Study: calories aren’t key to weight loss

Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that the standard prescription for weight … Read more

Science notes: Cuttlefish are the chameleons of the sea

Plus, birds that pass down their songs and orangutans on Borneo are vanishing

The cuttlefish shows off its newest trick Consider the cocktail umbrella. Like their larger counterparts, … Read more

The life and death of Nigel, the world’s loneliest seabird

LONDON — The story of a lonely seabird named Nigel who tried to woo a … Read more

Study: Smog from consumer products as bad as car exhaust

Many chemicals in LA smog aren’t from cars

LOS ANGELES — When it comes to air quality, the products you use to smell … Read more

Some free apps will help you pay for that latte

The trade-off: You have to give up some personal information

Let’s say you want to earn some extra pocket cash, but you’re short on free … Read more

Traffic death toll remains high, despite safety equipment

‘No safe way’ to multitask behind the wheel

The traffic death toll remains at historic highs nationally, despite new car safety technology. That … Read more

Study: Pot won’t cause brain damage the way alcohol will

It’s a common stereotype that people who smoke weed are a bit foggy-headed and missing … Read more

Effort is underway to use hemp in construction

Builders mix it with lime to make a natural, light concrete

The Romans have been using it since the days of Julius Caesar, but not to … Read more

Gag order: For some toads, beetles are hard to swallow

Bombardier beetles are known for their feisty response to predators. When confronted, the insects blast … Read more

Octopus brain: It’s complicated

Q: Does an octopus have a brain? Where is it? And just how smart is … Read more

Gadgets geared for seniors are in testing

Businesses want to tap the booming population of older adults

For older adults who grew up before the personal computer, iPhones and Amazon Echo became … Read more

Did you know some starfish have eyes?

Plus other short science stories about a volcanic supereruption and more

Starfish see pretty well in the deep ocean Look at a starfish in a tidal … Read more

Even if the news is depressing, your brain protects you from it

For some people, the 2016 presidential election was a glorious moment of triumph. For others, … Read more

Facial recognition technology is accurate — if you’re a white man

Facial recognition technology is improving by leaps and bounds. Some commercial software can now tell … Read more

Scientists put 3-D glasses on praying mantises

The research gave them insight into 3-D vision for robots

If you thought praying mantises already look pretty cool, wait till you see them in … Read more

Stepped in dog poop? DNA knows whodunit

Nothing ruins a fine day like an unwelcome encounter with dog excrement. That unmistakable squishing … Read more

These record-breaking photos are literally out of this world

They may not look like much more than blue-green smudges, but the images are record-breakers. … Read more

2 drugs halt disease for most challenging prostate cases

They are among the most challenging prostate cancer patients to treat: about 150,000 men worldwide … Read more

Dinosaur-killing rock may have triggered undersea volcanoes

WASHINGTON — The giant space rock that wiped out the dinosaurs may have set off … Read more

Scientists smash proteins to find four ‘Legos of life’

Researchers hope the findings can shed light on the origins of life and help develop new biomolecules

By “smashing” proteins and looking at the broken bits, scientists at Rutgers University say they’ve … Read more

Climate change will likely release toxic mercury trapped in Arctic ice

We already knew that thawing Arctic permafrost would release powerful greenhouse gases. On Monday, scientists … Read more

Galaxies that move together have cosmologists stumped about dark matter

Astronomers have discovered that the smaller satellite galaxies around Centaurus A are engaged in a … Read more

This tiny robot is small enough to swim around inside you

Researchers in Germany have developed a robot that is about a seventh of an inch … Read more

An ancient creepy-crawly and sour-flavor secrets

Ancient spiderlike creature found in amber It’s the stuff of prehistoric nightmares. Eight legs. Fangs. … Read more

A graphics tablet can take doodles to a new level

When I was gainfully employed and swamped with meetings that seemingly had neither beginnings nor … Read more

More teens identify as trans

CHICAGO — Far more U.S. teens than previously thought are transgender or identify themselves using … Read more

You might have gut bacteria that help colon cancer grow

Two types of bacteria commonly found in the gut work together to fuel the growth … Read more

Redmond firm makes oxygen systems for pioneering aviators

“Nova” feature on Solar Impulse II aired Wednesday, Friday

A Redmond company’s oxygen delivery system helped two Swiss pilots make it around the world … Read more

Facebook in Prineville announces annual grants

Twenty schools, nonprofits receive $204,870

Facebook awarded a total $204,870 to 20 nonprofits and schools in Crook County, the social … Read more

Livable planets in another star system

These are the planets you would want to live on in the star system most like ours

If you were going to design a laboratory for answering questions about solar systems, you … Read more

Scientists discover ‘the Holy Grail of dinosaurs’ in Africa

Paleontologist Matthew Lamanna can still remember the day in 2014 when a colleague, Hesham Sallam, … Read more

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