Bridges needed for campus commuters

The rental housing market around the proposed OSU-Cascades campus is becoming more expensive and with fewer available units. It appears that many OSU-Cascades students will have to commute from the east side of Bend or outlying communities.

The Deschutes River provides a natural barrier and bottleneck for auto traffic. The city of Bend needs to include in its infrastructure plans the need for expanding bridges or building new bridges to accommodate additional traffic from commuting OSU-Cascades students, faculty and staff. The funding of additional bridge construction is not trivial and needs to be addressed by the city.

This would be in addition to a significant lack of funds to repair existing deteriorated roads in Bend. It is ironic that other sites for OSU-Cascades were not suitable because costly roads would have to be built to U.S. Highway 97.

Richard Morris


Juniper Ridge is better for campus

When Bill Eddie wrote his commentary on Juniper Ridge being a better site for the new OSU campus, he hit the nail on the head. I agree with him fully that wherever the campus is located will become a new “district” within Bend that would represent an economic benefit for the city. You do not need to impede on an already thriving neighborhood and region to get students to attend OSU-Cascades. Bend is a small community. Students who are attending OSU-Cascades for all Bend has to offer will find that all of those things are easily accessible from anywhere in the community.

I attended a university of about 5,000 students and it was located on about 50 acres of land. However, the difference was that it was also within one mile of two major interstates and three major four-lane highways, making the university very accessible for many students who chose not to live on campus. The west-side location does not have the infrastructure to support the amount of new traffic that would be created by a new university.

My 50-acre university also backed up to a very large neighborhood of affordable housing and many apartments that students utilized. The west-side location also does not have anything like this available for students.

OSU seems to be clinging to a shortsighted vision of insisting that a university get squeezed into the west-side location when there are other options available. Thank you, Eddie, for stating all of my thoughts so eloquently.

Tracy Farrell


Sniff out this conspiracy

With all this prevalent Republican opinion running around here, I feel I must confess. Yes, it’s time to come clean. The truth must come out.

We meet in secret alleyways. We have secret handshakes. Code words known only to the elite among us. What is our secret agenda? What is our nefarious plot that we’re plotting?

Are you ready, Bend?

There are those of us here in Bend who don’t watch Fox News! Who knows how far the contagion has spread? There could be someone like that sitting next to you at work, in church and in your very own home!

Therefore, we should call in Alex Jones to sniff out this dreadful conspiracy!

Rod Lewis


Editorial sour grapes

The Bulletin’s editorial headlined “Jason Conger deserved better” was as close to a sour grapes/crybaby response to your endorsee losing the election as I have ever read. After all, how dare the voters not follow your advice!

I have nothing against Conger, who I am sure is a fine person. However, for The Bulletin to begrudge Republican voters and “Republican power brokers” for not being able to overlook his conservative stance on “a few social issues” or for not seeing how much better is his grasp of the issues than that of Monica Wehby is a bit too whiny.

Come November, we’ll see if The Bulletin is still able to “talk your talk” when you offer your endorsement in the general election. Any bets that suddenly you’ll find Wehby’s grasp of the issues and her candidacy much better when she’s running against a Democratic candidate? Count on it.

Ted Owens