Guest column: Government should not side with Big Cable

In town halls from Baker City to North Bend I hear from rural Oregonians just … Read more

Guest column: More goodies for the ultra-rich and corporations

It’s that time of year when so many of us take stock of what we … Read more

Guest column: Area near Smith Rock not ready for a bed and breakfast

With your front-page story of Dec. 3 and your editorial of Dec. 5 regarding the … Read more

Guest column: Don’t allow the skimming of Medicaid funds for unions

Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are skimmed off the top of Medicaid payments … Read more

Guest column: Climate alarmists try to divert funds to pet projects

Bob Perry’s guest column in The Bulletin on Nov. 8 presented an excellent analysis of … Read more

Letters: Punishment for wildlife killers; Troubles in the State Department; Saying thank you

Wildlife killers need swift punishment Nov. 24 marks a sad day for Deschutes County residents. … Read more

Guest column: Redmond citizens working together on gym’s fate

As a member of a group that has been working with the city of Redmond … Read more

Guest column: Why is the GOP selling corporate tax cuts?

On Nov. 19, Forbes published an article titled “GOP tax bill is the end of … Read more

Guest column: U.S. needs to re-evaluate military spending

The most deceptively dangerous opinion pieces are ones like “America’s military doesn’t have enough money … Read more

Guest column: Walden needs to suport drug pricing program

The state of Oregon seems to have hit the big-time over the last several years. … Read more

Letters: Cherish the Ochocos; Free birth control; Sessions needs to go; Property tax bargain; Leave SAIF alone

Cherish the Ochocos On my quest for outdoor gold, I heard of the wonders within … Read more

Guest column: Administration’s health policy could fail the test

It is not a news flash that America’s rural regions often suffer from a lack … Read more

Guest column: Make the commitment to OSU-Cascades

As long-time advocates for the creation and expansion of Oregon State University-Cascades and Co-Chairs of … Read more

Letters: Trickle-down failure; Walden’s strong voice; Tobacco license cost

Trickle-down theory doesn’t work The term reform means to change for the better, the betterment … Read more

Letters: Moneyed aristocracy; safer holiday travel; higher Oregon tax bills

Tax bill creates moneyed aristocracy Great wealth determines policy. It is people with wealth who … Read more

Letters: The price of more regulation; Walden should go; Protect the Ochocos

The price of more regulation In her Nov. 3 letter, Nancy Boever asks who will … Read more

Guest column: Men can stop violence against women

Rape, sexual harassment, sexual extortion and unwanted sexual overtures by men in power targeting women … Read more

Guest column: Human trafficking should be fought by OLCC

On Nov. 10, The Bulletin published an editorial, entitled “Oregon Lawmakers shouldn’t promote their favorite … Read more

Guest column: Honor veterans by maintaining national parks

With Veterans Day fresh on our minds, we reflect on how to honor those who … Read more

Guest column: Article on treating anxiety is unbalanced

I am writing in response to the article published in The Bulletin on Oct. 27 … Read more

Guest column: Fuel reduction may not save places from wildfire

The tragic deaths, loss of thousands of homes, and the displacement of even greater numbers … Read more

Letters: Climbing property taxes, importance of public lands, massacres of innocents, PERS bankrupts Oregon

Climbing property taxes My property taxes went up another $300 this year. Now The Bulletin … Read more

Guest column: Congress needs more oversight of Medicare

Researchers at Oregon State University recently discovered a new way to fight cancer. Utilizing nanotechnology, … Read more

Guest column: Bend High delivers a proper salute to veterans

Recently at the Bend High School auditorium if you did not have a watering eye … Read more

Guest column: Fish & Wildlife take too long to fix river flows

Eight Central Oregon irrigation districts along with the city of Prineville are working with the … Read more

Guest column: Huge defense budgets but still not taking care of veterans

In 1967 my oldest brother, Frank, was killed in Vietnam. I was 11 years old … Read more

Guest column: Follow the money flowing to climate change scare tacticians

Federal grants for “climate research” during the Obama years produced an abundance of climate hysteria … Read more

Letters: Motorcycle sign is misleading, don’t spend taxpayer money on futile effort, Brown defends free birth control, gun control is more guns

Don’t spend taxpayer money on futile effort The letter by Helen Seidler in the Nov. … Read more

Letters: Don’t encrypt police radios, No waiver for affordable housing, Move to North Korea

Don’t encrypt radios I am writing in response to local law enforcement’s decision to encrypt … Read more

Guest column: Oregon land-use laws need reform

If you are a regular reader of The Bulletin’s letters, guest opinions and articles, you … Read more

Guest column: Bend’s climate plan will not do much

The Bulletin has been “spot on” in its assessment of the ongoing PERS debacle and … Read more

Letters: Who protects the individual?, disappointed in candy editorial, support drug discount program

Who protects the individual? I get it. Republicans want to limit government overreach and they … Read more

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