Should reptiles and amphibians be house pets?

Exotic animals can be ordered online with a few mouse clicks

Reclining with a laptop on my couch in Brooklyn, I searched “buy lizard online” and … Read more

App reviews

Loner Need a moment to yourself? Loner aims to give you solitary moments in flight, … Read more

Genes that target invasive species may not be a good idea

In 2013, scientists discovered a new way to precisely edit genes — technology called CRISPR … Read more

News about why bridges wobble, supervolcanoes and more

Plus new research on dinosaurs and why our sense of smell changes during the day

A bridge should have bounce, but not too much A bouncy foot bridge is charming … Read more

The ultimate guide to tech gifts, from smartphones to speakers

Technology gifts for every budget and interest — check out these smart stocking stuffers, new … Read more

Google’s key to password protection runs into limits

Why won’t the password just go away? The silly pet names, movie titles or sports … Read more

Could ultraviolet light save bats from a deadly fungus?

MILWAUKEE — Could ultraviolet light be the magic bullet that saves bats from a deadly … Read more

NASA photographs one of the largest icebergs to ever split off from Antarctica

NASA scientists have captured close-up images of a behemoth iceberg that in July detached from … Read more

What music do psychopaths like?

Songs by Eminem, Bieber score high; “My Sharona” by The Knack, not so much

Despite the film industry’s depiction of psychopaths, classical music is not their go-to soundtrack in … Read more

G5 spends more on brand marketing

Bend firm makes inroads with apartment owners

Bend-based G5 knows a lot about digital marketing for real estate-driven businesses, and Chief Marketing … Read more

Alcohol may prime brain for addiction

Rats’ brains were reshaped in ways that made them likely to become cocaine addicts in study

The idea of a “gateway drug” may sound like a throwback to the “Just say … Read more

Tech apprenticeship program launches in Bend

Apprenti encourages women, minorities, veterans

A one-year apprenticeship program that encourages women, minorities and veterans to work in technology is … Read more

Politics really did ruin Thanksgiving in 2016

In the wake of last year’s bitterly contested presidential election, “politically divided” families cut their … Read more

From the lab to the sanctuary

Former research chimpanzees are making their way to retirement havens — slowly

BLUE RIDGE, Ga. — On the 16-hour ride from Louisiana, Bo looked out the window, … Read more

Add this to your list of job demands: paid time off for extreme weather

Even the workplace has to adapt to the warming world. As climate change creates more … Read more

Science notes: predators who’ll steal your lunch and eat you, too

This sea slug prefers turducken of the sea You’re camping in the woods, about to … Read more

Two things to ask yourself before buying the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X began shipping Nov. 7, promising power for 4K gaming and video … Read more

Yellowstone grizzlies may soon commingle with northern cousins

HELENA, Mont. — To make the plains and mountains safe for the great herds of … Read more

Grecian artifact evokes tales from the ‘Iliad’ and ‘Odyssey’

Two years ago, archaeologists excavating an ancient grave at Pylos in southwestern Greece pulled out … Read more

Talk about vintage: 8,000-year-old wine jars found

Pieces of broken pottery found in the nation of Georgia provide the earliest known evidence … Read more

Half of us now have high blood pressure

ANAHEIM, Calif. — New guidelines lower the threshold for high blood pressure, adding 30 million … Read more

Women in STEAM launches mentor program

Women in STEAM: Central Oregon has launched a mentoring program and is accepting applications for … Read more

Facebook wants your nude photos — for your protection

Would you voluntarily send Facebook nude photos of yourself? The company is insisting it needs … Read more

This dinosaur’s feathers made it look a lot like a raccoon

A new method shows what dinosaurs looked like on the outside

Scientists studying ancient fossils of a small feathered dinosaur have discovered that it had a … Read more

Americans are a lot less neighborly than they used to be

Sen. Rand Paul sustained five broken ribs after an assault by a neighbor last weekend. … Read more

Concrete: a hard material engineers hope to make harder

PITTSBURGH — For thousands of years, people have built civilizations with concrete made from readily … Read more

Trying to get inside the minds of men who rape

In 1976, a Ph.D. candidate at Claremont Graduate University placed a rather unusual personal ad … Read more

Voice actors struggle in $24B video game industry

LOS ANGELES — She woke up with a tickle in her throat. This was worrying … Read more

From Alexander Graham Bell’s talking dog to the iPhoneX

The inventor of the telephone became interested in sound by teaching his dog to speak

The story of the telephone begins with Alexander Graham Bell’s terrier. In 1863, Bell was … Read more

Science notes: Why beets are beet-red

Also: Chimpanzees are a lot like us; oysters probably wish we would clam up

Beet breakthrough could apply off the dinner table As the seasons change, a riot of … Read more

Genetically modified apples will be in some stores this month

Genetically modified fruit salad just got real. Along with virus-resistant papayas, apples are joining the … Read more

Cybersecurity experts say human error poses greatest threat

IT professionals balance security and accessibility

Information-technology security professionals gathered Friday at Oregon State University-Cascades to learn new ways to protect … Read more

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