Pulse Magazine Fall/Winter 2015

4:30 pm | 11/10/15

Weighing the risks: Concussions force parents to balance the benefits of youth sports against the possibility of brain damage

Shaping Our Future 2015

9:42 pm | 09/25/15

Central Oregon rebounds from the Great Recession with big changes to its economy and way of life.

Pulse Magazine Summer/Fall 2015

3:51 pm | 08/11/15

When pot means no prescription to treat pain. A lack of consensus between research and patients puts doctors in a tough spot - and their patients can suffer for it.

Pulse Magazine Spring/Summer 2015

8:44 am | 05/13/15

The tiniest babies. The toughest decision. Parents face a harrowing choice for premies born too soon.

Pulse Magazine Winter/Spring 2015

11:17 am | 02/16/15

Patient or data point? Despite their usefulness, electronic health records can complicate doctor-patient relationships.

Pulse Magazine Fall/Winter 2014

10:17 am | 11/10/14

The rise of e-cigarettes; Pediactric psychiatry shortage; Winter gear advice; meet a school nurse; Diet tips.

Pulse Magazine Summer/Fall 2014

10:55 am | 08/14/14

Homeless, How housing affect care; SuperDave, Bend race guru leaves a big footprint; Dogs in boots, Your guide to protective booties; Inside the lucrative, barely regulated world of dietary supplements; More kids are skipping the bus an riding or walking to school. How to stay safe.

Pulse Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

5:49 pm | 05/09/14

The Risks of Home. The allure of a home birth is undeniable - but so are the increased dangers.

Pulse Magazine Winter/Spring 2014

4:16 pm | 02/19/14

HIV, No longer a death sentence, but still a stigma; Autism: How changing treatment has changed lives; Don't have a cow: milk alternatives from hemp to flax; Workout headphones: Earbuds designed for exercise, don't lose your athletic beat.

Pulse Magazine Fall/Winter 2013

12:12 pm | 11/12/13

When the brain hears color and sees sound; Don't overtreat back pain; Choosing the best headlamp; Pushing yoga to the extreme; Healhty oliday feasts.

Pulse Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013

10:27 am | 08/20/13

Gender in Transition; Vaccines, the unsung story; How to prep for Cascade Lakes Relay; Flight nurses: Ready when you aren't; Hydration packs for endurance athletes; Cycling the McKenzie Highway

Pulse Magazine - Summer/Fall 2013

3:24 pm | 08/19/13

Oregon's Obamacare blueprint; Does diet soda make you fat?; South Sister's inviting hike; Sitting is killing us at our desk jobs; Healthy eating: what does 100 calories look like?

Tee 2 Green, Bulletin Golf Preview

4:45 pm | 05/15/13

Everything you need to know to golf on the High Desert in 2013. A guide to 26 golf courses in Central Oregon.

Pulse Magazine - Winter/Spring 2013

9:17 am | 02/14/13

PTSD - Today's vets have new options; Exercise as medicine, how good is it?; How St. Charles keeps the hospital ticking; Crooked River fly fishing; Overcome sinus pressure; Healthy eating, six ways to dress up basic toast; 2013 Central Oregon medical directory.

Pulse Magazine - Fall/Winter 2012

4:52 pm | 11/19/12

Breaking barriers: Interpreters help doctors and patients. Kids and sleep: Deprivation is more harmful than you think. Healthy fat: What to keep in (and out of) your cupboard.

Pulse Magazine - Summer/Fall 2012

11:27 am | 08/21/12

From fact to fallacy; why most medical research is wrong. Geocaching: Hike with a treasure of ending. 26 of 29: Which size bike wheel is right for you? Depression: Stimulating new drug-free treatments.

Pulse Magazine - Summer 2012

3:18 pm | 05/21/12

Healthy living in the High Desert

High Desert Pulse - Winter/Spring 2012

3:44 pm | 03/02/12

Healthy Living in Central Oregon

High Desert Pulse

5:57 am | 11/15/11

A magazine dedicated to healthy living on the High Desert

High Desert Pulse - Summer/Fall 2011

12:28 pm | 08/10/11

Healthy Living in Central Oregon

High Desert Pulse - Spring/Summer 2011

2:10 pm | 05/10/11

A magazine devoted to healthy living in the High Desert.

Pulse Magazine - Winter/Spring 2011

10:46 am | 02/14/11

Healthy living in Central Oregon

Pulse Magazine - Fall/Winter 2010

1:23 pm | 11/05/10

Healthy Living in Central Oregon

Pulse Magazine Summer/Fall 2010

3:29 pm | 08/10/10

Healthy living in Central Oregon

High Desert Pulse - Spring/Summer 2010

11:51 am | 05/12/10

Healthy living in Central Oregon

Tee to Green 2010 Golf Guide

12:45 pm | 04/30/10

A guide to the courses of the region, and everything you need to know to play golf on the High Desert this year.

High Desert Pulse - Winter/Spring 2010

1:14 pm | 02/24/10

A magazine devoted to healthy living in the High Desert.

Story of a Decade

3:12 pm | 01/01/10

The first decade of the 21st century in Central Oregon

Topping off the decade

10:48 am | 12/31/09

Top stories of 2009

High Desert Pulse - Fall/Winter 2009

1:49 pm | 11/09/09

A magazine devoted to healthy living in Central Oregon.