The Xbox One X is not the console for everyone

Xbox One X — the ‘most powerful’ system of all — has potential, but is that enough?

Microsoft’s Xbox One X delivers on its promises to bring gorgeous gaming into the living … Read more

Astronomers achieved a feat Einstein said was impossible

Albert Einstein himself believed it couldn’t be done. A few decades after he published his … Read more

Finland works, quietly, to bury its nuclear reactor waste

OLKILUOTO ISLAND, Finland — Beneath a forested patch of land on the Gulf of Bothnia, … Read more

Why does hair turn gray at a young age?

Q: Why do some people go gray at such a young age? A: Hair goes … Read more

Fossil reveals prehistoric baby bird caught in amber

Amber hunters in Myanmar dug up a remarkably complete bird hatchling that dates to the … Read more

NASA looks to future when snowpack can be measured without a pole

LOS ANGELES — Every year for almost half a century, California snow surveyor Pat Armstrong … Read more

NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life

WASHINGTON — NASA’s planet-hunting telescope has found 10 new planets outside our solar system that … Read more

BendBroadband upgrades left some disconnected

Subscribers to BendBroadband internet service with accessibility problems following a system upgrade should contact customer … Read more

Can animals predict quakes? Italian farm is the lab to test it

PIEVE TORINA, Italy — After a series of powerful earthquakes struck Italy last year, Martin … Read more

Bend Studio hypes “Days Gone” but offers no release date

Video game’s evolution includes zombie-like bear

The lead developers at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Bend Studio wrapped up a premier video game … Read more

Wildfires’ destruction spreads from the woods to the plains

The grasslands of U.S. Great Plains have seen one of the sharpest increases in large … Read more

Chocolate milk does not come from brown cows?

Millions of Americans believe it does; food groups fight misconceptions

Seven percent of all American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, according … Read more

Vintage typewriters gaining fans

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Typewriter enthusiasts gather at an Albuquerque restaurant to experiment with vintage Smith … Read more

The mummies’ medical secrets? They’re perfectly preserved

Hundreds of skeletons have lain scattered around a crypt beneath a church in Vilnius, Lithuania, … Read more

Bend tech firm fined for missing permit

Qorvo Oregon, a Bend firm formerly known as Triquint Semiconductor, has paid a $4,276 fine … Read more

Bitcoin perplexes currency analysts as valuation debate grows

Bitcoin’s gold for millennials. Or maybe it’s that generation’s fine wine and collectible art. Or … Read more

Ideas sparked by the ebbs and flows of Twitter conversations

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal … Read more

How to make a mummy (accidentally)

Ancient Egyptians practiced perhaps the most well-known method of mummifying: extracting organs, embalming the body … Read more

How a Galápagos bird lost the ability to fly

The birds of the Galápagos Islands are playing a role in understanding evolution. When Charles … Read more

Southeast Asia animal farms fuel illegal trade in rare wildlife

In Southeast Asia, restaurants serve tiger wine and bear paw, and shops sell tiger teeth, claws

BOKEO PROVINCE, Laos — The tiger paced back and forth in its cage, groaning mournfully. … Read more

Almost as old as the solar system, Jupiter stole a ton of resources

Jupiter may have been a very early bloomer, gaining significant mass within the first million … Read more

Gale Crater could have hosted life on Mars

Scientists with NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover mission have found that Gale Crater had the right … Read more

Decoding octopus species, one wart at a time

A decade ago, a group of scientists stumbled upon an octopus tending her eggs on … Read more

A baby girl with a baffling disease

The only way to help her seems like torture

Every morning, Kevin Federici pulls on a head lamp, sterilizes a sewing needle and prepares … Read more

Earliest fossils of us are unearthed in Morocco — rewriting prehistory

Fossils discovered in Morocco are the oldest known remains of Homo sapiens, scientists reported Wednesday. … Read more

What foxes tell us about how animals become tame

We humans have been domesticating animals for at least 10,000 years, and we’ve done so … Read more

Don’t use a pet’s name as a password

Exception: Your dog or cat has an unusual name

Internet security and homeless animals might seem to have little in common. But they come … Read more

Pick the best phone charger

How can we best keep our phones charged? Nick Guy, senior staff writer for The … Read more

How Twitter spreads misinformation

After last year’s election, Facebook came in for a drubbing for its role in propagating … Read more

Space garbage makes leaving Earth more dangerous

Danger lurks in Earth’s orbit as thousands of rogue objects speed around the planet — … Read more

The evolution of birds helps us understand beauty

Not long ago, a physicist at Stanford posed a rhetorical question that took me by … Read more

Consumer Cellular close to $1 billion in revenue

Growth puts a premium on hiring, execs say

SUNRIVER — The co-founders of Consumer Cellular, the Portland-based telecommunications company that markets cellphone service … Read more

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