Fly-tying corner

Benham Falls Special Stone

In April and May, the big stoneflies begin their shoreward migration and that makes them more vulnerable to trout. This pattern combines sparkle, movement and a buggy profile with the kind of weight that drops the fly to the bottom in a hurry.

Fish the Benham Falls Special beneath a strike indicator, letting the current tumble the fly downstream through riffled water. Strikes will be subtle, so watch for a slight movement to the line or a flash of a fish rolling. For more excitement, tie a dropper off the hook with a No. 14-16 beadhead nymph.

Tie this pattern on an extra long nymph hook with a sideways bend at midshank. For the tail and antennae, use black Flexi Floss. Slide a black cone-shaped bead to the head, then lay an underbody of lead wire. For the body, wrap Ice Dub and draw a single strand of blue holographic tinsel up each side of the body, then lay pearl Diamond Braid over the top. Rib with black wire. For the thorax, wing-cases and legs, use Ice Dub, Thin Skin and partridge.

— Gary Lewis, For The Bulletin

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