Guest column: Congress needs to act on clean power

With no Plan B, it is now apparent, the Trump administration is now undoing the … Read more

Guest column: Lawmakers should take action on gun violence

It’s only weeks since the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history in Las Vegas, … Read more

Letters: Reject CRR tax, support clean energy bill, respect supply and demand for labor

Reject CRR tax increase Your recent article on the proposed tax increase to support two … Read more

Letters: Students must pay attention, Keep the Electoral College

Students must pay attention Reading your article about the Sisters teacher and the student, it … Read more

Guest column: Sanctuary policies like DACA put many at risk

Currently, Congress is considering the issue of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy. … Read more

Letters: Public shaming, Walden and guns, popular vote, tolerance and introspection

Refrain from public shaming I am a recent subscriber to The Bulletin having just retired … Read more

Guest column: Richardson is unfit to represent us

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has come under fire for remarks calling LGBTQ Oregonians “immoral.” … Read more

Guest column: Stop the bleeding

As my wife and I woke up last week to the news of yet another … Read more

Guest column: Stop using educators as scapegoats

Recently, there have been several misleading claims published around educator compensation. Some members of the … Read more

Guest column: In fragmented time, look to the Constitution

While discussing the state of our community with some neighbors, the recent NFL fiasco came … Read more

Letters to the Editor: BLM secrecy, union membership, flood insurance

BLM’s failure to do its job requires explanation Kudos to The Bulletin reporters and editorial … Read more

Guest column: More to the story of minimum-wage, part-time workers

In her column on minimum-wage, part-time workers, Janet Stevens only tells half of the story. … Read more

Guest column: Maintain the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

Thank you for your Sept. 20 editorial “Cascade-Siskiyou should be shrunk,” which concludes with these … Read more

Guest column: National forests need active management

As Oregon’s wildfires near containment, there are discussions in Salem and Washington, D.C., about the … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Fires caused by incompetence I am one of the thousands of Central Oregonians who suffered … Read more

Guest column: Get involved in neighborhood association to advance livability

Bend Mayor Casey Roats, City Manager Eric King and Neighborhood Association representative Joshua Romero coalesced … Read more

Guest column: Anniversary of the rivers law is cause to celebrate

In the 1960s, the era of building massive dams in America was in full swing. … Read more

Letters to the Editor

The biking mess Bulletin editor Erik Lukens is correct in his assessment about cars and … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Collective bargaining works I am responding to the recent editorial published in The Bulletin entitled … Read more

Guest column: Redmond should not put a fee on utilities for police

On Tuesday evening, Sept. 19, the Redmond City Council proposed tacking on a “public safety … Read more

Letters to the Editor

New leadership needed It is easy to fall prey to political rhetoric. Ideas and ideologues … Read more

Guest column: Lukens sounds like Chicken Little

Erik Lukens used his Sept. 24 column to sound more like Chicken Little than editor … Read more

Guest column: Consider Tim White to replace Walden

I’m writing in support of a different sort of candidate for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. … Read more

Guest column: Common sense protection for Crooked River Ranch

Another fire season, and another summer in Central Oregon choked with smoke, and homes threatened … Read more

Guest column: St. Charles has been adapting to financial challenges

The costs of health care are front-of-mind for all of us. And St. Charles Health … Read more

Guest column: Streams pay a price for forest roads

On Aug. 26 The Bulletin editorialized about a recent research publication under the header “Forest … Read more

Guest column: Bend must implement its carbon reduction resolution

When the Trump administration turned away from the Paris climate accord, American businesses, local governments, … Read more

Guest column: The truth matters on Tumalo Creek

A recent bombastic opinion column by Victor Chudowsky muddies the water on Tumalo Creek and … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Mental health services need improvement As a recent transplant to Central Oregon and the parent … Read more

Guest column: Off-road playground planned for the Ochocos is wrong

Believe it or not, it’s hunting season. For many people, the fall hunt is about … Read more

Guest column: Park district shouldn’t block off the river

Can you imagine walking in Drake Park and it’s almost impossible to see Mirror Pond? … Read more

Guest column: Leadership needed to take advantage of technology

Please note The Bulletin’s Science Section on Sept. 13, illustrating the accommodations we need to … Read more

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