Guest column: Bend’s parking report missed some things

The public needs to be aware of the Bend downtown parking report’s numerous critical omissions. … Read more

Guest column: Expanding OSU-Cascades is ‘irrational’

Several recent articles about state bonding for Oregon State University-Cascades missed critical elements of the … Read more

Guest column: Obama era’s failures created Trump support

Carlos Wysling’s July 9 Bulletin article lamented the end of the Obama era by stating: … Read more

Guest column: Survey conclusions are not straightforward about footbridge

The recent Bend Park & Recreation District “Community Needs” survey conducted by the ETC Institute … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Hypocrisy about nuclear storage plan Greg Walden wants to restart the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage … Read more

Guest column: Idioms we won’t need

“Hit the gas” “Running on Empty” “I’m all revved up” “Shifting Gears” “I’m out of … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Walden needs to explain Rep. Greg Walden needs to explain to us, his constituents, how … Read more

Guest column: Jim Young served on Bend council, made tremendous contribution

In the early 90s when I had just arrived to Bend, I went exploring around … Read more

Guest column: Watershed plan needs public involvement

As Central Oregon continues to attract new residents and visitors, it’s more important than ever … Read more

Guest column: Fight global warming at federal level

Momentum is building in support of meaningful policy at the federal level to address the … Read more

Guest column: Oregon is not Michigan; don’t support HB 3078

On June 21, The Bulletin ran a guest column by Sheriff Jerry Clayton of Washtenaw … Read more

Guest column: League of Women Voters challenges the Republican healthcare proposal

Why did the League of Women Voters contact Congressman Greg Walden, and why does the … Read more

Guest column: Our nation’s downward education spiral

Vietnam, Wales, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Singapore, Scotland, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Northern Ireland, … Read more

Guest column: Germany makes good progress on energy, environment

As a German citizen who spent her first 29 years of life in the heavy … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Ward system would be more democratic Although I was pleased that The Bulletin did not … Read more

Guest column: Central Oregon cities support public transit proposal

On June 13, by a vote of 22-8, the Oregon Senate put the final legislative … Read more

Guest column: Want to Clean up Hanford? Finish Yucca Mountain

Nuclear energy has played an integral role in generating electricity in the United States for … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Fly the flag on the 4th I hope you will join me in flying the … Read more

Guest column: Efforts underway to help women and children in need of shelter

This letter is in response to The Bulletin editorial titled “Bend should fix shortage of … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Brandis Square plaque missing I read with interest concerning the editorial about naming new parks … Read more

Guest column: Marines remain faithful to the call to serve

I recently read that President Donald J. Trump has called into question Special Counsel Robert … Read more

Guest column: Tell Walden to support expanded Medicare for all

Our congressman, Rep. Greg Walden, has told us he cares about improving Oregonians’ cost of … Read more

Guest column: Find common ground on the future of the Deschutes River

I want to plant willows on the banks of the Upper Deschutes River, and I … Read more

Guest column: Support immigrants in our community

You may not recognize my name, but perhaps you’ve heard of my cousin’s son, Lin … Read more

Guest column: By reducing incarceration, Oregon can improve safety

It is no secret that the U.S. criminal justice system is oversized. Much of its … Read more

Guest column: Broken system hurts recreation and logging

Opponents of active management on national forests often claim it degrades recreational opportunities on public … Read more

Guest column: Many misunderstandings about pre-existing conditions

Elizabeth’s Weltin’s In My View on May 24 was primarily about the potential for people … Read more

Guest column: Protect yourself from identity theft

Finding news of the latest data breach, scam, or other form of identity theft is … Read more

Guest column: Trump right to pull out of Paris climate accord

While vacationing in Germany last month, our host took us on a sightseeing boat cruise … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Trump is so uninformed President Trump wants America to be great again. Sadly, he thinks … Read more

Guest column: Loophole must be closed to stop footbridge over the Deschutes

The Bulletin has published several editorials on the pedestrian bridge proposed by the Bend Park … Read more

Guest column: In My View writer ill-informed about water, ranching, farming

On May 23 on the editorial page, I read a very disturbing “In My View” … Read more

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