Editorial: Sewers should be allowed in La Pine area

Editorial: There is a such a thing as a good, free lunch

Editorial: State effort on vaccinations was just OK

Editorial: Legislature needs to tweak patient advisory councils

Editorial: Some wilderness may need limits

Editorial: Congress should pass GMO bill

Editorial: Gov. Brown sends strong message on water conservation

Editorial: CCO issue with mental health is not solved

Editorial: State has something to prove with affordable housing

Editorial: Making Bend less affordable

Editorial: Benefits cliff hurts the minimum wage campaign

Editorial: Bend should pay for flood damage it caused

Editorial: Legal crops shouldn’t be discriminated against

Editorial; Bend residents need to see options for roads

Editorial: Forest bill should pass the Senate

Editorial: Telemedicine expansion is good for Oregon

Editorial: Redmond sets a new standard for bridges

Editorial: Crook County already benefitting from tax change

Editorial: Government data should be free public data

Editorial: Donations to library should go to the library

Editorial: Prisoner monitors need to prove themselves

Editorial: Try fencing part of Hillside Park, first

Editorial: City’s discovery of $1.87 million is not all good

Editorial: Body cameras may not make sense now

Editorial: Build the apartments near Pilot Butte

Editorial: Don’t hide records of police custody

Editorial: Is new union agreement a good deal for Oregon?

Editorial: Mirror Pond’s slow, secret stagnation

Editorial: Wild horses are not endangered species

Editorial: Talk about small business is all talk


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