Guest column: Reach out to prevent suicide

Recently, and tragically, in Central Oregon two teenage boys committed suicide on the same day. … Read more

Letters: Vote yes on M101; Yes vote helps those with no voice; M101 deserves support; Book won’t change opinions

Vote yes on Measure 101 In response to The Bulletin’s recommendation to vote no Measure … Read more

Guest column: Walden should clearly explain his views on public lands

Congressman Greg Walden seems to be well-practiced at a trick long known to long-term politicians … Read more

Letters: Oregon’s senators did more than Walden; StepUp Bend cultivates candidates; Hayes not first lady; Vote ‘yes’ on Measure 101

Oregon’s senators did more than Walden Letter writer Bill Sansom asked if any of our … Read more

Guest column: Evaluate excise tax on its own merits

With the recent passage of the Republican tax bill, a much-needed critical analysis of what … Read more

Letters: Less polarization; Chimps Inc.; ‘First lady’; M101

Support Chimps Inc. In light of the recent story published about Chimps Inc. (“OSHA report … Read more

Guest column: Chimps, Inc. provides excellent care and safety

I have been following the latest news about Chimps Inc. in Tumalo and was thrilled … Read more

Letters: Bottle bill reduces waste; Support Chimp’s Inc.; Vote yes on M101

Bottle bill reduces waste Oregon’s bottle bill is anything but wasteful. In fact, reducing waste … Read more

Guest column: Americans should show that they can still dream big

I grew up in the 1950s, born just after the end of World War II. … Read more

Guest column: Some of the women The Bulletin missed

The Bulletin recognized 24 notables who died in 2017 in the Dec. 31 Bulletin. Only … Read more


Yes on Measure 101 Vote “yes” on Ballot Measure 101 so 350,000 low-income, hard-working Oregonians … Read more

Guest column: Vote yes on Measure 101

On Jan. 23, we Oregonians will vote on one issue, Measure 101. It is critical … Read more

Guest column: Gordon Fulks disinforms readers

Gordon Fulks’ Dec. 27 commentary is a dishonest smear against scientists and science. Fulks promotes … Read more

Letters: Walden is wrong; Personal exemptions eliminated; Congressional GOP lacks integrity

Walden is wrong on tax reform Rep. Greg Walden, you are wrong about this tax-reform … Read more

Guest column: Chimps Inc. gives chimps far more than standards require

I was disheartened to read the recent news article published from The Bulletin on Dec. … Read more

Letters: Commit to our shared values; West-side bias needs to be addressed; Walden lost focus on constituents; Walden does much for his constituents

Commit to our shared values On Christmas Eve I wished friends and strangers Merry Christmas. … Read more

Guest column: Mann guest on climate change column lacks candor

While we have come to expect a lack of candor from climate alarmists, Michael Mann’s … Read more

Letters: Tax boondoggle; Mortgage deduction change only on new loans; Bridge rule is not unclear; Bend needs campaign finance reform, not wards

Tax plan is boondoggle Recently I emailed the following note to our U.S. Rep. Greg … Read more

Guest column: Tax reform for Oregon’s middle class

Pro-growth tax reform is on its way to hardworking, middle-class Americans. And it’s about time. … Read more

Letters: Community needs foster families; Fight this White House; Bulletin needs more regional opinion; Editorial on engineers was wrong

Community needs foster families My son recently came home from school concerned and upset about … Read more

Guest column: Fully fund education to improve class size and pay teachers competitively

This month, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released its annual statewide school report card. … Read more

Guest column: Voters should remember Walden support for House tax bill that hurts Oregonians

I’ve been searching Oregon newspapers for information on Congressman Greg Walden’s stand on the current … Read more

Letters: Environmental ‘death by a thousand cuts’; Band together to solve homelessness; A different solution for Sisters; Preserve net neutrality

Environmental ‘death by a thousand cuts’ The current issues of whether to allow Mazama’s bed … Read more

Letters: Aircraft over teachers; Distracted pedestrians; No glowing example; Shakespeare’s words; Men need to change

Why choose aircraft over teachers? It seems our representative, Greg Walden, R-Hood River, voted for … Read more

Guest column: Government should not side with Big Cable

In town halls from Baker City to North Bend I hear from rural Oregonians just … Read more

Guest column: More goodies for the ultra-rich and corporations

It’s that time of year when so many of us take stock of what we … Read more

Guest column: Area near Smith Rock not ready for a bed and breakfast

With your front-page story of Dec. 3 and your editorial of Dec. 5 regarding the … Read more

Guest column: Don’t allow the skimming of Medicaid funds for unions

Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are skimmed off the top of Medicaid payments … Read more

Guest column: Climate alarmists try to divert funds to pet projects

Bob Perry’s guest column in The Bulletin on Nov. 8 presented an excellent analysis of … Read more

Letters: Punishment for wildlife killers; Troubles in the State Department; Saying thank you

Wildlife killers need swift punishment Nov. 24 marks a sad day for Deschutes County residents. … Read more

Guest column: Redmond citizens working together on gym’s fate

As a member of a group that has been working with the city of Redmond … Read more

Guest column: Why is the GOP selling corporate tax cuts?

On Nov. 19, Forbes published an article titled “GOP tax bill is the end of … Read more

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