Letters: Comment was terrible but so was revealing it; A productive year for Congress, Trump; Many others oppose park district bridge

Comment was terrible, but so was revealing it There is no question that what President … Read more

Editorial: Proposed bill would protect intellectually disabled parents

A proposed bill would provide additional protections to Oregon parents with intellectual disabilities. Legislative Concept … Read more

Editorial: Plan for Detroit Lake seems problematic

The battle to restore native fish runs to Oregon’s waterways has reached the North Santiam … Read more

Guest column: New tobacco product IQOS deserves FDA approval

To eventually end cigarette use in America, rather than rely on tobacco taxes, public service … Read more

Commentary: Sorry, no one wants your used clothes anymore

For decades, the donation bin has offered consumers in rich countries a guilt-free way to … Read more

Editorial: Tiny parking lot restricts visitors at Riley Ranch

With the sun shining and temperatures in the 50s Saturday, dozens of cars headed for … Read more

Editorial: Legislature should make law change for Richardson

Our Oregon, a group funded largely by public-employee unions, has sent Oregon Secretary of State … Read more

Guest column: Bill would restore drug assist program

Usually when you hear or read about the 340B drug discount program, it’s technical policy-speak … Read more

Letters: Echoes of ‘separate but equal’; Misleading ads on public lands; Acting on King’s wisdom

GOP should not feel safe On Jan. 12 Rep. Greg Walden said Trump’s reported remarks … Read more

Editorial: Bend’s charter changes have snags

On Wednesday, the Bend City Council will discuss two measures that may end up on … Read more

Editorial: Government kills owls to save owls

Sometimes the Endangered Species Act looks less like a law written with good intentions and … Read more

Commentary: Is Israel heading toward one binational state?

As I saw firsthand on a recent trip to Jerusalem and the West Bank, Israel … Read more

Commentary: Forgotten America can still be saved

It's no secret that some parts of the U.S. have been lagging behind others economically. … Read more

Commentary: A modernized military is needed to handle global threats

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Should President Trump make revamping the U.S. … Read more

Commentary: Why we need a military budget that dwarfs that of China and Russia?

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Should President Trump make revamping the U.S. … Read more

Commentary: Trump is not the only threat to America’s democracy

A few weeks ago, I attended a dinner here in Washington with a group of … Read more

Commentary: Time to retire Social Security numbers

On Dec. 1, 1936, government administrator Joe Fay walked over to a stack of cards … Read more

Editorial: Kill the new Deschutes footbridge ban

The bill to kill a long-planned pedestrian bridge over the Deschutes River is back. Think … Read more

Editorial: Right result on canal historic designation

Efforts to gain a historic designation for another section of Central Oregon irrigation canal appears … Read more

Guest column: Reach out to prevent suicide

Recently, and tragically, in Central Oregon two teenage boys committed suicide on the same day. … Read more

Letters: Vote yes on M101; Yes vote helps those with no voice; M101 deserves support; Book won’t change opinions

Vote yes on Measure 101 In response to The Bulletin’s recommendation to vote no Measure … Read more

Commentary: Freaking ourselves out for a good cause

You wouldn’t expect to find good news in a federal government report titled “Prisoners in … Read more

Commentary: Earmarks are overrated but worth having

President Donald Trump is right to urge a revival of the vilified practice of earmarks. … Read more

Commentary: We are not ready for the influenza pandemic

WASHINGTON — It starts with body aches, chills, exhaustion, headache and fever. Then come congestion, … Read more

Editorial: Don’t change rules to ban state school board member

Legislators shouldn’t manipulate the rules to silence voices they don’t like. But that appears to … Read more

Editorial: Ruling in Bundy case is not vindication

A federal judge’s decision to dismiss charges against Cliven, Ammon and Ryan Bundy means they … Read more

Guest column: Walden should clearly explain his views on public lands

Congressman Greg Walden seems to be well-practiced at a trick long known to long-term politicians … Read more

Commentary: How democracies lose their way

Everybody agrees society is in a bad way, but what exactly is the main cause … Read more

Editorial: A tax should be called a tax

The Legislature suffers from a seemingly incurable case of twistedness on taxes. A tax is … Read more

Editorial: Get a flu shot, if you have not

If you haven’t done so already, go get your flu shot. You may be tempted … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Without a cat for the first time in memory

I woke up Sunday morning without a cat on my bed. That may be the … Read more

Letters: Oregon’s senators did more than Walden; StepUp Bend cultivates candidates; Hayes not first lady; Vote ‘yes’ on Measure 101

Oregon’s senators did more than Walden Letter writer Bill Sansom asked if any of our … Read more

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