Editorial: Expand cautiously on affordable housing fee exemption

When Bend city councilors meet Wednesday, they’ll be asked to remove all system development charges … Read more

Commentary: Why I went to North Korea

Since my five-day visit to North Korea recently, I’ve encountered pushback from critics who ask, … Read more

Commentary: Outrage over Las Vegas must outlive news and election cycles

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Is it time to defy the National … Read more

Commentary: Gun control laws won’t stop Las Vegas-type massacres

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Is it time to defy the National … Read more

Lukens column: In new park, Bend’s dog owners get the smoker treatment

District bans a potentially unpopular park use on a flimsy pretext. Sound familiar?

If you live in or near Bend, and if you own a dog with which … Read more

Commentary: When it comes to Turkey, Trump repeats Obama’s mistakes

President Donald Trump’s foreign policy often seems designed to spite his predecessor. Barack Obama’s administration … Read more

Commentary: Yes, build the wall!

WASHINGTON — It’s time to build the wall — and, in doing so, prevent an … Read more

Commentary: China threatens U.S. Congress for crossing its ‘red line’ on Taiwan

In a rare pressure campaign, the Chinese government is demanding that Congress back off passing … Read more

Commentary: Oh, the things you hear! Dr. Seuss under fire from politically correct mob

“Walking into the museum, opening to the public Saturday in the author and illustrator’s hometown … Read more

Commentary: From Russia with poison

There is an abiding dream in the tech world that when all the planet’s people … Read more

Editorial: Another increase in Bend water bills

Worried about the steady climb of water bills in Bend? Worried about the city’s ability … Read more

Editorial: Renew funding for Madras Aquatic Center

The Madras Aquatic Center and Recreation District makes a lot of big days happen in … Read more

Editorial: Crooked River Ranch levy would improve response time

Crooked River Ranch lies nearly 30 miles south of ­Madras, almost exclusively in Jefferson County. … Read more

Commentary: We used to build things

They say that fighting a wildfire is the closest thing to being in combat. The … Read more

Commentary: Caitlan Coleman’s rescue doesn’t mean US-Pakistani relations are on a roll

Bravo! Pakistani forces, tipped by U.S. intelligence agencies, freed Pennsylvanian Caitlan Coleman, along with her … Read more

Commentary: Trump wants consumers to pay for keeping coal alive

In June, I wrote that by trying to prop up the dying coal industry, President … Read more

Commentary: Jane Wyman as the anti-Ivana Trump

Jane Wyman could have had a best-seller. But the Oscar-winning actress wouldn’t dish about her … Read more

Editorial: Gov. Brown’s education evasion

Gov. Kate Brown has either forgotten or wants us all to forget what she has … Read more

Editorial: Unions should put muscle into land-use policy reform

Oregon Education Association President John Larson is concerned that educators aren’t paid enough. “I’ve met … Read more

Guest column: Sanctuary policies like DACA put many at risk

Currently, Congress is considering the issue of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy. … Read more

Editorial cartoon

Read more

Commentary: Smithsonian helps Harvey victims save family treasures

ROCKPORT, Texas — The big problems caused by Hurricane Harvey are still plain to see … Read more

Letters: Public shaming, Walden and guns, popular vote, tolerance and introspection

Refrain from public shaming I am a recent subscriber to The Bulletin having just retired … Read more

Editorial: Wyden, Merkley could help, instead of resist, on DeVos initiative

The Trump administration has given the nation plenty of reason to resist its actions and … Read more

Editorial: The Democratic plan for a hidden tax

Legislators return to Salem in just a few months, and Democrats are determined to pass … Read more

Guest column: Richardson is unfit to represent us

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has come under fire for remarks calling LGBTQ Oregonians “immoral.” … Read more

Editorial: House races should be battles of ideas

The Oregon Legislature will be a very different place in 2019 than it was this … Read more

Editorial: Proposal for charging stations should be zapped

Electric cars may someday rule the road. It won’t happen if there aren’t enough places … Read more

Commentary: Officers’ lives at risk because of false media narrative

The 24-hour news cycle and social media are abuzz with controversy over NFL players kneeling … Read more

Commentary: Ending DACA would only make doctor shortage worse

Imagine if you couldn't see a doctor when you spiked a fever or noticed a … Read more

Editorial: The good old days for education

These may well be the good old days for Bend-La Pine Schools. Retirement costs are … Read more

Editorial: Galveston Avenue design needed more pushback

Four years ago this month, the Bend City Council agreed to hire an engineering company … Read more

Commentary: How Robert Thaler changed my life (and everybody else’s)

I first heard about Richard Thaler in the 1980s, in a locker room at the … Read more

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