Facebook adding to Prineville data centers

Two buildings to add 900,000 square feet

Facebook is adding two buildings to its Prineville data center, a project that will bring … Read more

Bend company making medevac flights safer

CiES makes an improved aviation fuel probe

A Bend company is contributing to a solution for a deadly problem that plagues helicopters … Read more

Cassini is dead, but a new era of Saturn science has begun

NASA’s Cassini mission to Saturn may have came to a fiery end in September, but … Read more

Science news and notes

How sausage gets made, tracking dolphins with algorithms, what happens to microwaved boiled eggs

When more endangered tigers isn’t good news A new study containing good news about the … Read more

The immigration policies of dwarf mongooses

Dwarf mongooses, the African social mammals that are cousins to the ever popular meerkats, are … Read more

Elephants as trophies?

Federal government to allow hunters to bring home trophies from hunts

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last month moved to allow hunters to bring home … Read more

Weird dinosaur had claws like a velociraptor and a neck like a goose

If it walks like a duck and swims like a duck, it might be a … Read more

Sony’s Bend Studio moves into new digs

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Bend Studio has moved into its newly built office space at Crane … Read more

For a computer that’s 4,000 times faster, Microsoft is going quantum

In the race to commercialize a new type of powerful computer, Microsoft has just pulled … Read more

Citizen scientists watch for ’king tides’

WASHINGTON — The tide watchers start patrolling whenever the celestial forces align. From coast to … Read more

Central Oregon bitcoin believer talks up digital currency

Investing experts point to signs of mania

David Keyston of Crooked River Ranch discovered digital currency investing just nine months ago, and … Read more

Add at least 57 to the number of gun-related deaths tied to Sandy Hook

One little-known fact about mass shootings is they have been good for the gun business. … Read more

Skin cancers are rising, along with questionable treatments

Some question aggressive treatments for cancers that likely aren’t fatal

John Dalman had been in the waiting room at a Loxahatchee, Florida, dermatology clinic for … Read more

LeadMethod raises $1 million

Seattle’s Acequia Capital leads seed funding round

The Bend software company LeadMethod has raised $1 million in venture capital, which will help … Read more

Scientists found the oldest black hole — and it is a monster

Eduardo Bañados had three nights to spot something that might not even exist: a supermassive … Read more

Americans are less happy and experiencing more pain

Americans “are in greater pain than citizens of other countries” and have been growing steadily … Read more

Trillions of flies can’t all be bad

For each person on Earth, there are 17 million flies. They pollinate plants, consume decomposing … Read more

News and notes: A salt lake soon to be not-so-great; birds’ bigger beaks

What’s to blame for the vanishing Great Salt Lake? The Great Salt Lake in Utah … Read more

Live-streaming smartphone trivia app blows up

Some wonder if HQ Trivia is the answer to live streaming

These are heady times for the creators of HQ Trivia. The app, which broadcasts live … Read more

Powerful microscope helps unravel mummy mysteries

CHICAGO — Inside a sprawling research building at Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago, a collection … Read more

Hair samples said to be mysterious ‘Yeti’ actually from bears

The origins of the Himalayan Yeti myth have been revealed at last — thanks to … Read more

New study says a neighborhood’s cars reveal how it votes

When it comes to a neighborhood’s political leanings, look no further than the cars or … Read more

Stress levels soar in whales trapped by fishing line

In one more sign that North Atlantic right whales are struggling, a new study finds … Read more

Tech notes: Research cameras before you buy

Also, how to use multiple Twitter accounts

Q: My phone camera has gotten me interested in photography, but I’m afraid of the … Read more

Tricks for sharing all those holiday smartphone pics

With the holiday season upon us, families will soon gather for the big annual exchange … Read more

Why a lot of important research is not being done: intimidation

We have a dispiriting shortage of high-quality health research for many reasons, including the fact … Read more

‘The Woebot will see you now’: the rise of chatbot therapy

My therapist wanted to explain a few things during our first online session: “I’m going … Read more

FDA approves breakthrough test for cancer gene profiling

American regulators have approved a first-of-a-kind test that looks for mutations in hundreds of cancer … Read more

Academy urges U.S. intervention in drug pricing

WASHINGTON — The National Academy of Sciences called Thursday for sweeping changes in the pricing, … Read more

Two tech firms sharing Bend space

Two of Bend’s small tech firms have teamed to share downtown office space. Craft CMS … Read more

Grizzlies test whether your gear is certified ‘bear-resistant’

Video: See a bear trying to break into a cooler

WEST YELLOWSTONE, Mont. — Coram the grizzly bear developed a bad habit as a youngster … Read more

Her ancestor was 'a president and a slave,' her mother said

DNA testing furthers a woman’s search to confirm the story

ORANGE, Va. — In her mind’s eye, Bettye Kearse could see her ancestor walking the … Read more

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