Guest column: A different interpretation of the Second Amendment

We the People … “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free … Read more

Letters: Journalistic malpractice; Where is the abortion outrage?; Automatic guns should go?; A vote for good government

Journalistic malpractice The front page article on Feb. 21 was one of the most biased, … Read more

Guest column: Stopping school violence won’t happen without the public

What can stop violent outbreaks in America? Everyone has responsibilities to ensure a safe school. … Read more

Guest column: Don’t blame guns for violence

Many articles have been submitted to The Bulletin since the Florida high school shooting advocating … Read more

Guest column: Sam Carpenter will make Oregon great again

I support Sam Carpenter for governor of the state of Oregon. Sam has the background, … Read more

Guest column: Move forward on sensible gun control

I know little of guns, and I struggle to understand the intense attachment of many … Read more

Guest column: Janus case could bring major changes to Oregon

For most states — those that already have right-to-work protections on their books — the … Read more

Letters: People kill people; Vote Sam Carpenter; Racial bias; Ban assault rifles

People kill people I feel strongly that this conversation about guns is going in the … Read more

Letters: No guns for teachers; Listen to residents about pot; Time for Walden to go

Listen to rural residents about pot Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone and his colleagues, commissioners … Read more

Guest column: Central District means a better future for Bend

As a third-generation Bendite, my family has watched Bend grow from a town with a … Read more

Letters: Stop the bleeding; Is John Guandolo an Islamophobe?; Gun laws save lives

Is Guandolo an Islamophobe? I am writing regarding the guest column by Paul deWitt and … Read more

Letters: Sometimes, no trophy; What’s a life worth; No need for AR-15s; Pass gun safety legislation

Sometimes, no trophy There are apparently a large number of citizens out there who grew … Read more

Guest column: Vaping may reduce harm to smokers

A January 2018 report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine concluded that … Read more

Letters: Bend needs leadership; Protect public land; Walden helped me; Walden gets bad score

Bend needs leadership Currently, articles and editorials in The Bulletin highlight discussions about improving the … Read more

Guest column: Logging doesn’t restore the forest

Every time I drive up to Mount Bachelor I pass the Deschutes National Forest’s logging … Read more

Guest column: Walden should make people proud to be an Oregonian

I have been reading a number of letters written by concerned citizens criticizing Rep. Greg … Read more

Letters: Walden and the NRA; Make schools tougher targets; Buehler should speak about bridge; Crook Court needs to be open

Walden is beholden to the NRA Since taking office, Greg Walden has received over $39,000 … Read more

Guest column: Eliminate personal possession of assault weapons

As poker-faced NRA supporters lay out their arguments, like cards in a game with our … Read more

Guest column: Schools need metal detectors and limited access

I read The Bulletin article concerning the recent Bend-La Pine School Board meeting and found … Read more

Guest column: Coverage of GOP meeting was flawed

On Feb. 20, the Deschutes County Republican Party held its monthly meeting, with guest speaker … Read more

Guest column: Health care should be in state constitution

I feel that deeply ingrained in me is the wisdom that the health of society … Read more

Letters: Crack down on guns; Buehler’s GOP problem; Don’t fear studying guns; Need action on guns

Buehler’s GOP problem The problem with Knute Buehler’s claim that he is pro-choice is that … Read more

Letters: Walden should respond; Protect public lands; Well done sewer line; Don’t promote beer

Walden should respond I appreciate Sam Lytle’s recent guest column about the difficulty in getting … Read more

Letters: Fund OSU-Cascades; Walden should provide straight answers; Column was wrong about national monument

Column was wrong about monument Gary Lewis’ Bulletin column on Jan. 1 addressed the Cascade-Siskiyou … Read more

Guest column: The past of St. Charles should guide it future

At a time when St. Charles Health System appears from ads in The Bulletin to … Read more

Letters: Stop illegal immigration; stop gun violence; keep Antiquities Act; ‘Behind the counter’ is not bad

Stop illegal immigration Recently, Oregon senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley tried to give amnesty … Read more

Letters: Take action on gun control; public deserves explanation; Walden should respond better

To anyone running for political office: Be on notice. I am a registered voter who … Read more

Guest column: Moderate pro-choice views unacceptable to far left

The recent op-ed from Bend resident Nancy Boever attacking my pro-choice views is so distorted … Read more

Guest column: Cap and trade affects rural Oregonians more

Oregon’s rural communities often find themselves in the crosshairs of urban legislators who want to … Read more

Letters: Affordable housing; air traffic control; La Pine fire levy; military parades

Where is the affordable housing? Our friends just got a shock — their landlord raised … Read more

Guest column: Do Oregonians believe health care is a human right?

The Oregon House passed a historic resolution, House Joint Resolution 203, the “Hope Amendment,” authored … Read more

Guest column: It’s time for remembering and confronting reality

It’s time... It’s time — to recall the past when pencil, paper and eraser were … Read more

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