Editorial: The state should not pick up ballot postage

Oregon is having a hard enough time filling a $1.4 billion shortfall in its budget. … Read more

Editorial: Bend schools should look into leasing vacant land

The Bend-La Pine Schools should get serious about leasing some of its vacant land. The … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes County takes good steps to help residents

For nearly a year now, some Deschutes County residents have been faced with unexpected delays … Read more

Guest column: Marines remain faithful to the call to serve

I recently read that President Donald J. Trump has called into question Special Counsel Robert … Read more

Column: Demand for restaurants rose. Why did sales fall?

Read an old novel, or watch old movies, and you might be struck as I … Read more

Column: Yes: Autonomous vehicles will improve safety, lower costs for drivers

The writer is addressing the question, “Should American drivers embrace self-driving cars?” Visitors to the … Read more

Column: No: Americans will always seek the thrill of the open road

The writer is addressing the question, “Should American drivers embrace self-driving cars?” Self-driving cars will … Read more

Column: Democrats and the losing politics of contempt

Aron Nimzowitsch, among the chess greats of his day, didn’t take well to losing badly. … Read more

Column: Five myths about air travel

Airlines don’t just defy gravity; they also defy business norms. From the way they treat … Read more

Editorial: Stop trying to fool Oregonians with tax increases

Oregon lawmakers, at least some of them, came up with a nifty new trick this … Read more

Erik Lukens column: The Legislature’s low-key push to hike property taxes

New assessment authority could exacerbate affordability problems

In light of the Legislature’s struggles this year with business and transportation taxes, you might … Read more

Editorial: State should help homeowners hook up to sewer

Bend needs to get financial help for about 2,800 residents who could be forced to … Read more

Column: Opioids, a mass killer we’re meeting with a shrug

About as many Americans are expected to die this year of drug overdoses as died … Read more

Column: Gun control is fine except for not working

Whenever there is a shooting, liberals have an answer that is not an answer, namely … Read more

Column: The great Muslim civil war — and us

WASHINGTON — The U.S. shoots down a Syrian fighter-bomber. Iran launches missiles into eastern Syria. … Read more

Column: Let’s not get carried away

I was the op-ed editor at The Wall Street Journal at the peak of the … Read more

Column: Where did ‘We the People’ go?

A few days ago, I was at a conference in Montreal, and a Canadian gentleman, … Read more

Editorial: Bend school board shows disregard for public

The Bend La-Pine School Board rammed through a contract this week with its teachers before … Read more

Editorial: One of Bend’s best parks gets better

Thanks to a combination of grants and gifts, Shevlin Park is about to get much … Read more

Editorial: Mis-educating the young

A few months ago, I had lunch with a former student named Lucy Fleming, one … Read more

Column: U.S. student’s death should shine light on North Korea’s rights abuses

Anyone with human feelings is outraged by North Korea’s murder of Otto Warmbier. The term … Read more

Editorial: Don’t try to silence political speech

A handful of Democrats got together this legislative session and tried to get one of … Read more

Editorial: Limit impact of clean fuels on gas prices

For the second time since 2015, the Legislature’s commitment to its “clean-fuels” program may mean … Read more

Column: Uber had the CEO it needed when it was disruptive

About five years ago, I found myself at a bar night in Washington sponsored by … Read more

Column: Just how partisan is too partisan?

On Dec. 12, 2000, the Supreme Court ended the recount of Florida’s votes in that … Read more

Editorial: Ride-sharing companies should get state-level regulation

No company wants the kind of news coverage that Uber has been getting. But that … Read more

Editorial: Shop around for college savings plans

If you have children or grandchildren, you may already have opened an Oregon College Savings … Read more

Guest column: Tell Walden to support expanded Medicare for all

Our congressman, Rep. Greg Walden, has told us he cares about improving Oregonians’ cost of … Read more

Guest column: Find common ground on the future of the Deschutes River

I want to plant willows on the banks of the Upper Deschutes River, and I … Read more

Editorial: A victory for free speech

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday the federal patent office may not refuse to … Read more

Editorial: A ward system for Bend would be different, not better

The Bend City Council wants to consider switching to a ward system for electing city … Read more

Guest column: Support immigrants in our community

You may not recognize my name, but perhaps you’ve heard of my cousin’s son, Lin … Read more

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