Commentary: Ending net neutrality isn’t the end of the world

Eliminating net neutrality is, in the best and worst case scenarios, necessary to keep the … Read more

Editorial: Remembering the Proclamation of Thanksgiving

Editor’s note: In the midst of the trauma of the Civil War, Thanksgiving was made … Read more

Editorial: A great gift for Sisters

The city of Sisters got an unexpected present earlier this month. Cris Converse, the daughter … Read more

Commentary: A recipe for success around the holiday table: Ask questions

Imagine that at Thanksgiving dinner, you find yourself seated next to a cousin you like … Read more

Commentary: Immigrants do a great job at becoming Americans

Immigration has lots of economic benefits and few economic costs. Immigrants pay for native-born Americans’ … Read more

Editorial: Temporary affiliation switch gives voters access to primaries

Hundreds of thousands of registered voters in Oregon can’t vote in crucial races that often … Read more

Editorial: State health agency needs to demonstrate improvement

It’s no secret that the Oregon Health Authority has had its share of problems over … Read more

Commentary: How evil is tech?

Not long ago, tech was the coolest industry. Everybody wanted to work at Google, Facebook … Read more

Commentary: What Trump should do if he actually wants to cut drug prices

President Donald Trump nominated Alex Azar to serve as the next secretary of health and … Read more

Editorial: City needed to brake on parking policy

Driving in downtown Bend can mean weaving to avoid car bike racks or truck fenders … Read more

Editorial: Don’t use speech to deny the speech of others

Funny thing about free speech. If it’s good for one side of an argument, it’s … Read more

Letters: The price of more regulation; Walden should go; Protect the Ochocos

The price of more regulation In her Nov. 3 letter, Nancy Boever asks who will … Read more

Commentary: Arteries of democracy are clogged with misinformation

It would be much easier to sleep at night if you could believe that we’re … Read more

Commentary: Democrat will ride newly won momentum to big victories in 2018

Editor’s note: The writers address the question, “Do big wins in Virginia and New Jersey … Read more

Commentary: Democrats reckon wrongly if they think far-left agendas play well nationally

Editor’s note: The writers address the question, “Do big wins in Virginia and New Jersey … Read more

Commentary: The stampede of Puerto Ricans to Florida is bad news for Trump

Maybe Puerto Ricans will have the last laugh after President Donald Trump’s disastrous response to … Read more

Commentary: Bannon is bad for the Jews

The Zionist Organization of America feted Steve Bannon at a gala dinner in New York … Read more

Editorial: Bend should have an affordable housing goal

Nothing unites the Bend City Council like doing something about affordable housing. Councilors and city … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Oregon needs more leadership, less grandstanding from governor

Kate Brown’s constituents get a timely reminder of the state’s crisis of competence

November 2017 has turned out to be a difficult month for Gov. Kate Brown. The … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes search and rescue needs some help

If you’ve dreamed of spending your days saving people from the wilds of Central Oregon, … Read more

Guest column: Men can stop violence against women

Rape, sexual harassment, sexual extortion and unwanted sexual overtures by men in power targeting women … Read more

Commentary: Danica Roem is really, really boring

On Nov. 7, Danica Roem made history, winning election to Virginia’s House of Delegates as … Read more

Commentary: Can we tame our algorithms?

“Something is wrong on the internet,” declares an essay trending in tech circles. But the … Read more

Commentary: How to get the rich to pay up

Democrats attacking President Donald Trump’s tax cut have primarily voiced two objections: first, that it … Read more

Commentary: Could the Senate keep Moore out if he were elected?

Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for the vacant Senate seat left by Atty. Gen. Jeff … Read more

Editorial: St. Charles board members should be paid

The board of St. Charles Health System makes critical health care and financial decisions for … Read more

Editorial: State Sen. Kruse deserves due process

Oregon Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, may well be an embarrassment to the Legislature, a man … Read more

Guest column: Human trafficking should be fought by OLCC

On Nov. 10, The Bulletin published an editorial, entitled “Oregon Lawmakers shouldn’t promote their favorite … Read more

Commentary: Our elites still don’t get it

John Bowlby is the father of attachment theory, which explains how humans are formed by … Read more

Editorial: Kitzhaber settlement looks like a whitewash

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber and the Oregon Government Ethics Commission got close to a settlement … Read more

Editorial: The rise of Oregon’s global warming taxes

Oregon AAA, its subsidiary AAA AutoSource (which sells cars and trucks) and the Oregon Trucking … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Community is strengthened by people who see need and work to address it

In 1975, when Jerry Sherman was a much younger man, he had one of those … Read more

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