Guest column: Honor veterans by maintaining national parks

With Veterans Day fresh on our minds, we reflect on how to honor those who … Read more

Guest column: Article on treating anxiety is unbalanced

I am writing in response to the article published in The Bulletin on Oct. 27 … Read more

Guest column: Fuel reduction may not save places from wildfire

The tragic deaths, loss of thousands of homes, and the displacement of even greater numbers … Read more

Letters: Climbing property taxes, importance of public lands, massacres of innocents, PERS bankrupts Oregon

Climbing property taxes My property taxes went up another $300 this year. Now The Bulletin … Read more

Guest column: Congress needs more oversight of Medicare

Researchers at Oregon State University recently discovered a new way to fight cancer. Utilizing nanotechnology, … Read more

Guest column: Bend High delivers a proper salute to veterans

Recently at the Bend High School auditorium if you did not have a watering eye … Read more

Guest column: Fish & Wildlife take too long to fix river flows

Eight Central Oregon irrigation districts along with the city of Prineville are working with the … Read more

Guest column: Huge defense budgets but still not taking care of veterans

In 1967 my oldest brother, Frank, was killed in Vietnam. I was 11 years old … Read more

Guest column: Follow the money flowing to climate change scare tacticians

Federal grants for “climate research” during the Obama years produced an abundance of climate hysteria … Read more

Letters: Motorcycle sign is misleading, don’t spend taxpayer money on futile effort, Brown defends free birth control, gun control is more guns

Don’t spend taxpayer money on futile effort The letter by Helen Seidler in the Nov. … Read more

Letters: Don’t encrypt police radios, No waiver for affordable housing, Move to North Korea

Don’t encrypt radios I am writing in response to local law enforcement’s decision to encrypt … Read more

Guest column: Oregon land-use laws need reform

If you are a regular reader of The Bulletin’s letters, guest opinions and articles, you … Read more

Guest column: Bend’s climate plan will not do much

The Bulletin has been “spot on” in its assessment of the ongoing PERS debacle and … Read more

Letters: Who protects the individual?, disappointed in candy editorial, support drug discount program

Who protects the individual? I get it. Republicans want to limit government overreach and they … Read more

Guest column: Focus on actions that increase supply of rental housing

As a local property management professional, I read with great interest the editorial titled “Bend … Read more

Letters: Climate change inaction is costly, Bend also loves wildlife; vehicles kill thousands

Climate change inaction is costly Recently The Bulletin printed a guest column that rejected the … Read more

Guest column: We should talk about suicide, but in the right way

A Bulletin editorial published on Oct. 16 relating to a recent suicide in Bend suggested … Read more

Letters: Local climate action, knuckle rap, embarrassed by Trump, eighth-grader’s ideas

Local climate action is a wise idea Reasonable people may well ask: Can action at … Read more

Guest column: Walden’s bill falls short on aiding Crooked River Ranch

My husband and I are longtime residents of Crooked River Ranch. Our home is on … Read more

Guest column: We need electric utilities to build vehicle charging stations

Pacific Power and Portland General Electric have proposals to expand electric vehicle charging pending before … Read more

Letters: Biased climate information, trail for off-leash dogs, tobacco retail licenses

Biased, inaccurate information Paul deWitt’s Oct. 21 guest column “Wrongheaded climate change prevention is costly,” … Read more

Guest column: Commentary is full of falsehoods on climate change

Paul deWitt’s recent commentary in your paper (“The danger is the wrongheaded efforts to fight … Read more

Letters: Honor the flag, don’t dredge the pond, insensitive pairing of stories, good decision on dogs

Honor the flag and anthem During World Wars I and II, the troops were singing … Read more

Letters: No dogs at Riley Ranch, No levy for Crooked River Ranch

No dogs at Riley Ranch This is in response to Erik Lukens’ Oct. 15 Sunday … Read more

Guest column: Patients, providers need to work together

Have you noticed that your doctor, dentist or other health care provider is spending less … Read more

Guest column: The danger is the wrongheaded efforts to fight climate change

Climate change and what to do about it has been a subject of controversy for … Read more

Guest column: Crook should reject Natural Resources Plan from political action committee

Crook County commissioners recently received, and are considering adopting, a natural resources plan developed by … Read more

Guest column: Congress needs to act on clean power

With no Plan B, it is now apparent, the Trump administration is now undoing the … Read more

Guest column: Lawmakers should take action on gun violence

It’s only weeks since the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history in Las Vegas, … Read more

Letters: Reject CRR tax, support clean energy bill, respect supply and demand for labor

Reject CRR tax increase Your recent article on the proposed tax increase to support two … Read more

Letters: Students must pay attention, Keep the Electoral College

Students must pay attention Reading your article about the Sisters teacher and the student, it … Read more

Guest column: Sanctuary policies like DACA put many at risk

Currently, Congress is considering the issue of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy. … Read more

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