Fighting heroin with heroin

Doctors use prescription heroin to treat those with severe opioid addictions

With no signs of the opioid overdose epidemic abating, public health officials may need to … Read more

Cities consider safe injection sites to battle overdose deaths

Opioid epidemic leads some to look at providing a safe space for drug use

Public health interventions aimed at injection drug users since the 1980s have had two primary … Read more

Overdose epidemic builds new empathy for people with addiction

Reducing the harms of drug use

America’s approach to battling illegal drug use has focused for decades on making the consequences … Read more

Opioid crisis: Pain patients pushed to the brink

Overdose prevention efforts have had unintended — and dire — consequences

The nation’s struggle to corral the runaway opioid overdose epidemic with new restrictions on pain … Read more

Is pain all in your head?

What you feel is real — and your brain may be to blame when a disease isn’t.

It’s why a firm diagnosis is often out of reach for those who suffer from … Read more

Help us report on the opioid overdose epidemic

Fill out our opioid survey

We’re interested in hearing about how the opioid epidemic and the public health response to … Read more

State of addiction: A project about opioids

Reporting project will examine response to opioid epidemic

At the height of the HIV epidemic in 1995, the number of AIDS deaths per … Read more

Pain pill scripts could be limited to just a week

Oregon bill would penalize doctor for overprescribing opioids

Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill that would limit initial prescriptions of opioid pain medications … Read more

Opioid epidemic outpacing treatment

A treatment gap emerges for medication assisted therapy

The abuse of prescription pain killers and illegal drugs has tripled the rate of opiate … Read more

Skyrocketing heroin use in Central Oregon

Painkillers can be the gateway

Ian Wilson liked the way heroin made him feel the first time he tried it. … Read more

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