Editorial: Don’t use speech to deny the speech of others

Funny thing about free speech. If it’s good for one side of an argument, it’s … Read more

Editorial: Bend should have an affordable housing goal

Nothing unites the Bend City Council like doing something about affordable housing. Councilors and city … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes search and rescue needs some help

If you’ve dreamed of spending your days saving people from the wilds of Central Oregon, … Read more

Editorial: St. Charles board members should be paid

The board of St. Charles Health System makes critical health care and financial decisions for … Read more

Editorial: State Sen. Kruse deserves due process

Oregon Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, may well be an embarrassment to the Legislature, a man … Read more

Editorial: Kitzhaber settlement looks like a whitewash

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber and the Oregon Government Ethics Commission got close to a settlement … Read more

Editorial: The rise of Oregon’s global warming taxes

Oregon AAA, its subsidiary AAA AutoSource (which sells cars and trucks) and the Oregon Trucking … Read more

Editorial: Ward system could shift council’s partisan balance

Today, the Bend City Council has an almost even political divide: four Democrats and three … Read more

Editorial: Salem’s excuse factory aims at OSU-Cascades

Central Oregonians should not forget what the Legislature did this year to deny funding to … Read more

Editorial: Redmond needs to ask voters for public safety levy

The city of Redmond wants to use the easy path to raise more money for … Read more

Editorial: Bend gears up better for snowy roads

Watch where you park in Bend this winter. The city has designated some streets as … Read more

Editorial: Bend should not pick roads based on geographic balance

The Bend City Council should come up with a transportation plan for the city based … Read more

Editorial: Don’t eliminate voter choice

Oregon Initiative Petition 19, a legislative term-limits proposal being touted by Salem physician Bud Pierce, … Read more

Editorial: Bend should not tier development fees

One big idea Bend’s affordable housing committee considered Wednesday was to have the city tier … Read more

Editorial: Merkley should not challenge court’s legitimacy

Are decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court valid? That’s simply a question. So it comes … Read more

Editorial: Hummel’s treatment plan is worth an experiment

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel unveiled a new program designed to shut the revolving … Read more

Editorial: BLM takes secrecy steps

The Prineville Bureau of Land Management should be planning a public field trip out to … Read more

Editorial: Crook natural resources policy may not solve much

Crook County residents who hope the county commission’s adoption Wednesday of an official natural resources … Read more

Editorial: Oregon lawmakers shouldn’t promote their favorite causes

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission and the Sisters Rotary Club kicked off a campaign Thursday … Read more

Editorial: Medicaid error is another reason to vote against new taxes

There’s a deja vu quality to the news this week that Oregon overpaid the federal … Read more

Editorial: Block of appointment may hurt Oregon

If you believe the Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., of today, tradition is what keeps the … Read more

Editorial: Brown is not queen of Oregon

Kate Brown is governor. She is not queen. She doesn’t faithfully discharge the duties of … Read more

Editorial: Oregon makes needed restoration of its constitution

If you’re one of the 100 or so Oregonians who pledged money on the Secretary … Read more

Editorial: Council was right to support enterprise zone expansion

The Bend City Council is making a smart move to do a bit to help … Read more

Editorial: Congress should pass a narrow bill to end fire borrowing

The last thing American forests need is another chicken-and-egg scrap about whether funding or management … Read more

Editorial: Law for reporting sex abuse needs examination

By law, Oregon’s teachers and other staff at every school are required to report cases … Read more

Editorial: OSU-Cascades parking problem is going in circles

The parking problem near OSU-Cascades in Bend has become a roundabout argument with no exit. … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes County will miss Judge Alta Brady

Alta Brady, the presiding judge of the state’s 11th Judicial District — Deschutes County — … Read more

Editorial: PERS problem should not be treated like fantasy

Escapist fantasy can make for great tales — “Stranger Things,” Snow White, you name it. … Read more

Editorial: Don’t allow lawyers to split fees with for-profits

The Oregon Bar Association’s House of Delegates is set to vote Friday on whether to … Read more

Editorial: Bend should seek a road bond

Bend needs a road bond. The city should not create a tax targeted on homes … Read more

Editorial: Get out and vote in Crooked River and Madras pool elections

Tuesday is Election Day in Oregon, and while most of us have nothing to vote … Read more

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