Guest column: Support union protests of Facebook in Prineville.

When The Bulletin editorial board says protesters at Facebook don’t deserve your sympathy, you are … Read more

Letters: Don’t give away land; Install metal detectors; Protect babies; Good citizens; Elect DeBone

Make a better choice with land I am writing in response to article regarding the … Read more

Guest column: Trump isn’t winning on trade with China

In regard to a potential trade war with China, President Donald Trump is fighting the … Read more

Letters: Vote Tony DeBone; Medical crisis; Vote Sam Carpenter; Safety first

Vote Tony DeBone As a Central Oregon resident and real estate agent for over 21 … Read more

Guest column: Get out and march for science

On Saturday, Bend will join more than 70 cities around the world, from Washington, D.C., … Read more

Letters: Go vegan; Vote McLeod-Skinner; Consider alternative sites for bridge; No plea deal

Consider alternatives sites for bridge In your April 5 editorial about the proposed bridge over … Read more

Guest column: Deschutes should not be damaged for personal profit

Most Central Oregon residents are aware that the Deschutes River is severely compromised. However, the … Read more

Guest column: The Deschutes River needs political help

The Basin Study Work Group is wrapping up its multiyear effort to look for ways … Read more

Guest column: Vote for supporters of increased education spending

We all know that PERS (Public Employees Retirement System) unfunded liabilities have led to school … Read more

Guest column: Stash away some savings for the rough times

If you’re like many Americans, chances are in recent years you have put saving on … Read more

Letters: Common-sense gun laws; Walden doesn’t care enough; journalistic double standard; League thanks Knopp

More gun control NRA members and gun owners: I’ve read that the majority of you … Read more

Guest column: Beware the bulldozers in your backyards

We are writing an additional letter of protest to the city regarding its notification policies … Read more

Guest column: Chiropractors can reduce pain without drugs

With President Trump’s signing of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 (omnibus bill), chiropractic’s nondrug … Read more

Letters: Vote Sam Carpenter; Making schools safer; Saving the GOP

Vote Sam Carpenter With the gun control debate raging in Oregon and across the country, … Read more

Letters: Don’t arm teachers; So-called moderates; Horror motivates change

Don’t arm teachers The article (March 17) about a gun fired by the teacher during … Read more

Guest column: Bend is again after pickups downtown

If “in the pudding is the proof,” Bend’s war on pickup trucks downtown is still … Read more

Guest column: Staff growth plan conflicts with Bend’s goals

In their March 16 report on implementing the urban growth boundary, city staff stated the … Read more

Letters: Climate contradictions; Kick out gun control opponents; Protect horses; Vote DeBone

Climate contradictions In real science, if you create a new theory but laboratory experiments show … Read more

Guest column: Doctors need to open up about burnout

Physician burnout is a complicated issue, as reflected by the recent Pulse report written by … Read more

Letters: incorrect weapons stats; support Byrne for Congress; Republicans need rebranding

Letter was flawed I read with interest the letter “People kill people” from March 11. … Read more

Guest column: St. Charles should not have cut advanced providers

As an advanced practice provider, who has worked in Bend for the past eight years, … Read more


Cartoon was off I usually enjoy the political cartoons published in The Bulletin. For the … Read more

Letters: Guns kill; Fight Alzheimer’s; Letter made specious argument; What does Walden think?

Guns kill I agree with the first paragraph of Bob Roth’s letter of March 11 … Read more

Letters: Good for seniors; Stop funding abortions; Showing contempt for voters; Harden schools to protect kids

Good for seniors I loved reading the article on the Council on Aging’s move to … Read more

Letters: Good change for seniors; Increasing openness; Protect the innocent; Volunteer for the community

Increasing openness I read your March 13 editorial, “Live up to Commitment to Public Records,” … Read more

Guest column: Children have a right to a good start

If someone were to say there was a way to prevent chronic diseases, addiction and … Read more

Letters: Make schools safe; Children lead on guns; Suggestions for safer schools

Make schools safe My name is Evan Melner. I am a 13-year-old at Bend International … Read more

Guest column: Forest issues need fact-based collaborative approach

Last summer’s fire season was a reminder that we all are affected by land management … Read more

Guest column: Don’t trust the climate deniers

Opinion columns focused on climate change published in The Bulletin have generally consisted of: 1) … Read more

Guest column: Citizens need the First and Second Amendments

It’s time for some more straight talk. The First Amendment, ratified in 1791, has nothing … Read more

Guest column: The environmental piffle published in Podunk papers

The Bulletin generally does a good job reporting science, but its editorial page continues to … Read more


F for standardized testing The Bulletin’s “Why bother with gathering data in education?” editorial from … Read more

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