Innovation Day draws 170 attendees

Sponsors hope to grow event

Organizers of Bend’s first Innovation Day hoped to inspire attendees to be innovative in their … Read more

Where her shoes are going, they don’t need roads

BEAVERTON — The only things missing were a white lab coat and an electrified hairdo … Read more

Massive atmospheric experiment planned for solar eclipse

Citizen scientists will collect data on the ionosphere

On Aug. 21, as the moon passes in front of the sun and casts a … Read more

Weighing benefits of bicycle riding against pollution dangers

NEW YORK — On weekdays, Darby Jack bicycles the 15 miles from his home in … Read more

Sleep gadgets adjust if you’re restless — or snoring

Companies add technology hoping to lure the sleep deprived

NEW YORK — Pillows that track your snoozing patterns? A bed that adjusts based on … Read more

Prineville airport added to drone program

Warm Springs range needs runways for some UAS tests

The Warm Springs test range for unmanned aircraft systems, or drone technology, expanded in June … Read more

Wi-Fi gear tips for the best internet at home

Is there any device in your home more confounding, ever-changing and indecipherable than the modems … Read more

App reviews: Vandido, Tape It Up

Vanido Summer is the perfect time to try something new, and Vanido is an app … Read more

Used properly, location tracking is powerful tool

SAN FRANCISCO — Last week after my motorcycle malfunctioned and crashed on the freeway, I … Read more

Tips for unplugging while on vacation

With summer travel kicking off, we’re offering tips on how to disconnect from work electronically. … Read more

Coincidentally, tropical storm is named Don

WASHINGTON — It’s not a tweet storm but a real storm. The newest potentially dangerous … Read more

America has an infrastructure problem way down south, too ... in Antarctica

McMURDO STATION, Antarctica — The American research station on the edge of this frozen continent … Read more

New early clues pointing to onset of Alzheimer’s

Researchers have identified hearing loss, verbal fluency, and hospitalization as new factors that can provide … Read more

Sureline Broadband acquires Jefferson Broadband

Fixed wireless broadband provider Sureline Broadband, based in Madras, acquired Jefferson Broadband for an undisclosed … Read more

What ‘Game of Thrones’ fans already know: Ravens can envision the future

NEW YORK — More than 170 years after Edgar Allan Poe’s fictional raven croaked, “Nevermore,” … Read more

Winter is always coming for the economy on ‘Game of Thrones’

WASHINGTON — From the North comes an army of ice zombies. From the East, an … Read more

Exercise helps when you need it most

Twenty months ago, Tamara Grand experienced every mother’s greatest fear: the loss of a child. … Read more

These animals can survive until the end of the Earth

Tardigrades have a reputation as the toughest animals on the planet. Some of these microscopic … Read more

Wild lioness photographed nursing a baby leopard for the first time

Luke Hunter, president and chief conservation officer of the global wild cat organization Panthera, received … Read more

Innovation Day aims to spur creative juices

Tech exec organized event at OSU-Cascades

Bend tech CEO Preston Callicott has been thinking a lot lately about innovation, and not … Read more

One of the largest icebergs ever just broke loose

Nearly the size of Delaware, ice chunk adrift near Antarctica

Scientists announced Wednesday that a much anticipated break at the Larsen C ice shelf in … Read more

The mammal that mystified even Darwin

It finally has a home on the taxonomic tree

Its nose, unlike that of most mammals, was right between the eyes, like an elephant’s … Read more

Patheon’s promised expansion gets under way

Pharmaceutical services company employs 79

A $5.5 million upgrade at Patheon in Bend is expected to be completed by September, … Read more

‘A true living drug’: first gene therapy, to treat leukemia, nears FDA approval

PHILADELPHIA — When doctors saw the report on Bill Ludwig’s bone-marrow biopsy, they thought it … Read more

As U.S. high tech surges, Silicon Valley becomes a diplomatic outpost

WASHINGTON — In August, Denmark’s newly appointed ambassador to high tech will settle into Silicon … Read more

For coal industry jobs, PlayStation may help

Technology has changed mining as it has other industries

While on the campaign trail in West Virginia last year, Donald Trump donned a hardhat … Read more

Tech review: Apple’s new MacBook Pro

In the flurry of announcements at Apple’s recent Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook … Read more

Ancient Romans created concrete strong enough to stop rising seas

Two thousand years ago, Roman builders constructed vast sea walls and harbor piers. The concrete … Read more

Scientists synthesize smallpox cousin in ominous breakthrough

Scientists in Canada have used commercially available genetic material to piece together the extinct horsepox … Read more

Vaccine may help prairie dogs survive the plague

Prairie dogs with a taste for peanut butter, scientists reported recently, can be vaccinated against … Read more

Photo suggests she lived — but where did Earhart die?

Despite recent claims to the contrary, there’s no doubt in Ric Gillespie’s mind that Amelia … Read more

A chemical could delay ozone healing

Industrial chemical has doubled in the atmosphere in the past decade

While the famous Antarctic “ozone hole” is finally beginning to heal, 30 years after it … Read more

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