Ensure Internet neutrality

The Internet has been a boon to enterprise in the United States, to small businesses, to innovation and most importantly to the unfiltered dissemination of information. This has all happened because government has protected the free and open Internet. Please continue to do so by ensuring Internet neutrality.

David Smith


OSU coach’s buyout is a sellout

Craig Robinson, the former Oregon State University head basketball coach, will leave Oregon State with a $4.2 million payout after being relieved of his coaching duties. Robinson has contributed to the development of numerous student athletes in his six years at OSU. He is an admirable man.

However, with the annual cost for an Oregon resident attending Oregon State in Corvallis new being over $20,000 (tuition, fees, books, room and board on campus plus extras), Robinson’s $4.2 million contract buyout would pay for the costs of attending OSU for the 2014-15 school year for 210 students.

What does this say about our values when a buyout is a sellout to the students at Oregon State University?

Byron H. Dudley


STEM grant raises questions

As I read (and re-read!) the article in the Sisters Nugget about the nearly $200,000 STEM grant to the Sisters school system, I found more questions than answers! I offer a few quotes from the article: “to enhance and create integrated science, technological, engineering and math at Sisters High School and Middle School,” “grant will help the district build upon existing classes to create a systematic integrated engineering curriculum,” “new instructional methodologies as well as foundational courses in math and science,” and here is the best one, “an all weather outdoor facility for construction projects.” (Maybe it will also fund another bus trip to visit other schools’ outdoor facilities! Do I sound sarcastic? I surely hope so! You will have to read this article to appreciate my sarcasm.)

What in blazes do we have for a program at present? What have our current teachers been doing up to now? It raises a still larger question: If the state realizes the school’s failure in these fields to date, we don’t need more money — we need a whole new state education system! Not a “new outdoor facility,” which they need like another hole in their empty heads. I had all these basic studies when I went to high school over 70 years ago. What has happened to American education?

Russell Williams


Thanks to our veterans

My poppa was treated fantastic by the veterans for many years. Being with him, I saw the shortage of employees needed to take care of our veterans, yet they were right there to help everyone.

In our lifetime, we all will see no medical care facility is perfect, nor our school system, fire department, police or government, nor any of us. Our government, anytime something happens, resorts to: “fire the person in charge, do an investigation, etc.”

I am proud of our men and women, who have protected us, “we the people of the United States of America.”

Thank you, veterans — we love you and are so proud of you, again and again.

Elizabeth R. Kelly


Support Buehler for Legislature

As we look on to Nov. 4, when it comes to our House district, only one candidate truly represents the independent spirit of Bend. Dr. Knute Buehler is the only candidate who has been ingrained in the community. His deep background in health care will provide valuable insight to the Legislature as we work to repair our state health insurance system. Buehler also has his finger on the pulse of education. Having been a board member of the Bend-La Pine budget committee and the OSU-Cascades campus, he is in a position to lead the efforts to improve K-20 education statewide and spread the innovation that teachers right here in Bend have made to benefit our students. Please join me in supporting Buehler for state representative.

Douglas Lonergan