Guest column: Bend 2030 ideas don’t address housing need for low-wage workers

The recommendations of the Bend 2030 housing workgroup, recently offered to Bend City Council, may … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Buehler would be improvement So Knute Buehler wants to be governor of Oregon? Well, I … Read more

Editorial: The teachers union’s ballot measure had many problems

Oregon’s teachers union has declared that the state’s public education system is “crippled” by a … Read more

Editorial: Kids need to learn the structure of a sentence

Decades ago, many in the K-12 education establishment decided students would learn to write better … Read more

Guest column: David Brooks is no conservative

In the July 29 edition of The Bulletin, David Brooks takes President Trump to task … Read more

Commentary: If we start editing genes, people like me might not exist

It’s ironic that news of a breakthrough in human gene editing was released on July … Read more

Commentary: Why kids can’t write

On a bright July morning in a windowless conference room in a Manhattan bookstore, several … Read more

Editorial: Bend charter changes must be based on solving real problems

Members of the Bend City Council periodically kick around the idea that it’s time to … Read more

Erik Lukens column: The barriers to improving civility, order in downtown Bend

Fed-up business owners may need to get creative

A handful of people fed up with conditions in downtown Bend took their frustration to … Read more

Commentary: Eliminating the filibuster might make sense after 2018 midterms

As if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., weren’t miserable enough over his failure to … Read more

Guest column: Crooked River Ranch needs a different solution

Rep. Greg Walden is right to prioritize reducing the danger of wildfire at Crooked River … Read more

Commentary: Democrats, start aiming for the gut

I was talking the other day to a wise executive friend and he recalled for … Read more

Commentary: I worked all my life and then had a stroke. I need disability. But I’m so ashamed.

When you live in the land of opportunity and yours passes you by, a life … Read more

Commentary: Don’t forget the lessons of the Great Recession

WASHINGTON — The Dow industrial average hit 22,000 in August, ushering in yet another noteworthy … Read more

Editorial: Playing hardball in Salem involves money and votes

If anyone thought Gov. Kate Brown was above playing hardball with her opponents, consider the … Read more

Editorial: Wyden, Merkley push new approach to end damaging ‘fire borrowing’

Perhaps this will be the year the Congress gets serious about ending “fire borrowing,” the … Read more

Editorial: Community steps up to help with Crook lunch deficit

As the Crook County School District works to collect some $27,000 in lunch money it’s … Read more

Commentary: Sundar Pichai should resign as Google’s CEO

There are many actors in the whole Google/diversity drama, but I’d say the one who’s … Read more

Commentary: New York Times stumbles on climate-change story

The New York Times on Wednesday appended a correction to a story about a climate … Read more

Editorial: State and nation need to make changes on pot

There are at least two issues about marijuana that should win agreement from everybody: • … Read more

Editorial: Firing the chief isn’t enough to fix the Health Authority culture

Lynne Saxton resigned this week as head of the Oregon Health Authority after a chat … Read more

Commentary: Why the Trump Organization could be Trump’s undoing

When you think of something as mundane as laundry, you don’t think of the gold-plated … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s immigration plan a step forward

Back in the middle of his campaign for president, Donald Trump outlined an immigration plan … Read more

Editorial: Special session on Medicaid taxes might prevent bigger troubles

Republicans, including Bend’s Rep. Knute Buehler, are seeking a special legislative session in the fall … Read more

Editorial: Put those big rigs somewhere else

Some time in the next couple of months, drivers on Bend’s Wall and Bond streets … Read more

Commentary: Why U.S. hasn’t brought ‘fire and fury’ to N. Korea

As the world ponders the meaning of President Donald Trump’s threat of “fire and fury” … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s immigration vision isn’t the Reagan way

It was not that long ago that a Republican presidential candidate vowed that “we will … Read more

Editorial: NARAL issues misleading attack on Buehler

It didn’t take long for NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon to begin its attack on Knute Buehler. … Read more

Editorial: Park district shows a better way to use private security

There are good ways and not-so-good ways for public agencies to use private security employees … Read more

Guest column: We must change the way words are used in politics

Words have power. Words matter. Words create and words destroy. Words heal and words hurt. … Read more

Commentary: Giving Ukraine lethal weapons would be a massive mistake

The Trump administration is in the midst of making a decision on whether to transfer … Read more

Editorial: Health Authority reveals lack of ethical standards

How does a state agency influence proposed legislation? The Oregon Health Authority came up with … Read more

Editorial: Dredging Mirror Pond is the best option

Mirror Pond has been the most recognizable feature in the city of Bend for 107 … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Is OSU-Cascades dumb like a fox? In a recent In My View column, Rep. Paul … Read more

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