind the UCI’s mandatory minimum purses

This year’s Cascade Cycling Classic, which concluded a week ago, is likely to be remembered … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Behind the dogfight over wilderness access and a local footbridge

A prominent bridge opponent has another, and related, passion: off-leash dog recreation

Where you stand, according to a famous political maxim, depends on where you sit. This … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Limiting access to Central Oregon wilderness should be a last resort

Forest Service should focus first on enforcement, education and promotion of alternatives

When it approved the Wilderness Act in 1964, a high-minded Congress compelled federal land managers … Read more

Erik Lukens column: The Legislature’s low-key push to hike property taxes

New assessment authority could exacerbate affordability problems

In light of the Legislature’s struggles this year with business and transportation taxes, you might … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Spotted owls ruffle feathers at Cultus Lake

Forest Service seeks alternative to absurd summer-long shutdown

The spotted owl, a threatened species, isn’t the most commonly found critter in Oregon’s forests. … Read more

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