Editorial: The state should not pick up ballot postage

Oregon is having a hard enough time filling a $1.4 billion shortfall in its budget. … Read more

Editorial: Stop trying to fool Oregonians with tax increases

Oregon lawmakers, at least some of them, came up with a nifty new trick this … Read more

Editorial: State should help homeowners hook up to sewer

Bend needs to get financial help for about 2,800 residents who could be forced to … Read more

Editorial: One of Bend’s best parks gets better

Thanks to a combination of grants and gifts, Shevlin Park is about to get much … Read more

Editorial: Don’t try to silence political speech

A handful of Democrats got together this legislative session and tried to get one of … Read more

Editorial: Bend school board shows disregard for public

The Bend La-Pine School Board rammed through a contract this week with its teachers before … Read more

Editorial: Ride-sharing companies should get state-level regulation

No company wants the kind of news coverage that Uber has been getting. But that … Read more

Editorial: Limit impact of clean fuels on gas prices

For the second time since 2015, the Legislature’s commitment to its “clean-fuels” program may mean … Read more

Editorial: A victory for free speech

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday the federal patent office may not refuse to … Read more

Editorial: Shop around for college savings plans

If you have children or grandchildren, you may already have opened an Oregon College Savings … Read more

Editorial: Republicans should force a different Medicaid solution

If you think you are paying enough for health care, you’ll love a pair of … Read more

Editorial: A ward system for Bend would be different, not better

The Bend City Council wants to consider switching to a ward system for electing city … Read more

Editorial: Park district survey found support for footbridges

Rep. Knute Buehler, R-Bend, and others have argued that the Bend Park & Recreation District’s … Read more

Editorial: Bend should get serious about a road bond

Bend Mayor Casey Roats, in a state of the city speech Tuesday, said city officials … Read more

Editorial: It’s time for a discussion about Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge has not become the high-tech research park that Bend had hoped, yet. But … Read more

Editorial: Good for the Forest Service on Cultus Lake

News that the public campground at Cultus Lake, just over 50 miles southwest of Bend, … Read more

Editorial: Don’t hit the sick and injured with increased fees

You don’t have to suffer from anti-fee fever to oppose a Bend plan to raise … Read more

Editorial: Millions of dollars for Elliott, but none for the children

Federal and state government own more than 60 percent of the land in Oregon, but … Read more

Editorial: Legislature should ban anonymous legislation

The unfinished business of the Oregon Legislature includes bringing an end to the practice of … Read more

Editorial: Bill would improve Oregon’s public records law

Oregon’s public records law will get a bit stronger soon, assuming Gov. Kate Brown signs … Read more

Editorial: Oregon must control teacher benefit packages

Oregon has among the nation’s largest classroom sizes and its shortest school years, according to … Read more

Editorial: Some Bend schools lag on vaccinations

An outbreak of whooping cough in a couple of Portland schools should serve as a … Read more

Editorial: Gov. Brown is right about union’s tactics

Among Gov. Kate Brown’s priorities this year is a legislative package that will provide badly … Read more

Editorial: Bus tax bill is a poor model for taxation

The striking thing about the letters of support turned in this month to the Legislature … Read more

Editorial: The cost of Bend’s proposed paid parking

Bend plans to make free downtown parking a thing of the past. Fortunately, paid parking … Read more

Editorial: A tax plan to make an onion grower cry

The Oregon Legislature has a problem and little time left to deal with it. It … Read more

Editorial: Bend’s town and gown problem is not the absence of a committee

Some Bend city councilors worried at Wednesday night’s meeting that the city might be behind … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should fully comply with Real ID driver’s licenses

Oregon has been ducking its Real ID obligation since 2009, and the jig is just … Read more

Editorial: Don’t cram existing neighborhoods with density

Want to spice up a cocktail party in Bend? Try dropping, “This town is not … Read more

Editorial: Term limits for legislators would create worse problems

Term limits have long been the rallying cry for those who think elected officials aren’t … Read more

Editorial: Showcase the best of Bend

The Bend Park & Recreation District is in the process of naming a new park … Read more

Editorial: PERS reform suggestion falls short

One thing that can get lost in all the discussion about Oregon’s $22 billion state … Read more

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