Guest column: It’s time for remembering and confronting reality

It’s time... It’s time — to recall the past when pencil, paper and eraser were … Read more

Guest column: My concern about Rep. Greg Walden

We are told to call our representatives. We are told to write our representatives. But … Read more

Guest column: Tell state government to stop underfunding child welfare

The Secretary of State recently released a scathing audit of the Department of Human Services’ … Read more

Guest column: Resistance is strong on women’s health and rights

Since the Trump administration took office, it has systematically attacked women’s health and rights. That … Read more

Guest column: Get involved to help children in foster care

How much does Oregon care about child safety? Thank you to The Bulletin editorial board … Read more

Guest column: PERS solution requires many difficult steps

On Dec. 1, 2017, Oregon got a preview of how much more will be required … Read more

Letters: HB4029 bridge; Buehler’s Republican ethos; teaching children; ‘illegal immigrant’

Environmental groups disappoint on bridge Until HB4029, I have supported Oregon Wild, Coalition for the … Read more

Guest column: Oregon’s clean energy bill provides benefits across many sectors

If passed in the 2018 Legislature, the Clean Energy Jobs bill will bring a windfall … Read more

Letters: Bend residents support bridge; Buehler spreads misinformation; Trump talk can corrupt

Bend residents support river bridge For the second time in less than a year, there … Read more

Guest column: Don’t privatize Air Traffic Control

It’s hard to fathom the Washington, D.C., interest in privately contracting the nation’s air traffic … Read more

Guest column: Former Gov. Tom McCall’s words offer a place to start clearing distraction

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” — Abraham Lincoln … Read more

Guest column: Officials must address problem of irresponsible target shooters

I live in Sundance, a neighborhood in rural Deschutes County where our home looks out … Read more

Letters: Build Deschutes bridge; Ireland votes on abortion; U.S. not defeated; Nelson right on pot grows

Build bridge to build love of public lands American author, environmental activist, cultural critic and … Read more

Guest column: State shouldn’t sell my contact information

Recently I received an unsolicited email from a real estate company in Northeast Oregon listing … Read more

Guest column: Bend tries to use parking shortages to discourage cars

The city of Bend is attempting to use parking shortages as a tool to discourage … Read more

Guest column: Clean energy jobs bill would help mobile home residents and many others

It seems every day is colder and colder. Putting my hand to my window last … Read more

Guest column: Coalition pursues other routes to avoid south pedestrian bridge

Oregon is famous for its rivers, and the Deschutes is one of our finest. It’s … Read more

Letters: Neighborhood associations; exceptionalism and sickness; sheriff’s bias on pot

Sheriff shows radical bias against marijuana In the wake of the Trump administration, it is … Read more

Guest column: Don’t slow down Oregon cap-and-trade plan

This is not the time for the Oregon Senate to slow down and undermine a … Read more

Guest column: Government has a role, but innovation comes from entrepreneurs

Rich Belzer’s recent guest column titled “Americans should show that they can still dream big” … Read more

Guest column: Sheriff should protect, not demonize, marijuana businesses

Recently, Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson was quoted voicing his opposition to the legal marijuana … Read more

Letters: ‘Free-range cats’; Asian countries; Double think; Women’s March coverage; Children’s health care

Owners should control ‘free-range’ cats Years ago, I submitted a “My Nickel’s Worth” piece that … Read more

Letters: Israelis and Palestinians; Cap-and-trade; Statue of Liberty

Talk with Israelis and Palestinians I encourage everyone taking an interest and position in the … Read more

Guest column: Learn about our government from the Constitution

Recent authors in the guest columns of The Bulletin have questioned the current role of … Read more

Letters: March had insufficient coverage; protect Eastern Oregon; don’t violate immigration law. Muslims aren’t all terrorists

March deserved more prominent coverage The burying of coverage of the Bend Women’s March 2018 … Read more

Letters: In Trump World, always a new low the next day; park district acts like the king; Trump Haiti comment deplorable; Abortion should not be made illegal

In ‘Trump World,’ always a new low the next day Republican Senators Tom Cotton and … Read more

Guest column: Enterprise zones are not a good deal

One wonders how the city of Bend sets its financial priorities. With all the talk … Read more

Guest column: Left wants to make us all dependent on government

Rich Belzer’s column in The Bulletin’s Jan. 8 edition lamented Republicans who prefer “low taxes … Read more

Guest column: State needs to pay serious attention to PERS

It is time that our Legislature and our governor pay serious attention, not mere lip … Read more

Letters: Comment was terrible but so was revealing it; A productive year for Congress, Trump; Many others oppose park district bridge

Comment was terrible, but so was revealing it There is no question that what President … Read more

Guest column: New tobacco product IQOS deserves FDA approval

To eventually end cigarette use in America, rather than rely on tobacco taxes, public service … Read more

Letters: Echoes of ‘separate but equal’; Misleading ads on public lands; Acting on King’s wisdom

GOP should not feel safe On Jan. 12 Rep. Greg Walden said Trump’s reported remarks … Read more

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