Big trout are on the lookout for sculpin throughout the year. With its rabbit strip architecture, this pattern is lively in the current. Its splash of red suggests vulnerability, making it a good choice when browns, big rainbows, bulls and Dolly Varden are on the prowl.

Run the Ruby Chin Sculpin on the bottom, in slow-moving water, or closer to the surface in the riffle. In fast-moving currents, cast quartering down and across and let the fly swing. At the end of the cast, take two steps downstream and cast again.

Tie this pattern upside-down on a long, wet-fly hook. Use olive rabbit strip for the tail. Wrap the body with olive sparkle dubbing. Tie in rabbit strip on each side to simulate fins. Tie in red marabou for the chin and put a Krystal Flash wing opposite. Build the head with dubbing and finish with epoxy and holographic eyes. Mark up the rabbit fur with a brown permanent marker to add bars and contrast.

— Gary Lewis, For The Bulletin