Editorial: Don’t buy Kitzhaber’s excuses

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission takes up the case of former Gov. John Kitzhaber on … Read more

Editorial: Governments should not hide bargaining with their unions

Taxpayers deserve to know what they pay for and also how deals get made. Oregon … Read more

Editorial: Lack of vaccinations can threaten kids

With exclusion day — the drop-dead day for having children properly vaccinated for school — … Read more

Editorial: Redmond Council makes right decision on new fee

The city of Redmond did the right thing by deciding to give voters a say … Read more

Editorial: Problems with Oregon’s foster programs aren’t a political ruse

It’s enough to make your blood boil, or at least it should be. A Secretary … Read more

Editorial: College writing shouldn’t determine judicial selection

When Ryan Bounds was an undergrad at Stanford, he wrote critically about some aspects of … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes River footbridge bill has a glaring contradiction

Oregon legislators are scheduled to meet again Tuesday to debate House Bill 4029. That’s the … Read more

Editorial: Don’t turn council job into a full-time paid position

Come May 15, Bend residents will be asked to change the city’s governing charter. Two … Read more

Editorial: Foster care crisis demands focused attention in Salem

It’s a question of priorities. The thousands of children in Oregon’s foster care system desperately … Read more

Editorial: Don’t cede control of public records to unions

The Portland school district and its teachers have had their share of bad publicity in … Read more

Editorial: Bridge bill is Salem at its worst - a ‘retirement gift’ for a lawmaker, a bad deal for Bend residents

The Salem Way is to hide what’s going on from the public. Oregon legislators have … Read more

Editorial: Bend zoning swoop may mean less public input

Bend’s zone map and comprehensive plan don’t line up. They conflict. That causes problems. It … Read more

Editorial: Bill would unfairly single out drug manufacturers

State Sen. Dennis Linthicum, R-Klamath Falls, never has aimed to add a bunch more laws … Read more

Editorial: Don’t move the BLM headquarters

The federal Bureau of Land Management is charged with managing about 248.3 million acres of … Read more

Janet Stevens column: People with intellectual disabilities need protection from abuse

Early in January, National Public Radio ran a multiday series of stories about sex abuse … Read more

Editorial: Excluding the public will hurt public lands

If Oregon Wild gets its way, it wants to do more than stop a footbridge … Read more

Editorial: Abuse report shows Kruse must resign or be ousted from Oregon Senate

Sen. Jeff Kruse must resign. If he won’t, the Oregon Senate must expel him, and … Read more

Editorial: Two state agencies fail to complete required audits

Oregon’s Department of Energy has been wracked by so many problems that legislators have debated … Read more

Editorial: Bend Council should keep the sign ordinance fair

The Bend City Council is scheduled to discuss on Wednesday changes to Bend’s sign ordinance … Read more

Editorial: Stop the sidewalks to nowhere

The Bend City Council is likely to approve a change to the city’s development code … Read more

Editorial: Don’t block footbridge over the Deschutes River

A bill in the Legislature would stop a proposed pedestrian and bike bridge over the … Read more

Editorial: OSU-Cascades should get bond funding it needs

It was good news to hear badly needed bond money may well be coming the … Read more

Editorial: Legislature should consider McLane’s bills

State Rep. Mike McLane, R-Powell Butte, has introduced a pair of bills worth serious consideration … Read more

Editorial: What went wrong with the new Deschutes County radio system

Imagine being a police officer chasing after a suspect and not knowing if dispatch heard … Read more

Editorial: Legislators need to get outraged about Oregon’s foster care

As Oregon legislators plan to create new state programs, they have overlooked something that has … Read more

Editorial: Great earnings don’t mean PERS issues are over

The stock market’s record run has been good for the state’s Public Employees Retirement System. … Read more

Editorial: Change the Antiquities Act

The Constitution is built on checks and balances. No branch of government has too much … Read more

Editorial: Commissioners must follow letter and spirit of open meetings law

If two Deschutes County commissioners meet in the hallway and talk about public business, they … Read more

Editorial: Don’t skimp on parking for Bend apartment proposal

Bend has to grow up if it’s to make serious inroads on its housing problems. … Read more

Editorial: Democratic divide could lead to better results on cap-and-invest

Oregon’s Senate leadership broke with colleagues Monday by admitting the upcoming legislative session is far … Read more

Editorial: State should take anonymous whistleblower complaints seriously

Whistleblowers — employees who disclose what they believe to be wrongdoing in their agencies — … Read more

Editorial: Shattering the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act

The most important question in any mystery can be: Who did it? But if you … Read more

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