Winter trails

High-elevation sno-parks, including Dutchman Flat Sno-park, will have highly variable conditions with crusty snow in most areas. Snowmobiling trails will be in fair condition with inconsistent snow and lots of low-snow hazards.

The groomed trails at Virginia Meissner Sno-park are in fair condition with 8-12 inches of snow. Regular grooming is not planned until conditions improve.

Newberry Caldera area and Ten Mile Sno-park have fair to highly variable conditions with 8-24 inches of snow and low-snow hazards. Upper Three Creek Sno-park is in poor to marginal condition with some bare pavement.

Wanoga Sno-play Area has rough and icy conditions with 8-10 inches of snow.

Vegetation and low-snow hazards remain throughout the area. Users are also urged to not make jumps because of safety concerns.

Skyliner Sno-park and the road to Tumalo Falls has variable snow with bare ground sections.

Summer Trails

Lower-elevation trails including Deschutes River Trail and Phil’s Trail area have variable conditions with snow, ice and bare spots. Users should avoid muddy trails to prevent trail damage. Other trails, including those at Badlands Wilderness Area and Smith Rock State Park, will also have variable hiking conditions with some soft, muddy areas.

Sno-park signs

About 95 percent of the 700 snow pole signs are up in the Moon Mountain to Dutchman Flat area and the rest will be completed once more snow accumulates. Segments of winter trails may be hard to follow due to trail-marking diamonds being hidden in blowdown. Pink flagging will be used temporarily until trails can be marked properly. Users are always advised to bring a map with them to avoid confusion.