Editorial: Some housing ideas are better than others

No matter how much some people wish, Bend is not going to freeze in time. … Read more

Editorial: Giving Bend’s neighborhood associations voice

Leaders of Bend’s neighborhood associations are feeling disconnected these days. The City Council no longer … Read more

Editorial: Kids need to learn the structure of a sentence

Decades ago, many in the K-12 education establishment decided students would learn to write better … Read more

Editorial: The teachers union’s ballot measure had many problems

Oregon’s teachers union has declared that the state’s public education system is “crippled” by a … Read more

Editorial: Bend charter changes must be based on solving real problems

Members of the Bend City Council periodically kick around the idea that it’s time to … Read more

Commentary: Don’t forget the lessons of the Great Recession

WASHINGTON — The Dow industrial average hit 22,000 in August, ushering in yet another noteworthy … Read more

Editorial: Playing hardball in Salem involves money and votes

If anyone thought Gov. Kate Brown was above playing hardball with her opponents, consider the … Read more

Editorial: Community steps up to help with Crook lunch deficit

As the Crook County School District works to collect some $27,000 in lunch money it’s … Read more

Commentary: New York Times stumbles on climate-change story

The New York Times on Wednesday appended a correction to a story about a climate … Read more

Editorial: State and nation need to make changes on pot

There are at least two issues about marijuana that should win agreement from everybody: • … Read more

Editorial: Wyden, Merkley push new approach to end damaging ‘fire borrowing’

Perhaps this will be the year the Congress gets serious about ending “fire borrowing,” the … Read more

Editorial: Special session on Medicaid taxes might prevent bigger troubles

Republicans, including Bend’s Rep. Knute Buehler, are seeking a special legislative session in the fall … Read more

Editorial: Firing the chief isn’t enough to fix the Health Authority culture

Lynne Saxton resigned this week as head of the Oregon Health Authority after a chat … Read more

Editorial: Park district shows a better way to use private security

There are good ways and not-so-good ways for public agencies to use private security employees … Read more

Editorial: Put those big rigs somewhere else

Some time in the next couple of months, drivers on Bend’s Wall and Bond streets … Read more

Editorial: Health Authority reveals lack of ethical standards

How does a state agency influence proposed legislation? The Oregon Health Authority came up with … Read more

Editorial: NARAL issues misleading attack on Buehler

It didn’t take long for NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon to begin its attack on Knute Buehler. … Read more

Editorial: Dredging Mirror Pond is the best option

Mirror Pond has been the most recognizable feature in the city of Bend for 107 … Read more

Editorial: Don’t make piecemeal changes to tobacco regulation

If you smoke, you ought to quit. Tobacco can lead to a host of long-term … Read more

Editorial: Don’t let Bend’s downtown erode

The best advertisement for shopping in the Old Mill District might be a stroll through … Read more

Editorial: Tips for the eclipse

It’s hard to imagine anyone in Central Oregon is unaware of the total solar eclipse … Read more

Editorial: Unaffiliated voters should get voting in primaries

Primary elections can be ideological purity tests for candidates. And not in a good way. … Read more

Editorial: Dentistry board needs to protect the public

When a health professional has a drug problem, what should be the No. 1 goal? … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers’ messaging highlights ‘bipartisan’ approach

“Bipartisan” appears to be the new sales pitch out of the nation’s Capitol. Within just … Read more

Editorial: Don’t shortchange school district on Troy Field

It’s back to the drawing board for those in Bend who would like to see … Read more

Editorial: A needed second exit for Crooked River Ranch

The last week in July brought good news to residents of Crooked River Ranch. The … Read more

Editorial: Don’t force union employees to pay for representation they don’t want

Unions that represent public employees argue that because the benefits they win in collective bargaining … Read more

Editorial: Oregon not careful enough with health care money

A few years ago, Oregon was cast as a potential leader in national health care … Read more

Editorial: Keep kids and pets safe in the heat

With temperatures across Central Oregon set to hover in the upper 90s to low 100s … Read more

Editorial: Oregon continues to be unrealistic about PERS

They just couldn’t do it. The men and women who sit on the state’s Public … Read more

Editorial: Richardson should not have to recuse himself

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson ran for the office with the opinion that the secretary … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes County saved taxpayers some money

When property tax bills arrive in November, Deschutes County residents will see they’re paying a … Read more

Editorial: Finding the balance in voter information disclosure

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has declined again to provide the Presidential Advisory Commission … Read more

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