Guest column: By reducing incarceration, Oregon can improve safety

It is no secret that the U.S. criminal justice system is oversized. Much of its … Read more

Guest column: Broken system hurts recreation and logging

Opponents of active management on national forests often claim it degrades recreational opportunities on public … Read more

Guest column: Many misunderstandings about pre-existing conditions

Elizabeth’s Weltin’s In My View on May 24 was primarily about the potential for people … Read more

Guest column: Protect yourself from identity theft

Finding news of the latest data breach, scam, or other form of identity theft is … Read more

Guest column: Trump right to pull out of Paris climate accord

While vacationing in Germany last month, our host took us on a sightseeing boat cruise … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Trump is so uninformed President Trump wants America to be great again. Sadly, he thinks … Read more

Guest column: Loophole must be closed to stop footbridge over the Deschutes

The Bulletin has published several editorials on the pedestrian bridge proposed by the Bend Park … Read more

Guest column: In My View writer ill-informed about water, ranching, farming

On May 23 on the editorial page, I read a very disturbing “In My View” … Read more

Guest column: Trump’s Paris decision is no surprise

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord should … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Unfair to Rainbow Gatherings I found your article on the Rainbow Gathering to be sensationalistic, … Read more

Guest column: Stop feeding the traffic beast

“The average car moves just 5 percent of the time. To improve cities, focus on … Read more

Guest column: Welfare is critical lifeline

I believe that no one chooses to be poor. I believe that poverty can be … Read more

Letters to the Editor

National Popular Vote bill misleads I want to applaud the editorial posted on May 23 … Read more

Guest column: Internet privacy is not dead

To hear many talking heads and self-appointed consumer advocates tell it, Congress recently killed off … Read more

Guest column: Stay out of irrigation canals

As temperatures heat up across Central Oregon, Central Oregonians and its many visitors will be … Read more

Water for agriculture is water put to good use

As a general agriculture organization, the Farm Bureau celebrates the rich diversity of ag products … Read more

Guest column: Water use by pot growers may impact neighbors

The county struggles with decisions whether to grant conditional use permits for growing and manufacture … Read more

Guest column: Too many news bytes, not too many horses

We needed another biased pronouncement of the “Wild Horse Problem” like we needed another snowflake … Read more

Guest column: Wider roads won’t solve congestion problem

Build it, and they will come. In the context of the Legislature’s transportation plan, this … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Trump doesn’t care enough In his letter of May 22, Dr. Rick Tietz was correct … Read more

Guest column: Advisory committees on public lands should be reinstated

In early May, the Department of the Interior canceled Resource Advisory Committee meetings nationwide without … Read more

Guest column: Bad behavior from Democrats, hypocrisy from journalists

I’ve been trying to compose a letter since the disgraceful display of the local Democrats … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Look at total compensation The Bulletin is understating the real cost of local government by … Read more

Guest column: Solar eclipse leads to price gouging

Aug. 21 is a very special day. It is my husband’s birthday. Every year, we … Read more

Guest column: Walden supports damaging health care bill

I am a certified nurse-midwife and National Health Service Corps alumna who has spent years … Read more

Guest column: A victory for the disabled

This spring, a federal judge in Portland approved a historic settlement agreement between people with … Read more

Guest column: The way we use the Deschutes River is wrong

Amid the growing dispute over water use and the health of the Deschutes River, two … Read more

Guest column: River shouldn’t be compromised for footbridge

Being editor of The Bulletin obviously has its privileges. From April 27 to May 14, … Read more

Guests column: Tell lawmakers your thoughts on new health bill

Finally after much fanfare, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives made good on its promise to … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Get a job and pay for your own health care I read in the paper … Read more

Guest column: Medical care should be for all, without the profit motive

Is there any national issue we have debated more than health care? This is unfortunate, … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for Whisnant As The Bulletin continues to bash Rep. Gene Whisnant for his backbone … Read more

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