Seeing hope: FDA panel considers a gene therapy to treat blindness

A girl saw her mother’s face for the first time. A boy tore through the … Read more

Praying mantises are preying on bird brains

Tom Vaughan, a photographer then living in Colorado’s Mancos Valley, kept a hummingbird feeder outside … Read more

Swimming faster than Phelps — with a jetpack

The goal was an ambitious one: Create an underwater, “Iron Man”-inspired jetpack capable of propelling … Read more

This ancient primate may have given us a dreaded STD

Our ancestors have been catching herpes since before we were human. The infection is quite … Read more

Capturing sports with tech, or it didn’t happen

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal … Read more

Corroded bronze arm points to more treasure below

A bronze statue’s orphaned arm. A corroded disc adorned with a bull. Preserved wooden planks. … Read more

Arming China’s terra-cotta warriors with your phone

PHILADELPHIA — Imagine pointing your phone at China’s ancient terra-cotta warriors to arm them with … Read more

Dogs are not wolves, so pet-food makers put veggies back in

Tell your dog to get ready for quinoa kibble. Pet food trends are following their … Read more

How the invention of a ‘urinal fly’ helped lead to a Nobel Prize

If you want to understand why the University of Chicago’s Richard Thaler won the Nobel … Read more

Pressure mounts to lift FDA’s off-label drug limits

When the Food and Drug Administration gives its OK for a new drug to be … Read more

Not so sweet: 75 percent of global honey samples had a key pesticide

WASHINGTON — When researchers collected honey samples from around the world, they found that three-quarters … Read more

Indigenous Peoples Day? Italian-Americans resist

Is it time to say arrivederci to Christopher Columbus? A movement to abolish Columbus Day … Read more

BendBroadband’s network upgrade reaches halfway point

Subscribers doubt performance will last

BendBroadband installed the second of four new routers overnight Wednesday, marking the halfway point of … Read more

OSU-Cascades to demo robot butler

Relay’s local debut coincides with hospitality meeting

If hospitality managers aren’t sold on the idea of automation, Todd Montgomery hopes that will … Read more

Bend Airport added to drone test range

R&D in unmanned systems may lure long-term projects

Bend Airport has joined the Warm Springs Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Range, which gives drone … Read more

Cascade Angels invests in call-center software

Cascade Angels announced Thursday an investment in call-center analytics software Topbox. The sum of the … Read more

Who betrayed Anne Frank? A former FBI agent is on the case

For nearly 75 years, some of the greatest investigative minds have tried to figure out … Read more

Nearly everyone has some nervous habit, or tic

The extent of the hair twirling or toe tapping reflects peace of mind

Are you a toe-tapper, hair-twirler, eye-blinker, head-nodder, nail-biter, knuckle-cracker, skin-picker, lip-licker, shoulder-shrugger or a chin-stroker? … Read more

Social Impact finalists named for BVC

Four Oregon companies were named finalists for the Social Impact competition of the Bend Venture … Read more

BendBroadband warns of email scam

BendBroadband alerted its account holders Wednesday of an email scam seeking customer account and credit … Read more

Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Edition is nostalgia, revisited

Nintendo tapped into the retro gaming trend last year with the release of the NES … Read more

The battle to save chocolate

Cacao is susceptible to many types of disease

TURRIALBA, Costa Rica — The trees of the International Cacao Collection grow here in an … Read more

The origin of pumpkins, bumblebees that seem to get addicted, and more

The evolutionary event that gave you pumpkins and squash Dear Watermelon, It’s been nice hanging … Read more

Styling emails and deleting tweets

Q: Is possible to bold or italicize text in Outlook for Android? A: Microsoft released … Read more

App reviews

Calculator: The Game The humble calculator has never been so fun. Players in this game … Read more

What all people should do to protect their identities

DAYTON, Ohio — I’m sure the recent massive Equifax data breach of 143 million Americans’ … Read more

Try these tips to fix your marriage

After studying thousands of couples, psychologist Eli Finkel has an explanation for the decline in … Read more

Storm-ravaged Caribbean eyes solar, but it’s going to cost

For Caribbean islands plunged into darkness after hurricanes Irma and Maria, more resilient, small-scale electric … Read more

Daimler pairing big rigs for trials on Oregon highways

Driver assist is not quite an autonomous vehicle

Daimler Trucks North America is performing trials on Oregon highways of tractor-trailers with driver-assist technology, … Read more

Early Stage finalists for BVC identified

Five Central Oregon start-ups made the cut to become Early Stage finalists to make funding … Read more

Legendary, coconut-eating giant rat ‘Vika’ found to be real

In the isolated Solomon Islands, mothers and fathers have been known to sing to their … Read more

VIVID COLORS … the natural way

Mexican weavers move away from using toxic dyes in their fabrics

TEOTITLÁN DEL VALLE, Mexico — As a child, Porfirio Gutiérrez hiked into the mountains above … Read more

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